ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~ The City Condo ~ Week 3

This is supposed to be a budget renovation, so why am I obsessively shopping for Missoni bath mats?

I have at least 57 priority items on my T0-Do list

…and I assure you that a statement textile for the potty is not one of them.

But isn’t it worth it to splurge if it totally “makes the room?”  

This is the sickness of decorating, my friends.  And I’ve got it Bad.

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I’m a bit of a mess.  (See Week 1 / Week 2)

My head is in a million places and I’m struggling to finalize my designs.  Since I’m doing an entire condo, there are SO many decisions to be made.  I really can’t afford to be held up on secondary details like bath mats.   I’ve got to get focused, place my orders and figure out my priorities.  That is the only way I’ll get this finished in time.


I’ve been loosely designing the bedrooms in my head for the past few months.  Like the living area scheme I shared last week, the two bedrooms will be mostly white, gray and black with a little color (pink, red) and wood tones to warm up the spaces.  I’ve got this private pinterest board that has a million puzzle pieces saved to it.   I stare at it constantly in my free time and just pray the perfect combination will appear to me.

bedroom floorplans


Here are my thoughts on the master bedroom.  Remember, I’m using Meg Biram as my muse.  I started with the Brutalist dresser.  I bought one for super cheap at auction earlier this year.  It needs to be repaired and painted (already started that!)  From there I scored a shaggy Moroccan-feel rug at 75% off.  I opted to keep the walls and major pieces neutral and layer color with art.  The large abstract print from Minted will anchor the main bare wall.  The gorgeous over-sized mirror from Basset will go over the dresser.  The pillows are feeling too girly, so I need to rethink those.

bedroom mood board

lamp / nightstand / nude

rug / love print / duvet

mirror / abstract print

The guest room scheme is even looser, as I’m relying on leftovers to decorate it.  The rug and duvet I already had and will set off the tone for the room- neutral boho with a touch of glam.  The room is small with no room for a dresser in the layout I’ve created.  Instead, I would sure love this thin “Watermelon” Strut console table across from the bed with a gallery wall above it.  I haven’t bought it yet.  I think my credit card has a hernia.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if I succumb to my crazy and splurge on it soon.  Because… say it with me now… It will totally make the room.

guest room scheme

console table / bedding (Anthropologie no longer available)

Rug / Pillow

Lamp / Nightstand / Art

Despite mocking up my pretty little mood boards, the real rooms will definitely be different.  I just snagged a well-priced gray tufted headboard for the guest room, so obviously I can’t use the same style in the master.  Instead, I’ve made a last minute decision to have a headboard made.  Yep, I’m officially off my rocker, a custom headboard for an apartment I am STAGING.  It should be pretty fabulous, though.

Also, I’ve decided to add wallpaper to the master- see below- so that’s going to shake up the design a bit as well.


Well in true Naomi nature, the living area scheme I shared just last week has already changed.  The gray accent wall in the living room is out.  It wasn’t so much the color (though that wasn’t wowing me either) it was the texture that made it unbearable.  I didn’t skim coat or spackle before I painted and the wall just looked beat up.  My solution?  Grasscloth!  That texture plus my wood floors are really going to add some depth and warmth to the room.

updated living area scheme


Guys, I set wood floor!  I feel like I’ve graduated from adolescence to true adulthood.  Truth be told,  George did most of the hard work- measuring and cutting.  I just had my fun snapping planks into place and feeling very empowered.  I even took a selfie to document the momentous occasion, but deleted it because I SO didn’t look cute.

flooring master bathroom

{Master Bedroom all done except for the base trim.}

The floors went real quick and now the trim is going sloooowww.  First the baseboard, then the quarter round, then painting it all.  We are SO close I can taste it, at the same time I don’t think my anxiety has ever been higher.  The long hours are physically and emotionally draining.  Thank goodness for this goofball… his hard work and cheerful demeanor are greatly appreciated.

George in condo

Here is the living room.  I’m so very eager to clear the mess out and clean the place.

living room floors done


When I found out DecoratorsBest would be sponsoring the ORC I went a little nuts with paper ideas.  Wallpaper EVVVVVERYTHING!  That mint-hued paint in the bathroom?  Paper it.  The bumpy wall in the master bedroom?  Paper it.  The entire guest bedroom?  Paper it.  Kitchen Ceiling?  Paper it.  

Wallpaper would be my solution for doing a terrible paint job.

Then I had a mild reality check- the mental shopping I was doing was WAY over the budget and that didn’t even include the installation costs.  Time to edit.  I narrowed down the three areas

  1.  Living Room Accent Walls and Entry Wallpaper

living room wall

Like I mentioned above, this wall is not cutting it.   I really feel it needs more depth a character than just paint can provide.  I debated back and forth between something practical (a textured vinyl)  and something just pretty (grasscloth.)  Well once I saw the grasscloth sample there was no talking me into vinyl.  This has the organic feel and depth that I want.

grasscloth sample

paper is Scalamandre via DecoratorsBest

  2.  Bathroom Wallpaper

There is no natural light in this room and the wall color is looking a little like dried toothpaste.  I’ve tested out dozens of papers and vinyls that will cover the imperfections and provide interest without adding color.  I was feeling the gray theme and kept these guys up on the wall for quite a while.  In the end I was concerned they’d be too dark and went in a totally different direction.  So excited!

bathroom walls with paper samples

  3. Master Bedroom Wallpaper

At the absolute last minute I decided I needed to paper a wall in the master bedroom as well.  It’s not the bed wall- which is the one I’d typically choose.  Rather, it’s across from the bed and will house the dresser and large mirror.  The wall is just so bumpy.  Logically I know I could just hire a painter to patch and re-paint it, but paper is more fun and I’m a fun-time girl.  I chose the paper after I developed the design scheme above.   I’m hoping it will all work together, though part of me knows I’ll probably change up everything now.

wallpaper choice for master bedroom

Paper is Clarke & Clarke via DecoratorsBest

So this is the half way point of the makeover.  There’s a lot going on and there is still a whole lot left to do.  By week 4 wallpaper should be hung and the first of the furnishings will be moved in!!  In the meanwhile, I’m sharing extra sneak peeks on instagram (@designmanifest) and facebook that I don’t always share here.

ORC PARTICIPANTS- 20 top designers/bloggers have been invited to this Challenge and will report their progress every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.  Prepare yourself for some amazing makeovers.

See you next Week!  
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  6. Lydia

    This is looking FABULOUS! 🙂
    You’re intense!

  7. Oh man. Every time I get discouraged, I just need to think of you, friend. You are making serious progress…even if it doesn’t feel like it! The pressure of this thing, man. It’s crazy. Who redecorates a room — a loft!!! — in 6 weeks?! Crazytown. Hope you’ve made even more miraculous progress this week! oxox

  8. I love the idea of pink and red in the master but yeah, not digging on the pillow combo. Would it be too much to add in a little punch of orange from the minted piece on the bottom right of the mood board? Perhaps more coral and red than pink and red. You are one brave lady taking this all on!

  9. Can’t wait to see your progress this week. I’m so exhausted reading your post! And this quoate: “But isn’t it worth it to splurge if it totally “makes the room?” kills my budget every single ORC. Probably because I use it to justify about 10 thing each time 🙂

  10. I am have lost track of your direction, but I think you still know which way you are headed? I hope. So much has been done, so much to do. Hang in there.

  11. You are amazing. I’m exhausted just thinking about how much you’re (plural) doing. Cheering you along, as always. You got this!

  12. 57 items on your checklist? ! What? ! You are one ambitious woman! I can’t wait to see next week’s post! You got it goin on girl!!


  13. lol. my credit card has a hernia too!

    and a big yes to all the wallpaper – esp the grasscloth in the living room – needed texture!!!

    go girl!!!


  14. Oh wow. I feel so lazy when I look at all that is going on here. You are amazing. Really like the grasscloth idea for that wall. You are next level, for sure!

  15. I think we suffer with the same decorating sickness. I’m really trying to reason with myself about a certain aspect of my design, because it would put a kink in my budget, but it’s so hard! Anywho, I really love what you have planned and shared so far. You can do it! You always do! 🙂

  16. Loving the pink and red scheme of the master…and that incredible sideboard- all so good! Also adore the grasscloth of course and the selection for the master wall. Excited to see what you’ve chosen for the bathroom.

    You’ve made amazing progress…floors look great. Excited to check back next week and see all that papery goodness up!

  17. Naomi! You are so ambitious! (I was going to say crazy but ambitious sounds a lot nicer!) I am the same way, still haven’t narrowed down things like paint colour and still need to order a couple of things. This is for one room only – not an ENTIRE CONDO!! I love your wallpaper choices and the direction you are going! This is going to be amazing!

  18. Lord girl….we are twins. I am always all over the place with the design plan right up until the last minute:) You are taking the ORC to a whole new level…..One Condo Challenge…..a new category!
    Very excited to get a glimpse of these spaces in 3 [yes 3] weeks!

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