ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~ The City Condo ~ Week 4


We hired two guys to deliver the furniture, carry it up two flights of stairs and the damn thing wouldn’t fit through the door.  I had a tantrum and then I sobbed on the stairs outside the unit while my paper hanger tried to pretend like he couldn’t hear me.  Awkward.

I knew the entry was really tight, but in all my haste I never confirmed measurements.  How could I be so stupid?!?

Now I  have to bust ass to find, procure and deliver a sofa I wasn’t planning on purchasing.

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I would very much like to QUIT.

(See Week 1 / Week 2/ Week 3)

With sponsors on board, quitting isn’t an option, so were just going to have to drink heavily err I mean keep working.  The good news is that if you ignore the gaping hole in my living room, the place is looking pretty good.  Wallpaper is all hung, kitchen cabinet doors are on, most of the furnishings are in.  The place is habitable,  it’s just not done to my standards yet. I’m gonna need every second left to edit and refine.


As a reminder, I was planning to use my existing Martin Sofa in the living room.

martin sofa

Well at 90″ its too big.  I need something 80″ or I need a sofa with chaise that can come in two pieces.  I always just assumed it would be gray fabric, but ideally I’d want a faded brown leather sofa.  Is now the time to get it?  And can I find one in stock?  This would be perfect actually.  Just not the price tag.


Sooo I’ve been spending every waking minute outside of work scanning the interwebs, pouring through craiglist, driving 40 miles to the Restoration Hardware Outlet, re-looking through craigslist again (something perfect just must pop up right!?) in hopes that the right sofa in the right size will be immediately available to me.  I don’t have any time to be upset.  I’m a woman on a mission and I WILL make this happen.  I say this to myself in the mirror every morning.  Kidding, but I totally should do that.


ART / Even though I have no sofa, I’ve finalized the art scheme going above it.  I’m going to do an arrangement of 3 black and whites.  The two major pieces come from Citizen Atelier and the third small abstract will be painted by me.  (A girls gotta save somewhere, right?)

citizen art antonio mora sean gallagher

The two Citizen Atelier pieces arrived last week and I LOVE them.  The feather print is on aluminum and is sooo cool!  It can be hung on the wall as is.  The (larger) Canali print is paper and will need to be framed in some way.  Initially I thought I’d do a thin black frame, but when I tested out ideas at my framers I was underwhelmed.  I decided that an acrylic floating frame was the way to go to keep the focus on the art.  So now G and I have one more DIY to accomplish in the next 10 days.  We have the materials, we just need the time.

metallic gold linen acrylic leg ottoman

I also recovered my acrylic leg ottoman in Rebecca Atwood metallic gold linen.   We will use this as our coffee table.  This is a picture of the bench before I sent it back to my upholsterer.  I wanted the top to be fuller so he’s redoing it.  (Cray Cray anyone?  Who me?)  Luckily I give him enough business that he didn’t complain.


The grasscloth is complete on the TV wall and… well… I am still adjusting to it.

The color and texture are just beautiful, but my initial reaction upon seeing it was SEAMS!!!!!!!


Obviously grasscloth has seams.  I’m a decorator and have used it a ton.  Due to the random color variations in this paper (which I love,) these seams are very prominent.  My paperhanger is excellent but there was no way to install it any better and no repeat to match up to.  I’m trying to take a big breath and give it a few days.  My hope is that styling will pull the wall together.  I also logically KNOW that once my anxiety goes down they will bother me less as well.  Just keeping it real, guys.  #embracetheseams

grasscloth TV credenza pre styling

Here is the TV wall with main pieces in place.  I really like the auction-find rosewood credenza against the grass.  So moody, sexy, warm.  George is making a 4″ flush chrome base for the credenza, I think that extra bit of chrome will really make the handles pop.  Plus see my zebra?  Zebra + Floors = Love in my book.

dining room with pantons

The dining area is looking pretty good even though I’m just in “testing phase.”  The mirror and art will be up for a few nights and then I may try another combo.  I will definitely use these pieces in the condo, it just might not be here.  I love having the flexibility to play.

The panton chairs are just placeholders from my own house.  Having them here has been great because it helped me finalize my decision for dining chairs.  I liked that these were plastic/ easy to clean, but the base felt a little too visually solid for the space.  I also wanted something matte black instead of shiny white.  So I just pulled the trigger on these bad boys.  $244 for 4 chairs.  Booyah.

dining chair

Yes, I’m mixing chrome with brass.  Yes I’m excited about it.


We hung the new doors and hardware!  I’m 50 /50 here. The doors look great and I love the color (Coventry gray.)  The hardware is very pretty, but decidedly more traditional than the rest of the elements I’ve chosen.  It was one of the first things I ordered before developing the scheme fully.  Now I wish I’d gone for something a little simpler.   Fooey I hate it when I rush myself!

cabinet doors and hardware

Cabinet Hardware Source / Subway Tile Source


So at this point, it looks like I’m second-guessing every decision I’ve made, but I’m actually thrilled with the bathroom.  Yea Boi!  The wallpaper went up and I love it.  I love the small scale against my chevron marble floors. The geometric pattern is clean yet exotic at the same time.   It was important to me that if the paper were graphic, it should be neutral, so I was glad to find this white and silver combo.  This room feels so much more alive now.  It’s not a vinyl, so my wallpaper hanger recommended lining it to give it a little better protection for durability against the moisture.

decoratorsbest medina wallpaper

Wallpaper is Schumacher “Medina” from DecoratorsBest


Another win for me is the wallpaper in the bedroom.  It’s so serene and pretty.  We’re all about keeping this bedroom sexy, neutral and restful, so this feels perfect.

bedroom wallpaper

Wallpaper is Clare & Clarke Cameo form DecoratorsBest

This is turning into the longest post ever… is anyone still reading?  Now you know 1/100 of the work I’ve been slaving through 😉


cubist dresser painted

Painting my auction-dresser White.

master with bed

Pre-Headboard, Pre-Pillows / See headboard design here


guest room with bed

Essentials in place. Pre-Headboard, Pillows, Art, night stands

There ya have it.  Please send some good thoughts our way.  It’s going to be an INSANE week.  I’m actually taking off Friday and Monday to lock this puppy down.

Check in on week 4 of the ORC for the gang below!

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  3. Amy

    Please share the source for the guest room duvet cover/bedspread?

  4. LOVE the bathroom wallpaper! It’s stunning!

  5. Robin

    You’re awesome and this apartment is looking awesome! That bathroom wallpaper is gorgeous.

    Bonus you get an extra hour this weekend with the time change — I hope you use it for sleep!

    • Naomi

      Haha, didn’t even think about the extra hour. Thanks, Robin!

  6. I’ve been searching for a brutalist dresser to paint a high gloss white! I can’t wait to see yours. I adore your style. The seams…embrace them. The grass cloth is divine. I’m sooooooo sorry about the sofa. I pray the furniture gods show you mercy girl #yougotsthis !!!!

  7. Did you try rent a crane to lift it and get it through the sliding glass door? 🙂 Just thought you would find that entertaining.

    • Naomi

      We seriously considered pulling it over the balcony, but were worried about liability of it went smashing thru my 2nd floor neighbors windows.

  8. Christina

    Can you please share where your zebra rug is from?

    Thank you!

    • Naomi

      I found it on Ebay.

  9. elizabeth

    I live in a brownstone in Boston and remember crying in the middle of Mitchell Gold when I realized I was not going to be able to get any sofa at all through my small front door! The sales person told me about a local upholstery company who basically specializes in getting furniture into small spaces. They carefully take apart your sofa, bring the pieces and parts into your condo, and then re-assemble it. They even say it is probably better “put together” after they finish because it is done right in place. It was pretty cheap given the alternative, maybe $250? For anyone in MA, they are called Melo & Sons and I highly recommend them. Surely there must be someone in your area who does this?

    (Of course, if I ever move I have to sell my place with the sofa OR reverse the process!)

  10. anne

    You are so talented! Maybe if there’s a wallpaper seam that especially bothers you, you could distract the eye with a big piece of art right there. Break it up.

  11. Carol

    It’s all gorgeous, and I love the seams 🙂

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Carol!! xo

  12. Oh my! What a week! I feel for you…but you CAN DO THIS! It is going to be gorgeous in the end. I know it. I love the choices you made and want to vote a strong yes for the hardware…unexpected is good and they are so fabulous. The wallpaper and grass cloth are great….the seams won’t bother you later.
    By the way, all I could think of when you were recounting your sofa story was the episode of Friends when Ross buys a sofa that doesn’t fit up the stairs and he keeps yelling “Pivot!”. For a good laugh with a glass of wine watch the episode on YouTube. Too soon?


    • Naomi

      Hahaha not too soon, Nancy. I was thinking the same thing. Pivot!

      • PIVOT! That made me laugh, great reference Nancy! Naomi, you are always so inspiring, I love reading your blog. I love the cabinet pulls so much I’m seriously considering using them for our kitchen. And you are rocking this challenge, tears and all!

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  14. Yes, give yourself a huge pat on the back because you have accomplished so much. Don’t worry – we all second guess and wish we had chosen things differently but we are on a timeline so decisions have to be made. Fingers crossed that you find the most perfect sofa. Love the ottoman fabric and the bathroom wallpaper is my favourite.

    • Naomi

      Glad I’m not alone. Kinda feel like the second guessing champion over here.

  15. patty blaettler

    YOU CAN DO IT! And I’d like to mention that is a damn good looking chaise sofa you found…

    • Naomi

      I know right? Why is it $4000!! Thanks, Patty!

  16. Maggie

    omg the bedrooms. So cool and beautiful at the same time. I cant even imagine wants you add the pillows and art and drapes. You are so talented

    • Naomi

      Oh gosh, I don’t know if I”ll get to drapes, but I hope they are impressive nonetheless. Thanks, Maggie!

  17. Paige Sawyer

    GORGEOUSNESS. But what else would I expect from you?! Can’t wait to see your couch solution.

  18. I can’t believe how much progress you’ve made! LOVE all the wallpaper–including the grass (despite seams). What a huge project–can’t wait to see it all in the end.

  19. Lisa

    Love the kitchen chairs. What us your source? Keep going – you’ve got this!

  20. Super sexy and chic! All the feels for the feel you’ve got going on in the city condo. The elements are coming together beautifully. And hold on a damn minute, you have accomplished a TON. Super large wine pour for that and splash some on the floor while you’re at it to the couch gods so that they smile down upon you this week. You and G got this!

    • Naomi

      I CAN’T SPLASH WINE ON THE NEW FLOORS!! Lol thanks, Emily! I know we have this, just need to stay focused.

  21. Arielle

    Loving how this is coming together! The credenza, the FEATHER PRINT (so good it requires all caps), and the entire bathroom. And you’ll find your sofa!

  22. Trish

    Wow – that sofa thing totally stinks, but you will find something. I just know it. Everything else is coming along beautifully and for goodness sake, don’t sweat the grasscloth seams – I love the texture they add. And I promise you have other things to worry about, you know, like how much wine you can drink and still finish:) I wouldn’t worry about the hardware on the kitchen cabinets, I think it works really well with your eclectic design scheme. It makes the place look more collected over time. And, I’m dying over the chevron marble floors. A lot of the bathrooms you’ve done have such interesting combinations of tile…..I hope you don’t mind I’m copying you next year when I re-do two bathrooms in my house. If you lived near Chicago I would totally hire you to just do it. I mean, like I would give you money and go away on vacation and let you work with my amazing contractor. That’s how good you are. So, if a stranger on the internet thinks you are that good, my darling, you will totally finish this and it will be fabulous.

    • Naomi

      Trish I would be so flattered to inspire your bathroom design!
      Thanks for the support on the grasscloth. I know I’m overreacting for sure.

  23. OK….you win. I am not going to complain anymore cause that sofa catastrophe sounds horrible! I can picture the ugly cry along with anger and frustration! I am sending good thoughts your way to find a suitable replacement that you love even better than the one that doesn’t fit. As far as everything else goes….give yourself a pat on the back cause it looking awesome!

    • Naomi

      There was totally an ugly cry in there. Thanks, Sherry!

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