One Room Challenge: Bachelor Pad Edition Week 5

Welcome back to the Holy Crap Challenge!!  It’s at this point in the ORC that I start to get all tweaked out about meeting deadlines.  I’ve got custom furniture pieces being built and delivered last minute, pillows delayed from Uzbekistan  and a whole room in my own house full of accessories that need to be unpacked and selected.  I have no idea where anything is going, but I’ve been shopping like crazy and we have some gorgeous pieces to work with.  I’ve been lying awake at night arranging pillows in my head, debating if I have enough trays (are there ever enough trays?,) planning necessary greenery and flowers and freaking out as if Architectural Digest were coming to shoot the place or something.  What can I say, the word, Challenge, drives me to nuttier perfectionist levels.

The goal is to make my client’s space feel warm, vibrant, collected and most of all, finished.  Come hell or high water I’m showing you guys the completed living and dining rooms next Wednesday.

Before I dive any further into week 5, if you are new or need to catch yourself up, I’m decorating my client’s living room and dining room.  Be sure check out the progression below…

Week 1 –(Before Photos, Inspiration)

Week 2 – (Floor Plan, Paint, Rugs)

Week 3 – (Vintage, Casegoods, Lighting)

Week 4(Seating)

Week 5– (Custom Furniture and Accessories peek)

Week 6– (The Finale)

All good?  Excellent.  Let’s discuss Styling.  That magical final element that really transforms a space into a home.  Placing accessories is the last thing I do, but I’ve been collecting items for weeks.  I’ve found some fabulous vintage items that you will have to wait until next week to see.  But here is a taste of some of the accessories we are using…

gentlemans bachelor pad accesories

Besides hoarding accessories like crazy in my guest room, I’ve also been filling in the final furnishings.

It was finally time to tackle the Beast wall in the dining room.

In every decorating project there is a problem area.  That one spot you struggle to get right.  For us, it was the long wall in the dining room.  It’s 15.5 feet of bare wall that’s begging for a long buffet.  We needed a piece that was quite long, like 7 or 8 feet, but most sideboards are only 5 to 6 feet long.  That would be challenge #1.   Plus, there is a depth issue.  Anything more than 15″ deep would start to cramp our style.  Challenge #2- most sideboards are 20+ inches deep.  What to do?

mapping out credenzaMapping out the furniture piece on the wall

We considered all sorts of options from an Ikea hack, to a high-end furnishings, but ultimately decided to build something ourselves.  We teamed up again with George of Coldren Design to create a custom sideboard.  Closed storage wasn’t necessary, so we decided to use the base unit as display/bookshelves instead.    After a half a dozen iterations, George finally came up with the winning design.  We finalized the drawings and got the OK from my client.

bookshelf drawing

There is a lot of WOOD in these two rooms, so I wanted the furniture piece to be another type of material.  We were inspired by the rustic industrial table and decided to build the buffet out of raw steel.  The top is raw steel and for contrast, we inset wood shelves.  The design process dragged on so long that I was worried it wouldn’t get finished in time, but it was delivered late Sunday night and I’m really pleased with it!

custom horizontal bookshelf by coldren design

open steel wood credenza

So that is one part of the beast wall.  You’ll have to wait until week 6 to see how we fill in the rest of the wall.

The last piece finished this week was the coffee table.  The seating area of the living room is pretty small so we decided we needed a petite table- 36×24 to be exact.  With lots of wood and brass in the room, I wanted to mix in a different material.  White Carrara marble did just the trick- organic, bright and classic.   I decided to create something to get just what we wanted, so I put Dad to work building us a coffee table.   The hairpin legs give a nice nod to the Mid-Century look we are cultivating.

marble coffee table with iron hairpin legs by design manifest

I think Dad had a great time building this table.  Hopefully he doesn’t leave DM to set up a furniture shop!

That’s it for me this week.  I DO hope you’ll tune in next week to see both the rooms in all their glory.  I’m teaming up with my best photography gal Courtney Apple, so you guys can count on some pretty pictures at the very least!

Check out my homegirls below to see their week 5 happenings.

Calling it Home

  1. Oh goodness, these rooms have too many amazing things to list. But that coffee table makes me weak in the knees. I’d love to have my hubby make one. Any chance you’ll share the details of the ‘floating’ aspect? The rest seems straight forward, but the float makes the design. 🙂 Now I’ve got to go back through your archives. I’ve got a new fave blog to follow.

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Amanda. I am planning a breakdown of the table, just haven’t organized the pics yet.

  2. Dee

    As usual you are awesome Naomi ! I love the. Coffee table .i have been looking for a Carrara marble piece for my coffee. Table . Any suggestions how to get a small piece ? What sources to scour for ?

    • Naomi

      I checked for remnants at local stone yards in my area.

  3. Brenda

    I really like the custom sideboard. Can’t wait to see the finished rooms.

  4. Leah

    wow! it is really coming together. super impressed with your custom pieces, and I always love your accessories. can’t wait to see the vintage stuff too!

  5. This coffee table is gorgeous!!! If your dad decide to open a furniture shop I will be his first client!

  6. Amazing coffee table!! Is he secretly a furniture designer? Can’t wait to see the final results!! It’s one of my favorite rooms!

  7. Karena

    Naomi I love, love the sideboard! Plus what a pro your Dad is, amazing coffee table!

    Review: “Fifth Avenue Style”

  8. This is amazing Naomi! Your custom furniture is stunning and don’t get me started on that collection of accessories.

  9. I’m so impressed both by the fact that you all can build custom pieces and that they are so gorgeous! That rug under the coffee table is to die for — I’m coveting it so badly.

  10. Phyllis

    I would happily take any of those accessories off your hands should hoarding become a real concern. 😉
    All best,

  11. Naomi….I love a gal that says “let’s just build the sucker!” Coffee table….check. Sideboard…check. Love and Love. That rug is still my favorite thing. The colors are so rich!

  12. I vote for furniture shop opening. The table is bananas!

  13. Everything is really wonderful. I can’t wait to see all the accessories in place. I especially want to know about the mirror. I have been debating the Janice Minor Porcupine Quill Mirror and this reminds me of it a bit.

  14. Gaby

    No no, those two pieces are so perfect! That coffee table is perfection!! I seriously can’t wait to see this space!

  15. I had complete faith that you would blow my socks off yet again and you have. Love the coffee table! Way to go Mr. Stein!!

  16. I’m dying a little over here. Everything is looking so great – and we’re not even styled yet! Can;t wait for next week!!

  17. Nancy

    This room needs to be in a magazine. Love all the custom pieces and your design concepts are stellar Naomi! Love every single thing. Great job .
    xo Nancy

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Nancy! You are going and giving me a big head 🙂

  18. Kat

    Girl…you got it goin’ on. Seriously love the mix of finishes and styles. The custom pieces take it above and beyond. Can.not.wait for this final reveal.

  19. Love all you styling accents. So need a shopping trip!
    It is looking so great! I have loads to do before I rest. Cannot wait to see the final reveals next week!

  20. Jessie

    The custom pieces are so fabulous! I also love all the chic accessories you have picked for this room. So excited to see how both rooms come together, I know they will be stunning!


  21. This is looking amazing. But I knew it would. I seriously want to raid your guest room.

    • Naomi

      I want to raid my guest room too. Departing with the goodies makes me sad, but at least they are going to a great home.

  22. Love how you used painters tape to get a feel for the size. The coffee table your Dad made is beautiful – love those legs, they don’t take up much visual space.

    • Naomi

      Painters tape was so essential! It’s how we realized the original design was way too big. Sometimes elevations are not the same as real life!

  23. This is going to be out. of. control. Can’t wait!!!

  24. I like how your dad can just ‘whip up a coffee table’ that’s chic, timeless, and completely practical. Is your dad for rent? (Nothing against my own dad, but handy he is not.) The accessories tell a story that is distinctly you, and I’m sure also your client. I can’t wait to hear the whole tale, comfortably tucked in to a cozy, welcoming, and handsome space. (My stalking of you will now extend to your clients. Please be sure to alert them/him that I’m perfectly harmless, just like me a bit of good design every now and again.)

    • Naomi

      Online stalking is fully encouraged, Kati! xo

      And dad is for hire, not for rent so much 😉

  25. It already looks great Naomi! I really love both custom pieces, both design and materials. I wish my Dad (or any other friend/family member/stranger) was handy in the slightest. My carpenter just moved to NYC and I’m lost.

    The design is going to me phenomenal and that guy is lucky to have you.

  26. Love that you mapped it out on the wall. Such a smart idea! And those furniture picks are divine!

  27. Maggie Rybak

    Love the coffee table! I have been wanting one similar and looked everywhere to find a fabricator/carpenter to make me one. Great job, and kudos to your dad!

  28. Darci

    The sideboard is perfection! I can’t wait to see these spaces all styled up 🙂

  29. Sandra

    The room is looking awesome. Love EVERYTHING. I’ve been following your blog for over 2 years and have seen how the decorating side of your family design seems to be taking off – dad,s got skills too! 🙂

    • Naomi

      Thanks so much, Sandra! Yes Dad does have mad skills 🙂

  30. Such great ideas for the custom pieces, Naomi! They came out beautifully and couldn’t be more perfect for your collected look!

  31. Elisa

    Gorgeous furniture pieces!! Love that you went custom They really fit the space perfectly.

  32. Kim Macumber

    Such perfect custom pieces … and your Dad has extreme talent, you better keep him hidden!! Looking forward to seeing the whole reveal! xo

  33. René

    I love seeing your process! Those accessories really are the icing on the cake! And the custom pieces really make all the difference.

  34. Cathy

    Beautiful custom pieces for the two rooms, love the materials and style. Can’t wait to see all of the great accessories in place and the finished rooms!

  35. Ashley

    Holy crap. The custom sideboard and coffee table look just perfect for the spaces. I can’t wait to see your final styling captured by Courtney! Should be amazing.

  36. Love the custom made pieces — I see where you get your amazing talent from! This is sooo amazing. Love everything.

  37. Kristen

    Awesome new pieces. What a talented dad to make that table! Looks great and I love the marble top.

  38. Now you have me really freaking out. This is stunning. That coffee table, seriously? It has the perfect combination of all things. Love the open shelving in the dining area. This room needs to be your new profile picture. Love it.

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