One Room Challenge Finale- Master Bedroom Reveal

Holy hell, the 6 week makeover challenge has finally come to the end and thank goodness because this girl is EXhausted.  With a limited budget and unlimited ideas and desires, it truly was a challenge to come up with a distinctive, vibrant yet relaxing bedroom for myself.  I craved deep saturated walls but I also wanted to room to feel crisp and bright.  Pops of white and greek key added that preppy look I was after, while warm woods and vibrant textiles mixed in my bohemian flair.   In order to get the custom look without the designer budget, I opted to do a lot Do-It-Yourself projects.  My hope is the overall effect is sophisticated and chic instead of crafty and cheap.

Thanks so much to Linda for organizing the One Room Challenge and the 19 other blogger participants for motivating me to not totally suck or flake out on the project.  They have all put together beautiful rooms and I hope you will check their links at the bottom of this post.

Without further ado, here is my “Preppy Bohemian” bedroom…

orc week 7 block print paisley headboard bed straight on

I’ve always wanted a statement headboard that had some height, shape and pattern.  I don’t have the budget to buy one right now, though, so with the help of my dad and sister, we made our own.  I felt a white based fabric would pop best against those teal walls and I have a serious thing for paisley so that seemed like the perfect pattern.  We actually hand stamped the fabric ourselves with a wood block and fabric paint.

orc week 7 block print paisley fabricEach paisley is a little different and imperfect and I love it.

 We determined the complex shape was way out of our league to tackle as an upholstery project, so my amazing sister, Megan, made me a slipcover.  Yup this here headboard is a slipcover!  A full post will come on this bed soon but lets just say it was incredibly hard and if I knew better I never would have attempted it.  Luckily I didn’t know better and now I have an awesome bed.

orc week 7 bed and nightstand

The textile at the end of the bed was also from my amazing sister, Megan.  She brought it back from India for me and it just happened to pull a lot of the colors together in the room- the pink accent of the bedding, the mint pillows.  Some days I may go with the all white bedding, but right now I’m craving more of a mix plus honestly I just eat a lot of chocolate in bed.

orc week 7 paisley bed pillow detail

A few more favorite details in the room include…

orc week 7 bookshelf details

My Craigslist etagere and all the pretties I store on it.

{Everything here is vintage or a gift.}

orc week 7 painted mirror

This huge $10 vintage mirror that I painted black.

orc week 7 bench and stool

The clashy interplay between my stools and Indian Textile.

And here are a few other angles I haven’t shown before…

orc week 7 mirror wall and bedLeft side of the bed and bedroom door

orc week7 closet

Doors to my mini closet and maxi dressing room.  Plus my ficus tree.

And here is the proper before and after…

one room challenge design manifest bedroom before and after


I’m pretty pleased.  Honestly, I’m just glad to be done.

orc finale naomi on bed

PS- It’s my birthday today and I stayed up very late pulling this post together.

So if you like it, let me know.  It will give me a good reason to smile today.

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  1. Julana

    Gorgeous! You picked the perfect wall color and pops of white. The room looks so warm and inviting, while still looking bright and airy. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Love the wall color, who does not love a foo dog lamp. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Congrats on the one room challenge! Amazing Job

  3. Jessica

    Happy belated birthday!!
    And do you not have the biggest smile waking up here every morning? It’s so gorgeous, such an amazing mix! You never disappoint. I seriously am always in awe of every room you do.

  4. OMG!!! I knew from the day I saw the colour on the walls that this is going to be an amazing transformation!! The wall colour is gorgeous, those white curtains with the fuchsia trim are perfect to liven the space up!! Also, great stools, fabulous find that etagere, the vignettes you added show off your talent, and the headboard fits perfectly!! Every detail added in the bedroom fits, and the result is fantastic! Congrats and enjoy the bedroom a lot!!
    Also, happy birthday, a few days later…!:)
    Your transformation in the ORC is my favourite, and I really wanted my Romanian readers to see it, so I talked about my ORC favourites on my blog, yours is top of the list!:) Hope it’s ok!!
    You can see it here, if you like:

  5. Sabrina

    I love it! And I hate paisley, so that’s something.

  6. Nice job. Can’t wait to come back and see the headboard details.

  7. cassie

    it’s stunning- i LOVE that wall color! my bedroom walls are navy- i love moody wall colors! everything looks amazing!

  8. Robin

    Happy Birthday! The room is GORE. GEE. US. but even if it wasn’t you won me over with the statement “plus honestly I just eat a lot of chocolate in bed”.

  9. First up…..Happy Birthday!! Love your room so much….you really put your signature on everything. The color is rich without overpowering. Adding all the white was a great decision. Love the headboard and I am dying after seeing your paisley ( and Mary Ann’s) to try this! How nice you had so much help from family members….I know you will love sleeping in such a pretty space!

  10. Kelli

    Yay I love it! I love the lamps, I love the shelf/etagere, I love it all – great job and thanks for sharing all the great pictures –

  11. Karen

    So lovely Naomi. May I ask where you found the beautiful benches at the end of the bed.

    Many thanks!

  12. Kelly

    love your blog and look forward every day to reading about your new home make overs! while i have no business giving you suggestions (as i could have never come up with this mix of awesomeness), I vote paint the baseboards glossy black. happy birthday!

  13. Looks beautiful, Naomi! So warm and cozy with tons of personal touches. Happy Birthday & job well done!!

  14. Lynn

    LOVE it! You are so creative and talented! Happy Birthday!

  15. Beautiful room, congratulations!
    And of course “Joyeux Anniversaire”!!!!!

  16. What a beautiful room! I love that headboard. Can I ask where you got the stamp from? I have wanted to do something similar on my living room drapes!

  17. Beautiful! Oh, and the room’s not so bad either. Seriously, I am inspired by you. I think about you daily at this point (crazy stalker? me?), and this is just further reason to keep you and your work in my brain. There are several blogs that I have been influenced by and yours is one of the top. Well done. Thanks for spending some of your hard-earned birthday minutes on us. May the coming year be magnificent, may you feel the love that surrounds you, and may you bask in your own glow. Happy birthday!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Kati, that is so sweet! I don’t mind a friendly stalker 🙂

  18. Lisa

    Happy Birthday to you!! You gave yourself an awesome present with that cool room!! Now I need Foo Dog lamps! Flipping cool! They set it all off. Love the headboard and can’t wait to see the post on it! Have a great day Lady you deserve it!!

  19. Your bedroom looks amazing, Naomi! You did such a great job!! All of the colours and patterns work together beautifully. I love that etagere, and –especially, that headboard. Wow! This is so inspiring.

    Have a wonderful birthday. Cheers!

  20. Edyta

    It looks fantastic!!! I bet it feels so nice to have it finished. Beautiful!
    Happy Birthday Naomi hope you had an amazing day!


  21. Melissa

    Happy Birthday Naomi. Congratulations on your amazing bedroom transformation, and on your gorgeous bathroom. The house is really taking shape.
    I love the Foo dog lamps and the spray painting treatment has come out so well, they are so glossy and gorgeous. It ties in all the white too.
    Youv’e done an amazing job with the haedboard, and hand priniting the paisly p[attern was inspired and budget friendly.
    You have given yourself the best present there is!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your room is beyond gorgeous! It’s so pulled together — really love everything! I hope you get some much deserved rest!

  23. Tiffany

    Happy birthday. What a great present to yourself! The room is gorgeous. Love your fearless mix of patterns and that wall color. I need to be a bit more brave:)

  24. Happy Birthday Naomi! Your room looks awesome – eclectic and moody, while still light and fresh! I love it. And that headboard is killer!! Your making me want to paint my walls teal too…

  25. Cori

    Your makeover is so beautiful and dramatic! I love it!

  26. it is seriously beautiful. well done! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! go take a snooze in your new bedroom, you deserve it 🙂

  27. Happy Birthday and congratulations with the wonderul bedroom you created.The colourful fabric on the bed is perfect and a bit more low -maintenance than all white and makes it super cosy as well.Love the head board.. super.


  28. Just wow! Great colors, playful patterns and some really cool pieces incorporated here. Those stools… swoon… Love the dark teal paired with the glossy reds and warm wood etagere. Rocked it.

    Happy birthday to you girl!


    This room is absolutely stunning, and I hope that you celebrate your birthday with a tired-but-self-satisfied smugness. (Also a nap before this evening.)

  30. Stephanie Y.

    I love it – it’s such a retreat (and I’m totally biased because my bedroom is the exact.same.color). You’ve giving me a lot of inspiration to add more color to my room. So thank you!

    How long have you had the ficus? We had one (we called her the Brat Tree) and she did not last long. They are so very temperamental. Need light, not direct light, but a lot of light. Can’t be close to vents. Don’t like a lot of water, but will drop their leaves if they want more (or less). Gah. What a mess. I miss that beautiful tree and kick myself that I didn’t do more research before buying. Wishing you MUCH better success!!!

    Happy Bday Lady!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Stephanie! Re- the Ficus…Hmmm its been living at my mom’s for the past 6 months and my place for two weeks. Hoping I don’t kill it.

      • Stephanie

        Just be very nice to it. When the leaves start dropping try to figure out the problem. Maybe my tree didn’t like being called a brat. 🙂

  31. Angeline

    Super job – Happy birthday!

  32. Sarah

    Wow- birthday girl. It’s magnificent. Congratulations on your masterpiece.
    What an inspiration.

  33. Happy birthday! Your room looks great! Now pull back those covers and take a nap, girl! You earned it 😉

  34. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This is fantabulous! Congrats on mixing the fabrics and wall color. It is so pulled together. You did a great job with the headboard. It is amazing! I love the block process myself:) xo

  35. Naomi!!!! I am starstruck! This is so phenom. I love the boho touches mixed with preppy. You are such an incredible designer. Definitely look up to you and your
    Ability to mix. Job well done… I think I want to pin everything.

  36. Melissa

    This turned out great! I really enjoyed seeing the process. LOVE the blanket on your bed.

    Happy happy birthday!

  37. LOVE the head board…a slipcover! Sooo perfect! I love paisley, too. Great that you painted the doors the same color as the walls…very soothing, And the Indian throw is awesome…it is a gorgeous room!!!

    Great job Birthday Girl!

  38. Yea girl! You are done and it’s your birffffffdayyyyy. You should just hang out in your awesome bed eating chocolate and drinking champagne all day.
    I love your room, my fav element is the wall color and how you applied it to the trim/doors. Beautiful!

  39. Hannah

    I’m betting there were some 4 am tears, wondering why did I do this again, why did I think this was a good idea? Then when it was all done, after 8 redoes, saying I LOVE IT!

    The hand blocked fabric is awesome.

  40. Rebecca

    It looks amazing! The Indian throw on the bed makes all the difference and my husband is now convinced he wants a teal bedroom 🙂

  41. Laura D

    SO BEAUTIFUL! Amazing work!!

  42. Becca

    It all looks great! Love the headboard. The whole bed looks SUPER comfy and inviting…Eliana will enjoy a nice snuggle in it in a few weeks!

    • Naomi

      Yay she sure will. Can’t wait to give you guys the full tour.

  43. Jenny B

    First, your room looks incredible and and man, so do you! What a picture, hot mama! Way to ring in a new year. This room is so rich looking, but cozy and playful. That textile from your sister is to die for (I have to go to India to get one!!) and the headboard is gorgeous. Great taste must run in your family…

  44. Emily C

    hot damn girl. girl on fiya!!!
    each week your bedroom got more brilliant! this was a fun 6 week journey for me the viewer. worth all the exhaustion in my opinion – now you have a gorgeous room to enjoy with a big huge bday smile!!! 🙂

    i am pretty obsessed with the headboard ever since i saw the peeks on insta… CANNOT WAIT for that detail post. love the slipcover idea, love the shape, LOVE that you hand blocked– major design/girl crush on you !! 🙂

    HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you Naomi dear… May this be one hell of a great year for you.

    • Naomi

      Awe thanks, Emily!!

  45. vel

    Dramatic transformation! The slip-covered head board is GENIUS! love it and great job!

  46. Happy Birthday!!!! The bedroom looks great! You always do such a great job at mixing prints! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  47. René

    Happy birthday Naomi! I love what you have done with this room! The balance and mix is perfect! Brilliant idea to paint the doors to match the walls. And by the way, the DIY projects do not look DIY at all – very custom.

  48. Great job! I’ve loved watching the progress you’ve been making on your cottage every week. I can just feel the stress though – it’s so hard, right?! You’ve really pulled it off! Beautiful room and home!!

  49. Carrie

    HAPPY birthday!! What a wonderful gift to have a beautiful new room to relax in. 🙂 I love all the colors. And I am very interested to read about the slip-covered headboard…

  50. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I hope you love it! You should be proud. I would never wish a 6 week deadline on anyone’s personal project, but you nailed it.

    Happiest bday to you, friend!! oxox

  51. IT LOOKS SO GOOD! And not thrifty at all, but I love that you did this on a tight budget!

    Happy birthday, lady! Go drink some martinis on me 🙂

  52. Absolutely pure prettiness! You will always feel joy when you step into that lovely room! Kudos to you!

  53. Sharon

    Like it? I love it. I really think the paint looks even better with the room done. It’s really fabulous! My favorite part is the Craig’s list score. I hope you have a very happy birthday!

  54. Happy birthday Chiquita! Your bedroom is amazing. I love all the vintage and DIY elements. I think you totally nailed the preppy bohemian. And I adore the collected vibe you created. Loved watching your progress, and so glad you soldiered through the rough bit. All the Best!!

  55. Tiffany

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a great gift to finally be done, able to enjoy the new room, and relax. Second of all, it looks freakin AWESOME. Such a moody little number. I love your boldness in mixing prints, something I need to start experimenting with a bit more! xox

  56. Emily

    Hi Naomi – I’m a huge fan of your blog, and your new fab bedroom! It’s so fun to see how you are reworking the pieces from your loft into the cottage, coming up with something totally fresh and original. I can’t wait to see how the other rooms turn out as well! Happy Birthday!

  57. FABULOUS!!! From the wall color to the bold prints and I can’t even believe that is a slipcover!! What a chic and dramatic retreat you’ve created, Naomi! Happy Birthday, you have lots to celebrate!

  58. Happy Birthday, Naomi! I love your bedroom. You are so great at mixing patterns and styling. Love the headboard, the color palette, the fabrics – hell – the entire space is amazing. Love your photo but I wish Bailey was in it too!

    PS I’m glad it’s over too. Fun and stressful, right?

    • Naomi

      Haha, Kim I shot one with me and him but he was too squirmy and dark. So just me, sorry 🙂

  59. Very pretty! Have a happy birthday!

  60. Looks great! I really love the headboard and your stools look great in there! Hope you have a great birthday!

  61. Leah

    happy birthday! you should be so proud! it looks fantastic.

  62. cathy

    It looks fabulous. The colors, the textures and the furnishings are just fabulous.
    Happy Birthday.

  63. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! AYKM, you brought it home big time. That headboard and custom stamped fabric is a must try for me. I need a sister and dad like yours. You are so talented and the world knows it. Happy Birthday! You look really beautiful in that shot, by the way.

  64. LindsB

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You totally deserve a cocktail or two after staying up late to finish this, but it totally paid off, it looks AMAZING! LOVE the color, the bedding, the stools and dont even get me started on the headboard. You rock!

  65. Happy Birthday! I love it and all the Chinoiserie touches especially like the foo dogs, JCPenney stools, Greek key trim, and pillow. The wall color is beautiful.

  66. Kristen

    Love it! The mix of patterns is excellent.
    Where did you find your bamboo window shades?

  67. Cathy

    Just outstanding!!!! Love the effect of the deep wall color, especially how it makes the many doors less noticeable. You have a knack for pulling together an array of textiles and all of these work so well together. The headboard leaves me speechless, LOVE it! Lucky you to have such help from your family, enjoy your retreat, you earned it!!!!

  68. Kim Macumber

    Well Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on a beautiful space!! I have to say that I LOVE that you painted the doors the same as the walls. Such a clean fun look!! The colors make me happy as well … so eat chocolate any time with a giant smile on your face! xo

  69. patty blaettler

    Smile away! Great job. I’ve loved following along…

  70. Ashley

    A bedroom worthy of a birthday girl. Ab fab, seriously. And that headboard? Yeah, we have to hear about that because it’s so good!

  71. Emily R

    It looks wonderful! I love that you slip covered the head board.

    The only thing I wonder about is why you left the baseboards white. I think I would have painted them teal to match the rest of the trim.

    Regardless, it looks fabulous!

    • Naomi

      I like the clear definition between the walls and floors so that is why the base is white. I will eventually add crown moulding and that will be white too!

  72. Dara

    Happy birthday! The room looks great!

  73. Let me just say for the 100th time on your blog that you are absolutely gifted at mixing prints. This looks fantastic and I’m super impressed!!! Chic room, lady.

  74. Nikki W

    Killed it! You already know how much I love the curtains but I think that headboard has stolen the show! So freaking fab against that wall. Great styling all around. What a birthday treat. What a fabulous gift to self this room has turned out to be. Hope you have a few drinks to soak it all in and celebrate such great blessings. p.s. your family is amazing. Such great help. Love em

  75. This looks incredible! Your lamp and bench and Craigslist score bookshelf might be my favorite parts! Such a pretty room!

  76. Sarah

    Beautiful!! The wall color is so perfect!! Great work!

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