One Room Challenge: Bachelor Pad Edition Week 6 Finale

Woop Woop its time!  I’m both incredibly excited and nervous to reveal the finished Gentleman’s Bachelor Pad.  This project was an awesome challenge for me and sharing it with you guys over the past 6 weeks has been incredibly fun.  Not gonna lie, there were a few moments of sheer terror, but mostly it was fun and  rewarding.  I’m so lucky this is my day job.

The goal was to create a space that was modern, masculine, layered, warm and most importantly, family-friendly.  You see, I’ve been touting this place as a “bachelor pad” but the truth of the matter is, it’s a home to a father and his two sons.  My client’s focus and priority from the beginning was to create a comfortable home for his kids.  My priority was to meet his needs and make it pretty.  I think we both succeeded.

Prepare yourself for picture overload.

If you’ve been following from the beginning, you know it started with a chair

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- Black wall eames chair colorful accesories

The Eames lounge chair set the Mid-Century tone for the home.

The Jim Dine lithograph established the color story.

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest: Black wall shelf stylilng

Brass and gold is sprinkled throughout the accessories, lighting and hardware.

Old, new, patina, polished… I love how it all works together.


With this being a rental, we relied on paint, art and furnishings to transform the space.

Perhaps the black wall was the biggest game changer.

Remember how we started?

gentlemans bachelor pad before and after by Design Manifest

I’m loving how the custom etagere pops against the black wall, while the TV fades away.

Gentlemans Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- black wall with gold wood etagere

We made the spacing of the shelves extra large to allow for optimal display.

We wanted to show off our collection of loot while not losing the beauty of the wood back.

Gold and Wood Etagere- Design Manifest

The bust is vintage Italian and about 20 pounds.

The dog painting was dug out of my client’s basement.

Bust and Dog portrait on etagere- Design Manifest

I bought this black cloisonne jar early on before the scheme had even been finalized.

I’m just tickled how well it ties everything together.

Shelf Styling- Design Manifest

We opted for a grouping of vintage paintings to go over the danish chairs.

I love the muted colors and gilded frames.  They bring a traditional touch to the mostly-modern room.

Danish Ar Chairs paired with vintage paintings - Design Manifest

Here is the coffee table we made.  The Carrara marble top “floats” over the wood frame.

marble coffee table detail by design manifest

The hairpin legs keep the piece feeling light.

We didn’t want to completely cover the gorgeous vintage Hamadan rug!

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest

I told my client I was thrilled he was letting me go a little “granny chic” in his pad.

He was a little horrified by that title, but I assured him it is a compliment.

It’s good to mix in a little old, a little funky, a little ornate.  It feels more collected and less decorated.

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- Sofa

Mismatched pillows say you’re so bad-ass that you don’t even have to try to be stylin’.

driftwood end table Design Manifest

The combination of the driftwood end table,  the glass jar lamp and batik-dyed shade is one of my faves.

You can find the lamp here and the table here.

Mid Century Modern credenza wit eiffel chair

My client has so much great art.  It was fun filling out walls and pairing pieces together.

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- Credenza with mirror and lamp

The vintage Brasilia credenza has been all styled up.

Its the perfect welcoming moment when you enter the home.

Some of you will be happy to know that the mirror is a great price and can be found here.

The rest is vintage.

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- Credenza

It’s hard to find an angle in this room where you can’t spy a boob or a butt.

Ohhh MEN. 😉

Mid Century Living room by Design Manifest

I found these rattan stools to go under the craigslist sofa table.

white parsons sofa table with rattan stools

It was fun picking out blue accents for here and there.

The planter and blue and white porcelain sprinkled throughout are from the Pink Pagoda.

The tray is from Crate and Barrel.

gentleman's bachelor pad by Design Manifest

Then there is the Dining Room.

We started with this…

5 dining room before

We weren’t doing a big bold black wall in here.  Instead, I took this room slightly more monochromatic.

Out went the blue trim and in came the blue accents…

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- Dining RoomWith the table and chairs so clean and modern, we warmed up the space with textiles.

We didn’t drop big bucks for the curtains.  They are ready-made from West Elm.

blue and white ginger jar on window sill

I’m obsessed with this oversized ginger jar, also from Pink Pagoda.

Gentleman's Bachelor Pad by Design Manifest- Dining Room with custom Credenza

We styled the custom credenza with a mix of baskets, books and a few special objects.

My favorite item would be this vintage clipper ship.  I thought the boys would enjoy it.

Dining room Credenza with gallery wall above

We did a mixed gallery wall over the credenza with the large Caulder occupying the left side.

The right side is a mix of black and white prints leaning on the counter and wood shelf.

My client took the photos himself.  I love the personal element to this space.

Steel Credenza with live edge wood shelf above

This floor lamp from Rejuvenation provides a little extra lighting and highlights the art wall.

Rustic Table Sputnick chandelier eames chairs - design manifest

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how the “Beast Wall” turned out.

chandelier detail design manifest

As for the lovely chandelier, you can find it here.

gentlemans bachelor pad by Design Manifest- Bar Cart

The last little moment in this room is a vintage bar cart I picked up in my travels.

Bottoms up!

Eames lounge chair with dining room in background

And finally, we end with the chair.  See it all ties back to the chair.

All Images By Courtney Apple Photography


Well it’s gotten very late and this post has gotten very long, so I’m gonna wrap it up and say goodbye to the ORC.  A few shout-outs first.  To Linda, the champion and cheerleader of the One Room Challenge, thanks for inviting me back again!  Thanks to Courtney Apple for providing me with the lovely images.  Big hugs to my team, including my father, Andrew Stein and George Coldren for creating 3 fabulous, custom, locally-made pieces and helping me with the install.   And last and most importantly to my client, Mr Bachelor.  Thank you for trusting me with your home, providing me the flexibility to let the design evolve naturally and the generosity of letting me share it with all my readers.  May you and the boys enjoy the Pad thoroughly!

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Thanks so much for following along.  I hope you love the result.  I so enjoy hearing your thoughts, so let me know what you think! 
  1. Ewoodys

    Beautiful Chic Design ^_^

    • Naomi

      I didn’t. I’m the worst! Will try to find the progress pics and pull together a post.

      • Rebecca Carlsen

        How did you make the coffee table? 🙂

  2. Edith Tsui

    Hello Naomi,

    May I ask where you get the blue rug from? Thank you! – Edith

  3. ashlee

    You find the most AMAZING rugs and artwork….are there a few sites or places you always look to first to find these items? These are the two design elements I have trouble finding for a reasonable price that are still super eclectic and awesome…


    • Naomi

      Thank you, Ashlee. Most of my rugs were found on Ebay. As for the art, I found most of it locally- galleries, thrift stores, and a lot came from my grandmother.

  4. Rilane

    That is consequently perfect! I can’t tell you simply how much I adore the idea. Just about every bit would seem greater than another along with the art in addition to gadgets usually are consequently neat.

  5. Leslie

    I love love love this place! It has that collected look that defies being a design cliché. Will definitely be a regular visitor to this blog!

  6. Linda

    So visually interesting and attractive. Even though it’s not my style, I like so many things in these rooms.
    One reminder, which I’m sure you just overlooked….first thing my designer taught me was to trim the candle wicks and burn them right away so they don’t look just from the box.
    You did a great job.

  7. kate

    Absolutely stunning! Black, brass and wood equals a perfect bachelor space. So fun following along. Well done!!

  8. SOOoooo glad to get to find your blog through another of my blog friends Notting Hill! You are one to WATCH! I plan to visit often and hope to see many more of your great design projects. I hope you don’t mind that I am linking your blog to mine? Such a great job and I am so impressed with all of the custom furniture pieces. Great mix!

    • Naomi

      Thanks so much, Katie! I am such a fan of your work. I’d be honored if you linked to me.

  9. Every thing is in this room is looking perfect and your have such a nice color combination. Its very hard to be decorate with dark color manly with black.

  10. Edyta

    beautiful job Naomi! I bet the client is so pleased with the transformation 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Anna

    This is so fabulous! Great work – it is the perfect mix and not too “decorated”. Love. It. All.

  12. René

    Naomi, these rooms are perfection! You are incredibly talented. What a treat to follow your process.

  13. I don’t even know where to begin! These rooms are incredible – so many thoughtful details. And the client comment – you must be so proud! Kudos!

  14. Wow what a transformation – you are one hellava designer/decorator. I love what you do to a place! Congrats it is spectacular!

  15. janet

    Find your blog via Design Crisis. Love this, so much. The black wall, the shelving unit with the wood backing, love!

  16. I love it! The layers are just so perfect. Fantastic job!

  17. I knew I was going to like the final result when I first logged on and saw this blog project… I LOVE the final result! WOW! my fave so far! Great job Naomi!!!

  18. Missy epstein

    I love how these two rooms came together! You really nailed it!

  19. Tricia

    Oh man! Everything about this space is so perfect! This girl would be more than happy to move into that bachelor pad!

  20. This is so perfectly thought through and styled and even the “coincidental” pieces that just fit right into the space were meant to be. I absolutely adore the rug and the Brazilian credenza and the lamps are magnificent. And yes, mismatched throw pillows – those are not easy to mismatch to get the perfect look 🙂

  21. Jessica

    I love your style! I love, love the shelf on the beast wall. Where did you get that puppy, please?

  22. Spiffany

    Man oh MAN! You are tremendously talented; every part of this space is stunning. I think it’s safe to say that any man, woman, or child would be thrilled to come home to this place everyday. Such a well-tuned balance of different elements — and sure to inspire me as my husband and I look for inspiration to design our first home. This is really inspiring work, kudos!!

  23. Lori

    So, so good. All of it. Working a really great art collection in so flawlessly would be both a treat and intimidating. You did an amazing job! Oh and the custom pieces- that etagere is Everything!

  24. Naomi! This is my fave. You are such a star. Amazing job – I just love the styling and use of art. Yay you!

  25. Emily C

    A-MAY-ZING!!! Every inch is perfection.

  26. i cant tell you how much i love this space. that black wall is amazing.

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Donna! Nice to hear from you.

  27. Your best work so far. Amazing to watch how your genius continues to evolve. Can’t pick a favorite element b/c everything is so cohesive and collected looking. The black wall is such genius. Makes a statement and yet recedes all at the same time. Crazy good. Can’t believe you doubted this for a second. Awesome and totally cover worthy. Makes me extra nervous to share my space tomorrow.

    • Naomi

      Thank you! And I know I’m calling the kettle black, but no need to be nervous. Each space is so different and budgets vary so much… that’s part of the beauty of the challenge.

  28. mind-blowing is all I can say. absolutely stunning…. the whole lot of it!

  29. I’m not going to add to the above of which I agree with wholeheartedly. Can you imagine how THRILLED I am for my blue and white to be featured in this crazy good space? Thank you so very much for using my items and for mentioning them/TPP here. Incredible work, Naomi!

  30. Anna

    This looks great! I was having trouble figuring out how everything would come together, but you hit it outta the park!

  31. for the love. you are so good. i want to comment on a favorite element, but i literally can’t. i know you were a little nervous about this final reveal…but i’m honestly not sure why. killed it! ox

    • Naomi

      Thanks. Tobes! Means a lot. xo

  32. This by far is one of my favorite spaces I’ve seen in quite some time! I love his artwork and your incorporated it beautifully into your design, love how the tv disappears, love how bright the dining room is, love how you kept the fireplace, I didn’t care for it at first and my instinct probably would’ve been to get rid of it and just think with some black paint, I really really love it! You did beyond a great job and are one talented gal!!!

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Laurie. The fireplace isn’t ideal, but this is a rental, so we definitely weren’t changing it! Luckily the black paint did tone it down a bit.

  33. Rebecca

    This space is so amazing! I’m a big fan of your style and prowess. Such great work!

  34. I’ve really enjoyed following along with this transformation. Simply fabulous! The rooms are filled with so much character and interest. They are both such beautiful and comfortable looking spaces. My favorite pieces are the two credenzas and the chandelier. Terrific job!

  35. hey waiiit…yours is a 2 room challenge. both fantastic. i mean really really good. that blue rug slays me.
    and the chair. and the fireplace wall. and the driftwood table. all of it super good.

    • Naomi

      yup extra room extra the crazy. He hired me to do both, so I might as well share, right? Thanks Jenny!

  36.!!!!! I love EVERY detail. The black wall is killer, and sets everything off so beautifully. And I adore the drapes in the dining room. Bravo! Thanks for doing it for us to see

  37. Its SO good Naomi!! Congratulations!! Every little inch is just perfect….I love, love it and will be pinning away!

  38. The rooms are stunning! I am in love with the art, the nude painting, the dog, the lady on the bar cart, it’s all perfect! And I love that etagere, the wood back is so killer!! Amazing job!!

  39. Archana

    Absolutely amazing!

    Any chance u can share the source of ikat pillows from Uzbekistan?

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Painting that wall black completely transformed the space. I love what you’ve done here – the custom pieces are beautiful and I love the layered, textured look you’ve created. No one would ever guess this place had been put together in only 6 weeks – incredible! The awesome art collection surely helped 🙂

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Amelia. I should note that planning and design of the project was much more than 6 weeks. The install, however, was down to the wire.

  41. Such a great masculine space. The best bachelor bad I’ve seen!

  42. Eris

    THAT BLACK WALL! To die. Incredible job! Loving that sequined pillow.

  43. All we can say is WOW! Absolutely stunning. The space perfectly flows from the living to the dining area. Gorgeous!

    • Naomi

      Steal away, my Dear. Thanks for the compliments! I love hearing what details stand out to peeps.

  44. Naomi this is truly AMAZING! You are incredibly talented and spare no attention to detail. YOur clients are SO LUCKY!

    I can’t decide on my fav elements…there are so many….but I also love the ship. The art is BEYOND, fabulous job curating. The rugs and other textiles are great. OH! I know what it is! The nailhead detail behind the sofa is pretty ridiculous. Bravo!

  45. I am kinda blown away by these spaces. Some of your best Naomi. I think maybe it was because he trusted you? The black wall with the TV is genius….all of the custom pieces are so wonderful along with the art collections. The whole space should be on the cover of Elle Decor.

    • Naomi

      Oh quit it with the Elle Decor. Maybe I’ll photoshop myself something.
      Yes- you hit it- trust was so key in this space turning out well. That and he has great art to work with.

  46. Maggie

    Bravo! It looks phenomenal. Love the custom pieces especially – the credenza all styled up looks amazing. Bookmarking your product links! Everything is just so good!

  47. Elisa

    You did a wonderful job with his home!! I love how well the rooms work with one another. Every little accessory is perfect in those room and thats no easy feat when you are working with so much! Congratulations on 2 beautiful rooms!!

  48. Erin

    If I met a bachelor with a pad like this..he’d get lucky on the first date 🙂
    Beautiful job!

  49. What a fabulous balance of the masculine in a space! You’ve done a wonderful job. I love all the art and touches of natural wood throughout the space.

  50. You know how you said you are your own worst critic yesterday on Instagram? Well, let me tell you no need for that. I hope these comments prove what an absolute talent you are! Way to go and so well done. Everything is perfect and beautiful and very homey as well. And that coffee table….oooooh that coffee table. So well done!

  51. Jessie

    Both rooms are incredibly chic, layered, warm and stunning! I love every detail in both rooms especially the rug, mirror, artwork, brass and custom pieces.

    You did a fantastic job! This home feels collected, personal and stylish, I am sure your client and his two boys are thrilled!


  52. I don’t know what you were worried about – it turned out amazing!!! (as always) 🙂 I love the contrast between the LR and DR but still they have continuity. The best bachelor pad I’ve ever seen!!

    • Naomi

      Oh Elizabeth, I don’t think you realize that I am an extremely talented nit-picker. So I worry, I can’t help it. But thank you very much 🙂

  53. Holy gorgeous Naomi! I think this my favorite space of your thus far, and I have loved each one! The styling is beyond. So much talent!!!

  54. Great livable inviting space with lots of imaginative touches. Perfect for a bachelor and his kids!

  55. So hip and chic. It all feels so warm w/al the texture too. What a great space to lounge in. When the fireplace is going you’d never want to leave.

  56. Kat

    You’ve outdone yourself this time, Naomi! Everything is simply stunning. You should be very proud. Can I just say I was a little worried about the black wall but I absolutely LOVE how the TV is virtually invisible against it. Great design decision! Well done, girl!!

    • Naomi

      OO love to hear that Kat. I like it when people have doubts and then they see the light 😉

  57. Emily p

    Wow. This is amazing. It was so fun to follow you through this challenge—so glad it got you blogging again! Always love your posts.

  58. Lisa

    I love this space!! You did a fantastic job, it’s amazing!

  59. Will

    It’s great to see you set your talents to male clients and masculine make-overs. The traces of girly granny are cozy, welcoming and smart!

  60. I love it! It really all came together in the end (not that I had any doubt but still!) I adore the rug and love that he was open to adding it to the space. Hats off to you naomi!

  61. Shelby

    Naomi, this is a phenomenal space! What a lucky client! I want to move right in. I love that it’s masculine but not in a cold, stark way. Mr. Bachelor may find himself not-so-single eventually, and this space is in a class all itself. (I mean I think many people hear ‘bachelor pad’ and think either “cinderblocks as bookshelves” or minimal to the point of being practically empty — this couldn’t be further from that!) Oh and at least the boobs and butts are tasteful! I am truly impressed. Job well done!

  62. Mallory

    There are no words these rooms are beyond perfect! Dude is not going to be a bachelor long with spaces like this! Congrats on the flawless reveal 🙂

  63. Stacey

    Freaking amazing! A space worthy of an expletive or two to express how much I love it! However, I’ll keep it classy:-). It is undeniably masculine, but the pretty is definitely there.. I love your meticulous attention to details and I wouldn’t mind having one of those nude pics in my bedroom. Superbly done Naomi!

  64. Your ORC turned out amazing! I was so surprised to see the sputnik chandelier. I purchased mine from the same place and I LOVE it! I highly recommend that fixture to anyone who wants a fresh MCM vibe. I’m new to your blog and so glad I clicked the ORC link to visit!

    • Naomi

      Thank you Gina, and welcome!

  65. I mean, for real, Naomi, you have outdone yourself on this one, girlie. LOVE.IT.ALL!!!!!

  66. Vel

    OMG! There’s not an angle of detail in this space that isn’t perfect, everyone should be very pleased with this space!!!!! You are a fabulous designer for pulling this all together! I love the collective feel without it looking cluttered, I love that everything is well-thought-of, each piece with it’s own perfect place, as it should. I love all the color too and that black wall with the TV? Genius! LOVE EVERYTHING Naomi! I’m your newest fan!

  67. Katie

    Everyone has said it, but seriously…this is good. Classic, layered, personal, comfortable, classy, and no detail missed. And to pull it off in six weeks?! You have SERIOUS talent and should have no doubt we’ll all be seeing you soon in big places. 🙂

  68. bravoooo naomi! i love this. and so stoked to see jeff’s fine commendation for you! this is terrific. the colors, the scale, i just love

  69. SO flipping incredible, Naomi!! I am in awe of your talent, and ability to create such a one-of-a-kind room that perfectly suits your happy client and his boys!

  70. Kate

    Wow! Both rooms look amazing; I am in love with them! I want my house to look like this!!!

  71. Doreen

    WOW!!! Love everything. You are incredibly talented.

  72. Anna

    INCREDIBLE work! The rooms look so chic and sophisticated. I’m getting ready to make some changes in my own house, and these are perfect inspiration for me. Great job!

  73. Heather

    Love, love, love, love, love. I feel like men without ladies around think they have to go all dark and lumpy. This just goes to show you can have a super stylish space that is fun and works great for a group of guys!

  74. Naomi, it is stunning. Absolutely, flawlessly granny chic. Perfection. Well done, you.

  75. He won’t be a bachelor for long! This is just amazing….what a transformation!

  76. I really think this is your best work yet, Naomi. I love how you considered the kids, too. This is a masculine space, but without a doubt, one that any woman would feel welcome in. You balanced all of it perfectly. I think I need a few more pieces of Jennifer’s blue and white. Has your dad ever considered going into the furniture making business…that table is really marketable. Love all of this.

  77. brigitte

    it’s so beautiful, amazing, my favorite ORC, it looks so personal and collected , i love everything, and i love the mix with vintage and new, you are so talented

  78. Amazing. So perfectly your style but with a more masculine feel. Very well done yet again!

  79. Love every single detail. Amazing!!

  80. Unreal. It’s all so harmonious, yet so eclectic, and so personal. I love it all. I want that coffee table. I want your skills. I love the openness combined with the coziness – how is that even possible? Good on you, girl. Your client is one lucky mo-fo. xoxo (Oh, and I purposefully didn’t sprinkle this entire note with exclamation points so that you wouldn’t feel like I’m shouting at you. But I would be in person. And kind of am in real life. But I felt that a calm approach was better. Kind of like a quiet HOLYFUCKINGSHIT storm.)

    • Naomi

      I heart you. Thanks, Kati! (oops there goes an exclamation.)

  81. Gaby

    So freaking amazing! I looove the mismatched pillows, they look fantastic. And the layered rugs with that coffee table is just too much, such a great combo! Seriously amazing, it’s manly and tasteful 🙂

  82. SamW

    What a great mix! Feels very personal. Great job!

  83. Jeff

    “Men without women live like bears with furniture.” Rita Rudner


    Hi everybody,

    Courtney, these pictures are wonderful as usual. Fantastic work!

    Naomi’s gifts extend to writing so I think those following her blog already have a feel for her sense of design, and humor, and how driven she is, but perhaps I can add a few details to provide a more complete picture for those that haven’t met Naomi and her father Andrew personally.

    The Steins have designed and built spaces for me in the past. If you’re familiar with Naomi’s portfolio you might recognize a few of my pieces of art in another area of her web site. Working with Naomi and Andrew has been a pleasure right from the start; they are unfailingly courteous and forthright while going about the business of building inspired interiors, and the other professionals they recruit share those qualities. I trust them, and their friends too.

    Naomi and I have worked with larger budgets and now this more humble one, but as you can see the result is the same: elegant form, color and texture that’s easy to live in and kid friendly. We’ve gone from the first week description of ‘a bachelor with a chair and some art’ (oh heavens) to this design, and seemingly in no time. Thanks, Naomi. As you already know my boys now feel quite happy and relaxed in their new home.

    One new approach with this project was the intent of using custom furniture from local sources, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have one piece from Andrew and two from George Coldren. They each added something special to the project and of course now those pieces of furniture mean something more to me than furniture purchased from a far away land. They were made right here in Philadelphia, by friends who care about design and enduring quality.

    And the dining room sideboard? Four different pieces were designed in CAD and taped on that wall for review. The first one was approved by me and in production when Naomi cancelled it after finding a detail that she couldn’t accept. It took some work to get to that final design, so those custom pieces are hard won, and keepers. Nice job everyone.

    The final details and accessories complete the place and are such a treat; my youngest has touched every little piece of it, turning things around in his hands and asking if we get to keep it daddy. Life can be sweet like that.

    But oh the plants . . . I fear for them. Someone please send help before the ruination is complete. 🙂

    Naomi, Andrew, George, Deb, Courtney. Thanks so much. I’m delighted, and my two smaller bears are simply overjoyed. We’re so lucky.

    The best of everything to all of you.


    • Naomi

      Awe, Jeff, I’m tearing up!! I’m the lucky one. Can I clone 10 clients like you? Thank you again.

  84. This is hands down my favorite ORC makeover ever. Bravo. [slow clap ensues]

  85. This shit is about to blow up….

    Next level, dude. AMAZING. Inspiring. I’m (almost) speechless.

    Well done!!!

    • Naomi

      Thanks E! So glad to have you with me this time. Off to check out your fabulous space…

  86. Jessica

    I’m impressed, that is pure magic in 6 weeks! It looks so cohesive while looking like this was put together over years – totally a tribute to your interior design magnificance. Bottoms up – hope you are going to celebrate tonight!

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Jessica!! Your place is next 🙂

  87. Rosie

    It’s gorgeous. Fantastic job!

  88. Oh, how I love every.single.detail!!! First, that black wall is the bomb dog diddy and the badass mismatched pillows. 😉 The sputnik. The everything! Love it ALL!

  89. Carol

    Hi Naomi,

    This is spectacular! You are super talented! I’m so glad I found you, and look forward to finishing touches on our first project, and to moving forward on the next. Like George, your dad’s furniture building skills aren’t too shabby 🙂 and Courtney’s photographs capture your work beautifully!

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Carol! I look forward to finishing our projects as well. As you can see, the finishing touches go a long way to making the space feel complete.

  90. Tiffany

    Completely AMAZING transformation Naomi. You consider to astound and inspire me each day. It’s such an interesting, eclectic and layered mix. I feel like this room has something new guests will notice every time they come over. Bravo love.

  91. Alex

    WOW is all I can say. You nailed not only one room, but two. Wow wow wow. I am totally in love with these spaces. You have some crazy good talent lady!

  92. Ashley

    There is a reason this is your profession. Nothing is more genius than the pitch-perfect combination of MCM chairs and traditional art in the living room. Everything looks sensational.

    P.S. Did you mean to reference the movie “Juno” with the line “It started with a chair”?

    • Naomi

      Hahaha… unintentionally. At least I didn’t get pregnant.

  93. Liz


  94. This is so perfect! I can’t tell you how much I love it. Each piece seems better than the next and the art and accessories are so cool.

  95. Cathy

    All I can say is WOW!!! Naomi, you have an amazing style and what fun to have a client that allows you to let that shine. Great pieces to start with but your tremendous vision really helped make these spaces shine. I can totally picture a Dad and his sons enjoying everything about this home. Thanks for sharing your vision.

  96. Nancy

    Very fun rooms and the art is so eclectic and you did such a great job pulling it all together. Love the fireplace wall and the furnishings are fabulous. Great job again Naomi! Im a huge fan of the mid century vibe and you showcased the pieces beautifully!
    xo Nancy

  97. Nicole

    Loved every inch of this lady. So many great pieces of furniture that he’ll have for an eternity and the vignettes are so freaking well done it doesn’t even make sense! Loved it all. And kudos to him for allowing you to granny it up a bit. lol. loves.

  98. Kristen

    It looks so great! Everything is so interesting to look at. Terrific attention to detail. I love all the patterns and layers of texture.
    So much inspiration in this room!

  99. Mind is blown. How did you even pick the lamp and table combo as a favorite, I have been trying to narrow in on my favorite part and I pick everything in both rooms!

  100. You are freaking incredible. Seriously. By far my favorite reveal! xoxo

  101. Oh my gah. You freaking NAILED this! I can’t even believe this transformation. You are such a talent and this is executed to perfection. I have a feeling this is going to be all over pinterest today. It seriously looks amazing girl! xoxox

  102. Phyllis

    So chic – nice work!

    • Beautiful handling of the space(s) not only reflecting the client’s existing “gems”, but with your additional touch of design, color and flair, a lovely environment to call home.

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