One Room Challenge: Bachelor Pad Edition Week 3

It’s the most wonderful time of the week!  One Room Challenge, Baby.  It’s week 3 and we still have a lot to do before the Gentleman’s Bachelor Pad is ready for its big reveal.  So far we’ve gathered inspiration, designed a floor plan, selected rugs and a sofa, but this week is all about filling in essential furniture pieces.

If you need to catch yourself up, you can find previous (and future) weeks here:

The Progression

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Week 2 – (Floor Plan, Paint, Rugs)

Week 3 – (Vintage, Casegoods, Lighting)

Week 4– (Seating)

Week 5– (Custom Furniture and Accessories peek)

Week 6– (The Finale)

After reviewing budget and needs with my client, we decided the best plan of attack was to buy a few investment pieces and find a few great deals.  He was up for mixing new pieces with quality vintage pieces.  So I began searching all over for the perfect vintage elements.

#1 Credenza

First on the list was a credenza for the living room.  I discussed the options I was considering in this post HERE.  We ended up choosing Broyhill’s Brasilia credenza.  I loved the warm tone of the wood, the sculptural doors and chic hardware.  Plus the price was right!

brasilia credenza detail

Quick facts about the Brasilia… The line was created in 1962 and was inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural designs in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia.  You can learn more about the line here.

Here is the piece on the long living room wall.  I found these vintage blue lamps, but still need to get shades.  We also plan to hang a mirror above the credenza.

credenza with lamps

#2 Sofa table

With several pieces needed, I knew I wanted to save money on a sofa table.  So I hit up craigslist and found this simple piece for a great price.  The dimensions were perfect and my client agreed to paint it a more suitable color.

console table 60x16x29

#3  Etagere

As I mentioned in the floor plan, I wanted an etagere to fill the wall to the right of the fireplace.  I couldn’t find one exactly like I wanted, so I had Coldren Design build one for us.  You can see better pics of the etagere and the progress shots in this post.  We tailored the dimensions of the piece so that it perfectly matches the built-in shelves on the left side of the fireplace.

Here is the etagere in place against the black wall.  My client’s art has also been hung.  Both shelves still need to be styled.  And we are missing the sofa, of course.

black wall with etagere and art in place

The bookshelf sticks out into the window space a bit, so it was important that the piece be open on the sides and float in the room.

etagere in space

Lest you think the living room is almost done, we still have some work to do.  Still on the list:  sofa delivery, coffee table, chairs, art, pillows, window treatment and room styling.

The window wall is still pretty lacking, but the little driftwood end table is fabulous!

window wall no chairs no art

Dining Room

#4 Chandelier

I wanted something modern, brass and statmenty for the dining room chandelier.  I found this sputnik inspired piece and was instantly captivated.

brushed brass sputnik chandelier

#5 Dining Table

The dining table was another area I was looking to save money on the project.  It’s so easy to drop big bucks on a table, but since this is a rental, we weren’t even positive if the next home would support the table of the same size.  Luckily I found a great table on craigslist.  It’s a little bit industrial, a little bit rustic.  Just the perfect compliment to our modern chandelier.

consignment shop dining table

#6 Rug

The last dining room selection was a rug.  With a sisal and a tribal rug in the living room, I loved the simple geometric pattern of Surya’s Alameda rug.  We will be using blue as an accent throughout the space and this was the perfect jumping off point.


Here is the room so far- table, rug and chandelier in place.  We still need dining chairs, window treatments and a few other pieces for this room.

dining room rug chandelier and table in place

So that’s week 3.  I hope you like the progress so far!

NEXT WEEK:  More furniture will be delivered.  Think chairs, sofa and possibly some more chairs.  Get excited.

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  1. Kristen

    Looks sooo great! I just love Brasilia pieces! Everything is coming together!

  2. Carrie

    I think I want every single piece that you have chosen for this project for my house. WOW!!! I cannot wait to see the rest of it.

  3. Leah

    you are so talented! I really love everything you have chosen so far. that credenza is a masterpiece!

  4. oh my goodness, i love it! i would move right in. every thing is perfect. and i can’t wait to get details on the chandelier.

  5. Ashley

    This space is gorgeous and masculine — ready for sophisticated mantivities! Can you pretty please share the source of the sputnik-inspired chandelier? I am trying to find a great alternative to the DWR piece!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Ashley! I will pull together all the sources for the final post.

  6. It’s looking fantastic. I love the rug and the chandelier in the dining room especially.

  7. I hope your gentleman isn’t offended that a lady is in love with this entire scheme. I mean, it’s completely masculine, but not exclusively manly, if you know what I mean. I may be your next masculine inspired client, but with a feminine edge… in that, I have feminine bits. Love the whole direction of the space. Can’t wait to see how it comes together.

  8. He sounds like a great client to work with! The room already looks like a rad bachelor pad. The black wall does wonders and that pop of blue with the rug keeps things fun. I’m obsessed — I would totally move in!

  9. amy

    I look forward to your posts every week! It’s so inspiring to see all the work and your great ideas. Keep it coming!

    • Naomi

      Thank you Amy!

  10. Stacey

    I’m drooling over every single piece. Sheer deliciousness! Fab finds! That custom etagere is perfection! You’ve made lots of progress too!

  11. Jessie

    Great progress! I love the things you both picked out especially the rug, the lighting and the credenza. And the custom made etagere is absolutely fantastic as well!

    Excited to see more next week! Can’t wait to see the big reveal!


  12. Naomi….this room is going to be off the charts. Love that credenza….and the rug. You both have amazing taste for real!

  13. Wao loving the progress. I love that etagere and the chandy! and that side table is so good!

  14. Ashley

    Okay, who is this bachelor? Is that artwork his? Because, if so, dude has amazing taste….actually, he definitely has good taste b/c he’s working with you. Love the rug and chandelier in the dining room!

  15. So so impressed with all of this, Naomi. Every single thing you’re doing here is perfectly planned and executed. I know your client must be VERY HAPPY!

  16. Love how this is coming along and totally jealous of your clients awesome art!!

  17. This piece is wonderful! I am going to have to rethink Broyhill! This is really fun following along!~

  18. Wow, love the wood backing of those shelves. Beautiful. Is the painting next to the door a Calder?

    • Naomi

      Yup that’s Calder. He has a great art collection! We just needed to find furniture that did the art justice.

  19. What a well thought out beautiful design! I love the furniture and the colors! I can’t wait to see the final reveal!!

  20. Love your use of high and low end and the great collected look you’re creating! Awesomeness all over that place!

  21. I’ll just echo the accolades . . . this space is amazing already and can’t wait to see it totally turned out. Love how thoughtful all your choices are and how they reflect the bachelor in question. This space also makes me think of a masculine version of your home – which is a huge compliment, by the way!

    • Naomi

      Awe thanks, Kathy! Means a lot 🙂

  22. Bowled over by the awesomeness. I love the attention to detail! I can tell it’s going to be a sock knocker.

  23. René

    You are killing me! This looks great so far. Perfect rug combo and you’ve found so many fun pieces to pull it all together.

  24. Gaby

    Oh wow love every single new piece!

  25. This is so good. You are so brilliant, and your client sounds like a really great guy to work with. Each piece is so well thought out. I can’t wait to see this finished. I bet he won’t be single for long.

    • Naomi

      Linda, I think you just made his day! 😉

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