One Room Challenge {The Lounge] Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge, also known as Holy Shit there are Only 4 weeks left and I Haven’t done anything Yet!  Seriously guys, I couldn’t sleep last night.  My To-Do list was haunting me.

If this is your first time here, I highly suggest you check out last week’s post where I layout the room I’m decorating and share the ugly before pictures.  This week I’ll be sharing my design inspiration.

It’s funny how a room design can really stem from anything.  For me it began with this art print by Sarah Eisenlohr

cactus and coral

I love the mix of green and coral

and the dreamy organic feel.

It just makes me happy.


How does that translate into a room?

Yea, I don’t know, But I’ll show you what I’m digging.

coral daybed

I’m inspired by the color, pattern and boho feel of this daybed by Betsy Burnham.

Remember, I’m planning a daybed as well.

But I want to mix it with something that feels a little Darryl Carter

darryle carter rustic chic

White, organic, modern, edited.


This suzani makes me want to cry pure tears of joy.

Green and Coral, Baby.

coral and green suzani

Alas, it’s $3,500 over my budget.

But, it’s cool, it’s just inspiration.


neutral rustic brad ford

Soon the wall behind my daybed will look more like a mix of the Brad Ford room above and the planked wall below.

rustic wood accent wall built in bed

I still haven’t decided if I want the daybed platform to be same wood boards like the wall,  or something different to contrast.  I don’t want it looking overly rustic, but I also like the idea of it being more homogeneous and letting other elements take center stage.




Unfortunately, Fortunately, Unfortunately, my boyfriend is swaying my design process with his manly tastes.  The guy doesn’t technically live with me yet and he’s already poo-pooing over my coral dreams.  Love him, really do, but what’s with his hatred of pink and florals?  Don’t even get me started on the wallpapers.  (He hates all of them.)

I value his opinion a lot, but this room is also mine and an expression of my style.  So I’ll be doing what I want, but also using some restraint.  The fact of the matter is, I’m not looking for a color explosion, just a carefully edited tasty treat.  I want the room to feel calm, casually elegant, bright and heavenly.

I’m taking a lot of inspiration from Lauren Liess’ new studio.

california neutral boho lauren liess

Layered, California Chic.  Yes, Please.

I’m also inspired by the clean, minimal  collected feel of this space…

clean and neutral

But let’s please mix in the vibe of this…

green wallpaper

Does anyone know who makes this paper?

I need it hardcore.


design manifest lounge inspiration

So that’s my inspiration.

I don’t actually know how it’s going to translate into a design, but I better figure it out and order materials soon.

NEXT WEEK: I’ll share the pieces I’m working with

If you can’t wait til then, I’ll be  posting  progress pics on my instagram and facebook.

You should check out the hashtag #oneroomchallenge.

Lot’s of goodies to see.

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  1. Im feeling your pain, I am a little late too but working like a crazy woman now to get it all finished, I love your inspiration cant wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Gina

    Hey Naomi,
    I did see you post on IG that you were on the hunt for pallets. You may already know this, but make sure they are the heat treated kind, not the chemical pesticide treated kind. There are some seriously nasty cancer-causing chemicals in those pallets and I care about my blog buddies!

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Gina!

  3. Lori

    Beautiful plans girl. My husband has freaked over every design I’ve ever dreamed up and then loves it so much after, he doesn’t want to re-do. It’s a vision thing.

    P.S. It may be kind a far for one pallet, but I have one and live in Paoli. It has weathered on my driveway nicely over the winter 🙂 Email me if you want it.

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Lori! I think (hope, pray) that we found the last of the pallets last night!

  4. Summer

    Very cool plan! I’m excited to see it come to life!

  5. dudes are dumb. except when they are not. but with regards to painting cabinets and kiboshing wallpaper – straight up dumb. i know you will pull all of these inspo shots into a gorgeous lounge.

  6. I feel your pain. Nothing like the ORC to light a fire under one’s butt 😉 Love the direction! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  7. Hahaha Tobe!

    Loving the reclaimed wall plus organic wallpaper idea. And obviously you need a splash of coral for a little girly luxe touch.

    Other people (man friends) do change how you decorate, but sometimes it’s nice to explore other aspects of yourself and style, right? Unless that makes me sound like Sybil 🙂

    • Naomi

      No so true. I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. I feel like my own home is a place to try out some new looks for me while also embracing what I love. If that makes sense. Now I’m more confused.

  8. OMG…that Daryl Carter room is one of my all time favorite inspirations. Hands down I love it. I know you are so creative and I am excited for you. Tell boyfriend to simmer down.

  9. as always. such inspiring style. ugh. how do i not know more about this boyfriend?
    we need some catching up missy.
    this room is going to be good. im ready to blog the photos….

  10. Jessie

    Fabulous inspirations! Love your plans and the direction you are going.

    Can’t wait to see the final results!


  11. Your inspiration shots are amazing. Coral is just such a perfect and classic color. Knowing your taste level this going to be good…and I’m so excited for the boyfriend who doesn’t live there yet….Anticipation is always the best isn’t it!

  12. Green and coral is one of my absolute favorite color combinations! I used it in our dining room, and while my husband was apprehensive at first, now he loves it!

    • Naomi

      Ooo I love the coral success stories!!

  13. i’m sorry – you lost me at DOESN’T LIVE WITH ME YET. bouncing out of my seat! love your direction. my inspiration is always a total cluster, too, but it tends to make sense in the end so i’m excited to see how your space comes together. going very NYC chic in my office. at least, that’s my plan today.


    • Naomi

      Let’s just hope the relationship doesn’t end over irreconcilable decorating differences. Just kiddddding.

  14. Tons of awesomeness going on here! Love Lauren Leiss’ new studio so that would be killer. Maybe bring in the coral in small doses. Love!

  15. Katie

    Very much loving every bit of inspiration here. I have no doubt you’ll pull it off amazingly, and am so excited to see it come together!

  16. California Chic is perfect for you. You are a thoughtful girlfriend, btw. Looks like late hours and family help may be needed. Love the inspiration, good luck.

  17. Kimber

    Boys are just dumb, plain and simple. Your inspiration pics are so VERY you. I know that you will make this space so special.

  18. I love how unique and original your inspiration pics are, I haven’t seen them all 100x on Pintrest. Boys are the worst decorators. Don’t budge!

    • Naomi

      Why thank you, Dear!

  19. If anyone can pull it all together you can! Keep the faith . . . it will look great!

  20. Your inspiration artwork is crazy good! I’m loving the first daybed with the upholstered platform. Fingers crossed you get a little dose of pretty somewhere. 🙂 I’ve been calling my to-do list daunting, it’ll all be ok in the end, right?!

  21. Cathy

    So fun to see your inspiration and it’s evolution. I love where this is going and think you can even make your man happy with your choices.

  22. Tara

    We just painted our entire living room a coral color (Nasturtium by Martha Stewart). At first my husband wasn’t thrilled about the pink on the walls, but he actually really loves it now. I have just made sure to ground it with lots of navy (our sofa, pillows, throws) and green. So far so good! 🙂 Good luck on the project! I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

    • Naomi

      Nice. Glad to hear your hubby is happy with it!

  23. Those images are so beautiful and I am stoked about the reclaimed wall. Perfect rustic luxe look. No matter what, some coral needs to find its way into your room. I know you’ll make this spectacular.

  24. That final inspiration board is just heaven and I’m IN LOVE with the artwork- so so pretty. I love the entire vibe you have going on and can’t wait to see this come together. And why do all men have to hate wallpaper? So annoying.

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Christine! Truth be told, I’m struggling with the art arrangement. I need you! 😉

  25. It does feel worse when you think there’s only 4 weeks left. Love your inspiration and the tag line – carefully edited treat!

  26. Loving your inspiration! It’s so hard when men put the kabosh on pinks and wallpaper. But I know you’ll make the room sing! You said you didn’t sleep last night–I’ve had dreams about the ORC and last night I woke up twice. I think I’m in denial about how fast these weeks will go! Loving your plans. Just keep going. 😉

    • Naomi

      Abby, the weeks so sooo fast! Try to get some rest 🙂

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