One Room Challenge {Petite Kitchen} Week 6 FINALE

Welcome to the  final week of the One Room Challenge!  If you have been following along from the beginning then you have seen me and  my father completely transform our client’s kitchen over the past 6 weeks.  If you are just tuning in today, you are in for a big treat because I’ll be sharing those requisite Before photos along with our super sparkly After shots courtesy of Courtney Apple.

Courtney was such a trooper and stopped by this Monday afternoon to photograph the kitchen.  We were literally cleaning up paint cans, fastening electrical plates and pulling up masonite (wood floor protection) right before she showed up.  We could not have timed this puppy any closer.  Truth be told, we aren’t completely done; the wood floors need their final (3rd) coat of finish and so we did not move the dining room furniture back into the space.  My clients have also not filled in the new cabinets with all of their kitchen goodies.  I brought over a few of my own stuff to do a little shelf styling.  Overall though, I think you’ll get a good sense of the new space.

{Need to Catch Up?}

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Before we renovated the kitchen it was a dark, cramped space.  At 8’7 by 14’8 not only was it not very functional to work in, it was impossible to photograph!  (Helllooo how can I show a proper Before and After if I can’t even photograph the room?)

View from the Dining Room Before

kitchen from dining room- before

It took a little convincing, but our clients agreed to let us remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

View from the Dining Room Week 3

walls and floors out in petite kitchen

Now, with the wall gone, it is a completely different.  Open, bright, and incredibly inviting.  Actually words don’t do it justice,

without further ado, check out the space today…


Design Manifest Petite Kitchen Makeover

Hello kitchen of my dreams, welcome to my reality.

A key step in this transformation was tweaking the layout, which went far beyond removing a wall.

petite kitchen floor plan before and after

We moved the refrigerator off the right wall freeing up that space for a snack zone.  This is the spot for the microwave, toaster, coffee-maker.  I love placing them all here because they don’t take up valuable space on the prep counters.  Dishes, glasses and cutlery will also be stored in this area.

kitchen cabs and fridge- before

Above is the old wall and below is the new snack zone.

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen Snack Wall

Courtney’s image (above) depicts the counter all clean and pretty.

I brought over my own coffee maker and toaster to show how it will look once my clients move in.

quartzite counter with toaster

Yikes, her pictures are better!


Special planned details include custom cabinets with walnut interiors.

Helllllo Sexy surprise.

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen - white cabinets with walnut interiors

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen -walnut cutlery drawer

In the old kitchen the left side (dining wall) was pretty under-utilized.  There was one storage cabinet and a table that was too large for the room.

kitchen door and back wall- before

We removed the wall and added an island that houses the sink, dishwasher and pull-out trash & recycling bins.

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen- walnut island and door to outside

The island cabinets and back door are both natural walnut.  This makes me happy.

design manifest kitchen walnut island

Sink and faucets

Speaking of the island, I must mention the fabulous waterfall countertop!

Quartzite in all its glory baby.

I selected the part of the slab with the most movement to be on the side.

So it starts all colorful and busy and gradually becomes lighter on the countertop surface.

Design Manifest Kitchen- Waterfall island Quartzite countertop

A snap I took…

waterfall side

My client still wanted a garden window to house a few plants.  We replaced the existing one with a taller unit (to make most of the wall height) and moved it over to make room for the pantry and refrigerator.

kitchen door and window- before

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen with paneled refrigerator, garden window, black viking range

We added a quarzite counter to the garden window.  It matches the countertops and  is such a practical surface for plants.

design manifest garden window

While the old garden window had your typical colonial casing, we dropped the trim and did tile all the way up the wall.  It’s a much cleaner look and makes the area around the window seem larger.

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen garden window

To the left of the window is the refrigerator and pantry.  The refrigerator has white panels to help it blend in with the pantry.  Stainless would have felt so heavy in this small space!

Design Manifest Kitchen- Pantry and Paneled Refrigerator

To the right of the window is the range and hood.  Otherwise known as, My favorite part of the kitchen!  To further my mission of #minimizestainless I recommended my clients purchase a 30″ Viking range in black.  This isn’t your builder-grade black appliance, it is so luxe and fabulous.

Design Manifest Kitchen- Waterfall island, Curved white and brass hood

And then there is the custom hood, which I sorta consider my baby.  I conceived the idea, sketched it up, chose and finishes and sent it off to my cabinet-maker, Christiana Cabinetry to turn it into a reality.  And they did a gorgeous job!  (They always do.)

Design Manifest Curved White Brass Hood with black viking range

If the hood is my baby than perhaps the tile is my lover.  We have a tumultuous affair, this tile and I.  Between missing colors, incorrect patterns and delays in production, I was pretty sure I wanted to break up with it before it was even delivered  But New Ravenna pulled it together and sent us some gorgeous tiles.  I have to give props to my dad and our carpenter Angelo for doing an excellent job setting the mosaic.  Plus a thank you to Angela at Devon Tile for laying out the pattern and determining the proportion of the color gradient.  Don’t you just love how the color get lighter as it goes up the wall?  I do.  Just enough color, but not too much.

Curved White hood and garden window

 I love how the tile interplays with the “Aquias Blue” Quartzite.  Talk about soulmates.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

quartzite backsplash detail with cupcake stand

The bowl and cake stand our from our sponsor Lamps Plus.

PS- I would not recommend using cupcakes for staging in a kitchen because you just may end up eating ALL of them after the photo shoot.  Whoopsies.


Last but certainly not least is my successful “experiment” on the counter stools.  We took the Wayfair Otus Stool, which was originally stainless, and sent it to our powder coaters.  Powdercoating magnetically bonds the metal finish to the surface making it much more durable than a simple spray paint job.  It also looks about 100% nicer than spray paint- more like polished brass than paint.  I’m officiall obsessed.

Design Manifest Walnut island with white perimeter cabinets

One wide angle for good measure, and that my friends is the Petite Kitchen.

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen wide


Design- Build: Andrew and Naomi Stein/ Design Manifest

Custom Cabinetry: Christiana Cabinetry

Refrigerator / Range / Hood / Dishwasher / MicrowaveSink / Faucet / Instant Hot

Countertops “Aquias Blue Quartzite / Backsplash Tile

Cabinet Hardware / Pendant Lights / Wayfair Otus Stool (customized by DM-powdercoated in “spun gold”)

Cake Stand / White Bowl (with apples) / Blue Flower Vase / Blue Bowl (with lemons)

Dishes and Glasses (Vintage / Gold Flatware / Vases on Window / Star on Window

Wall Paint = Sherwin Williams “Dewy” / White Cabinet Paint = Benjamin Moore “Snowfall White”

Photography by Courtney Apple


I hope you enjoyed our little renovation.  I know my clients are beyond thrilled with the result.  They put complete trust in us and went with a bunch of my hairbrained ideas.  Dad and the team executed the design brilliantly.  Now it’s time for my clients to get cooking!  As for Dad and I, we are on to our next renovation.  We begin a new kitchen remodel on Monday.  No, we never do stop.  Yes, we do sleep.

andrew and naomi stein in design manifest petite kitchen

No, I cannot get him to put on a clean pair of pants 😉



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  1. Lisa

    Amazing kitchen! Would you please share the color (and brand if possible) of powder coating used? There are hundreds of brass, brushed gold, satin gold, etc. Thanks.

    • Natalie

      Would love to know this too!

  2. Linda

    What a beautiful kitchen, showing high style in a small space. Wondering: what fiinsh in your Newport Brass instant hot best matched the Champagne Bronze of your Delta faucet?

  3. Jesyka

    I never thought anything would compete for the space that white carrara marble holds in my heart until now! WOW! I’ve never seen countertops like that before, and now I feel I MUST have it! I don’t know whether to kiss you or curse you! ~.^

  4. Dzung

    Hi! Can you please tell me what color the small instant hot faucet is in? LOVE the duo together. I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile… thanks!

  5. Yelda

    Talk about from drab to fab! This transformation was wowzers. Simply wow. You did an awesome job. Brass on white is my dream. And, the end result of this kitchen was just dreamy!

  6. Taylor

    Wow! This is beyond stunning! Whats funny is that so many of these ideas, if pitched to me, I would have been like HECK NO LADY, but seeing them all together is amazing. So cohesive, so beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of color (at all, seriously, bring on the white and gold!) but the blue in the tiles and even in the quartz blew me away. So much amazing inspiration here. Please come to florida and help me gut an 80s town home with an even tinier kitchen!

    anyway, AMAZING!

  7. Seeing before and after photos really leaves me in awe, especially when the turnout is as magnificent as this! The white and gold combination is definitely a winner!

  8. Alex

    I’m not a blogger, or a blog reader, but I’m in the middle of binge reading from your first post and have enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s been especially fun to see how you’re style has grown and, dare I say, matured… and I’m only on late 2012!
    Of course, today I realized that your posts don’t all show up on the first page. I have to click “older posts” (I thought those were ones I had already read) so I’m going to have to back track. Yeah, totally not a blog reader.

    Anyway, thank you for putting yourself and your company out there. Your dad, the crew, and you have provided a lot of enjoyment and food for thought for me.

    Whether accolades or criticism come your way, this has been one of the best design reads I’ve had in a while and has inspired me to take care of some projects that I’ve been putting off due to LACK of inspiration. TV has become a design wasteland, thank goodness there’re outlets that aren’t constrained by TV producers.

    • Naomi

      thanks, Alex!! I love the feedback and comments from a “non blog reader” 🙂

  9. Vickie

    Stunning transformation! Did you have the barstool legs powder coated or replated?

  10. E. Carven

    Beyond stunning! Would you mind sharing which finish you used for the pendants and the cabinet hardware? Thank you!

    • Naomi

      It’s polished brass.

      • E. Carven

        Thanks so much! Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Ashley


        After looking for gold and white stools for over 7 months, thanks to you I have finally chosen my kitchen stools. I AM OBSESSED WITH YOURS! I just bought the same stools from Wayfair and they came last week. Now I am getting them powder coated with the hope they will look exactly like yours. I told the company the color name that you shared but the Powder Coating Company said they have many different versions of “polished brass”. They asked for the coating brand and number of the color so they can match it up exactly. Do you know the Company and # for the color? I would love for them to turn out just like yours.

        Thank you!
        Happy New Year!

  11. Angela


    YAY! This looks amazing. I really love the layout, makes such a difference. Are your clients speechless?! They are so lucky to have this bright, functional, gorgeous kitchen.

    I know the backsplash was a lot if drama and hair pulling. I’m so glad your Dad put it in so perfectly, and I am SO HAPPY that we were able to get to you in time and it really looks stunning.
    I love your other choices- was never really a big fan of brass- until now. It’s perfect with the soft blues and white and ashy walnut.

    Great job….

  12. alexis

    i love every last detail! i am getting some chairs powder coated, would you mind sharing the color they used? thanks!

  13. Vel

    OMG Naomi, you are officially my official kitchen designer in my next house!!! I’m in love with every detail of this kitchen ! I even want to switch out all my cabinet hardware to gold!!! You are just genius and dad equally so when it comes to coming up with fabulous designs! Fabulous job!

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  15. Jessica

    Dying, dying for those barstools and tile! Love it!!

  16. Andrea

    HOLY SHIZ lady. Most dramatic before and after I’ve seen in the ORC. Brava!!

    And even though it’s not exactly my taste, your vision for this space was incredible! The mix of tiles, the color – it’s all fresh and not something we’ve all seen a hundred times.

    Must make your clients giddy every time they walk in there!! Well done!!

  17. It’s gorgeous! This might be my favorite room from the challenge. It’s such a huge transformation and every piece in the kitchen is amazing!

  18. Amy

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! Quick question….do you have a source for the rug? What an amazing space!

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    • Naomi

      Linda I would love to design your kitchen!!! PS one of my besties just moved to Naples so a visit is in order for me soon.

  27. Brenda

    I’ve followed this makeover every step of the way (because I too have a horribly small, outdated kitchen). You’ve converted me and turned me into a believer that kitchen dreams do come true. I think I love every aspect of this kitchen and I love the thought that has gone into the function, layout and making it beautiful. I applaud your talent and that of your team. Well done. Any chance you’d come to Florida for a real challenge?

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    The Arts from Karena

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    I particularly love the stools, the STOVE!, the window, the smart floor plan, the WALNUT!!, the fresh feeling, and the way the modern elements feel at home with the traditional touches. Not an easy line to walk. Really, really nicely done. Congratulations Team Design Manifest!

    (p.s. I might or might not be intensely jealous. I hope your clients are happy that they are now living in a jealousy inducing home.)

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    I think the comments to date have summed up my thoughts. You know I love the light/dark, modern/natural element contrast, and improving functionality! I LOVE the walnut inside the cabinets. (My wheels are spinning!) Great, great job, DM team!! Can’t wait for our next project 🙂

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    What was the total budget / cost of this project?

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