One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 3

Here we are, week 3 of the One Room Challenge.  It is the half-way point already!!  This fact is causing me SEVERE anxiety.  While I’ve done a lot of obsessing, second guessingplanning, we have not done an lot of actual doing yet.

The room looks pretty much the same as Day 1, but I swear we’ve been working our asses off.  After spending the better part of last week trash picking wood pallets with my guy, we discovered the wood was REALLY hard to get off the pallets.  Seriously time consuming.  Then Dad saved the day offering up some AMAZING barnwood.  (You must read the background story.)  This weekend the boy, my best friend (visiting from out of town) and I hauled the wood from my Dad’s attic and pulled out all of the nails and staples from the wood.  We even found a 22 bullet in there!   Then I spent the rest of the weekend obsessing over wallpaper.  Manual labor and endless dialog about wall patterns… how fun for my house guest.  😉

The good news is that I finally ordered the wallpaper yesterday and now the design is really set in motion.  Ready or not, here we go.


Today I’m sharing about the main furnishings and textiles I’m using in the lounge.  While I was willing to splurge for certain items (wallpaper, custom upholstery) I still am doing this project on a budget.  Most of the furniture is being picked from my “house inventory.”  I’m lucky that I am a hoarder and have a good selection to choose from.    Lamps Plus has generously given me a bench that I will be using at my work table. I’ve also purchased a few textiles and fabrics.

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ll be using in the lounge.   PS- I make no commitments. Design needs room for evolution.

design manifest lounge furniture

1 African Mudcloth: I scored this on 4th Street last week!  It will be used for the back cushion of my daybed

2 Antique Barnwood:  Salvaged from the barn that my parents married in, this beautiful reclaimed wood will find third life on the wall behind my daybed.

3 Pillows:  The black and pink suzani and white faux fur pillows will go on my daybed.  (Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware)

4 Danish Chair:  I had to trade my soul for this chair (actually my knock-off Eames chair) but it was well worth it.  It will look great next to my daybed.  (by Coldren Design)

5 Coffee Table & Cowhide:  I’ll be using this vintage brass tray coffee table in front of my daybed.  I love this piece so it’s fun to have it in the rotation again. The white and brown hide provides a little bit of pop and warmth from the painted white floors, but I like that it still feels really neutral.

6 Table and Chairs:   I’ve had the faux tulip table for awhile (Ikea) and I scored the vintage chrome and leather chairs last year at Clover Market.  These pieces, along with the bench below, will compromise my “office area.”

7 Tribal Rug:  I may use this vintage rug in my meditation area.  I need to see the wallpaper go up before I commit to the pairing.  I hope it works out because this rug is cozy and delicious and makes me happy.  (Found on Ebay.)

8 Bergere Chair Makeover:  I’m hoping to sand down the frames of these Craigslist chairs and recover them.  I may run out of time, money and sanity before that happens.  If it works out, they will go in my meditation area and I will sit there and drink my coffee in the morning and feel happy.  This idea keeps me going during my darkest design moments.

9 Pablo Bench from Lamps Plus:    I chose this leather upholstered bench from our fabulous sponsor, Lamps Plus.  I’ll be using it in my office area because I like a mix of seating around my table.


So how do my materials compare to my mood board from last week?  The green is missing now, but I promise I’ll work that in before we are done!

We have our work cut out for us over the next three weeks.  It’s going to be fun to watch the room transform, but I think we have a few late nights ahead of us.    I’m just trying to remember to breathe and that decorating “is fun.”

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  1. All your chosen elements are amazing. But, that Danish chair!! Whoa.

  2. The best kind of boys and house guests are the ones who love being put to work! Sounds like my dream weekend (if there was wine involved). What an amazing story behind your barn wood!! <3

  3. Oh that mudcloth…I am dying! Love where everything is going!!

  4. I love love love all your choices! You are an amazing designer so I have no doubt the room is going to look beyond amazing!

  5. Tiffany

    This mix is perfect!! I am especially excited about that mudcloth.

  6. Listen sister, I relate to your organic approach to design. Things evolve and because you hoard things you love, they work anywhere in your home. Your ability to layer and mix is bar none and I know this space is gonna be a homerun just like everything else you do. The barn wood is PRICELESS.

  7. Reichel

    Can’t wait to see it all come together! That African Mudcloth is gorgeous BTW!

  8. This room has Naomi written all over it! Seriously love how you mix styles….I have seen it done badly and you could write the book. And the barn wood from your parents wedding is just about perfect. So carry on my friend.

  9. The hard part (for me) is always electing the finishes etc. And since you have those big choices made, you are in great shape in my book. Now the fun part of putting it all together. Its looking great!

  10. Carrie

    I have been obsessing over wallpaper this week, too. Can’t wait to see what yours is like. I love all these elements you are pulling together!!

  11. You make this look so easy. I love how you are layering all of this in. Still love the wood story, and no worries, your house guest will return. Good luck this week.

    • Naomi

      Easy? I haven’t checked anything off my to do list!!! haha. Thank you, though.

  12. I love all the pieces that are coming in. And love the idea that the wood comes from the barn where your parents got married! That is so sweet. Your talent at choosing and mixing patterns is fabulous and just can’t wait to see it all come together.

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Albertina! Yes the story really made me fall in love with the wood. xo

  13. ashlina

    Girrrrl. What I think is genius about you is that your selections are so ‘Naomi’! Honestly. I see personality prize winning room right here.
    I love all selections but The bench from lamps plus? genius. love that. pic a lot!

  14. Ash

    LOVE the mudcloth – I literally was up until 2am last night obsessively looking for mud cloth yardage for a pair of chairs I need to reupholster. Who produces the fabric? I’m seriously loosing my mind trying to find the right print and scale!

    • Naomi

      They are one of a kinds imported from Africa! I picked up mine at Jack B fabrics in Philadelphia.

  15. hahahaha. totally could have written this post. except not, because your taste and inventory are top notch. this is going to be amazing!!!!! but not in a more pressure kind of way. just in an i’m going to show up on your doorstep way. oxox

    • Naomi

      I’d accept you with open arms! And then make you help me decorate something 😉

  16. I love following along during your design process. I can’t wait to see everything come together! I especially love the reclaimed wood, mudcloth, and brass tray coffee table.

  17. I’d be happy as a clam to be a house guest under those circumstances!! Naomi, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE everything you do, such an eye for combining styles!!

  18. I can’t wait to see this all in action! I’m feeling good about that spread right there. Tres chic and still very timeless.

    • Naomi

      Me too. I bought a pair for my sister as well. I think it may be sold out now 🙁

  19. No surprise but I’m in love with every single element. You are so incredibly amazing at mixing pattern and layering in texture. This is going to be stunning!!!!

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Christine! I’m a little nervous about how the wallpaper will play into all of this. It’s definitely a departure. Fingers crossed xx

  20. Rosie

    Liking where you’re headed! And I’m IN LOVE with that mudcloth. Great score. Looking forward to next week!

  21. Love all your choices. Very excited to see which wallpaper you picked and the wood wall come to fruition.

    • Naomi

      Me too, Celine! I wont be able to rest easy until either is up.

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