ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~The City Condo ~ Week 5

Ikea to the Rescue.  

We have a sofa.  It’s not my dream sofa but it has mid-century lines and it’s leather which should make it easy to maintain.  I waffled back in forth at the store between the black and white version.   As soon as it was carried up three flights of stairs and dropped into place it I immediately regretted my choice.  It feels a little too “Miami” and not enough “Naomi.”  

But time is running out and George literally might kill me if I make any more changes or ask him to move more furniture.  So I am making the best of it and trying to create a beautiful, if imperfect room.

It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge and despite the occasional melt-down, I am pulling all of the pieces of the condo together.

(See Week 1 / Week 2/ Week 3 / Week 4)

We went to the Swedish Wonderland and zeroed in on the Landskrona because the lines, measurements and price were right.  While the black felt more my style, I was swayed more towards the white version because I wanted a little more contrast.  (The floors are really dark, the lounge chair is dark brown, the credenza is rosewood, I felt we needed something lighter to balance them out.)

ikea leather tufted sofa black white

After furiously searching pinterest while still in Ikea, I was convinced that a white leather sofa could still give me a warm layered look that I desired.  So we went for it.

white sofas

Now I need to figure out the right combination of pillows to make it feel “Me.”  I want it to feel warm and layered, but don’t want to overdo it on the color.  Also, our prized chairs- won at an auction- feel way too similar to the sofa 🙁  Both have tufting on the seat and back and that drives me nuts.  So we may need to dig into our furniture vault for another option.

sofa- ikea with danish chair

Another angle with dining area in background.  The danish chair is kinda blocking the table, so I want to think about that as well.  This is the view when you walk in the door.  I really want it to be compelling and grab you the minute you enter the condo.

sofa with dining room in background

Part of a fine tuning the focal point meant re-evaluating my chandelier.  While my pendant light is new, we have some wonderful sponsors on board, so I decided to take advantage and get the statement lighting I really wanted.  I went searching for something that wouldn’t visually block the space yet was still really striking.  I found the perfect chandelier at Bellacor.

dining lighting hudson valley

Marlow aged brass pendant from Bellacor

When it went up I was pretty much giddy with joy.

(And PS- don’t worry about the old light- I gave it to my assistant, Rachael.  Pay it Forward!)

Photo Oct 30, 5 17 22 PM (2)

See the beautiful mirror above?  That’s my winning selection for the dining area.  It’s from Bassett Mirror and I lurve it.

Rachael and I also gave the old docksta table a little makeover with marble contact paper.  The faux finished paired with my new chairs make me quite happy.

docksta with marble contact paper black eiffel chairs- design manifest

The kitchen also got some big upgrades this past week.

kitchen pre-island painting

The island needed an upgrade.  The warm stained wood felt really out of place,  so I painted the base gray to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  Then George, the magician that he is, came up with an awesome solution to my green granite conundrum.  Here’s a little peek of his creation below.

countertop sneak peek

I worked with Lowe’s to give the kitchen a few other essential upgrades.  After reviewing several refrigerators, I chose this sleek stainless LG unit.

Kitchen - NewRefrigerator

I know I’m going against trend with a (gasp!) top freezer model, but this just made the most sense for me.  I only had 33″ to work with and I wanted the biggest unit possible. Since this refrigerator doesn’t have handles, I am able to open it fully.  Had I chosen a french door fridge with handles, I would have had to go down to a 30″ model.  This is always something to consider when your kitchen layout has a refrigerator next to a wall!

LG refrigerator inside

So much storage!  Refrigerator from Lowe’s

The last kitchen upgrade was the faucet.  At first I planned to leave my existing faucet but it just felt little and sad in the space.

kitchen faucet old

So I again turned to Lowe’s and perused their site.  I ended up selecting this industrial modern faucet from Giagni Fresco.  It makes more of the statement that I wanted!

kitchen faucet new

Faucet from Lowe’s

There was also big action in the master bedroom.  My custom headboard was delivered as were my nightstands from Urban Home.  With these items in place, I could finalize my lamp selections.  I initially planned to use these blush beauties in the master, but I prefer the smaller scale of the black lamps.  So pink lamps will go to the guest room where they work perfectly into the mix.

nightstand lamp debate

Also, the handles on the night stand were much darker than I was expecting.  Nothing a little gold spray paint can’t fix!

I have two days before the photo shoot.  Just enough time to figure out styling, but hopefully not obsess too much.  Speaking of obsession, I’ll leave you with my art wall conundrum.  The three pieces felt too small on the wall so now I’m scrambling to fill the blanks.  Holy headache.

art wall options

One week left for the rest of my ORC compatriots.  Check out their progress below!

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  4. I think the white sofa works in your space. I think you are on the right track and it will come together nicely!

  5. Megan

    Wow! You’ve been busy. I also lurve the mirror.

  6. It is all coming together so beautifully. Sorry about the side chairs… I agree with you, too much tufting with the couch… You will find something fab for sure. The pink lamps in the guest room give a nice pop of color. Can’t way to see the final reveal!!!

    P.S. The grass cloth still looks amazing!!!!!


    • Naomi

      Thanks, Ivy. I’m definitely have turned a page with the grasscloth. I like it now!

  7. Wow!! It is really looking great!!! I can’t wait to see it completely finished–Contact paper! Great idea!! thanks for sharing–Leslie

  8. Michele C

    Love the bar stools! Would you give the source?

    • Naomi

      thanks- wayfair, powdercoated. I’ll direct link to everything in the final post.

  9. Kelly

    You are so rocking it!! Don’t think twice about your white sofa choice…have you seen Sara Ruffin-Costello’s home on One Kings Lane?…made me want white leather. Of course you have it, you’re one step ahead of the rest of us.

    • Naomi

      Thanks Kelly- Need to look up her home. Of course I just finished my own space, so it’s a little late. Still, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  10. Eve Phelps

    Nailed it! I personally love the sofa and the Swedish armchair is a must! My parents have one at their shore house, complete with matching foot rest. Love it! Always following…

    Your Friend,


  11. You must be so tired. Your assistant must be so tired. George must be so tired. ONE. MORE. WEEK. It is looking amazing. Hang in there.

  12. dulcie

    I have been looking everywhere for a faucet like that with the handle on the left! But on the Lowe’s site it is on the right. How did you work that magic?

    • Naomi

      Hmm pretty sure the plumbers just spun it around. I didn’t order anything special or different!

  13. Everything looks great so far Naomi! Good luck with the rest of it and looking forward to seeing it all done.

  14. Maggie

    Question — how does one get those animal skin throw rugs to stay secure to the ground? I imagine normal rug pads wouldn’t work obviously, unless they were cut to fit. I always wondered that if you would be willing to share a little designer secret.

    Also — where do you get the gold trim shades, or do you make those yourself with spray paint?

    Love all of it and so glad you were able to come up with something to do about the green granite counter!

    • Naomi

      re the hide- I cut up a rug pad and laid it key spots under the zebra.

      The shades came with the black lamps. Such a cute pair and a good price!

  15. too funny! i was cracking up at your comment about the tufted chair and sofa. that would totally drive me nuts too. ha!

    it’s looking amazing though. can’t wait to see the final reveal.


  16. Carrie

    Gotta love a post where there’s been big action in the master bedroom 😉 For real, though, this is already so stunning!! Plus I think you’ve helped me figure out a few tricky problems in my own home. Love! Can’t wait to see your huge reveal.

  17. Girl you have been cranking on this space! Phew! I love the white sofa. It looks fantastic with those bar stools I’ve been coveting for like a year now. I can see what you mean about the tufting on both the chair and the sofa. It doesn’t look bad at all, but you’re right. Can’t wait to see your reveal. I know it’s going to be amazing!

  18. Every time I check in I feel so lazy working on only one space. Wow. So good. That Bellacor light is fantastic.

  19. That chandelier is absolutely stunning! Looking forward to seeing all different rooms in the reveal next week 🙂

  20. Arielle

    Have I already mentioned how much I love those barstools? Because I love those barstools.

  21. Reading all of this has me exhausted! So many decisions to make on all of the various rooms. I don’t know how you did it. Love the new pendant, headboard and the kitchen turned out stunning – what a transformation. It’s going to look great when it’s all done. Can’t wait for next Wednesday. xo

  22. Smart to look on Pinterest for inspiration about the sofa. Me….not that smart. I probably would have bought both and created way more headache than needed:) But….for real….this is going to be a “Naomi Stunner”……

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