One Light, Four Ways: Guest Room Lighting Reveal and GIVEAWAY

Reveal Day!

When choosing a light fixture for my guest room, I could claim that I wanted something shapely and interesting.  Something that could stand alone, yet also blend with other styles and pieces of the room.  But honestly I just chose a light that I liked the best.  I actually chose the light first and then chose the room to put it in.  At some point I may move it to the living room or 3rd floor lounge.  That’s the joy of a plug-in fixture.  High style and low commitment.

design manifest guest room aurene tear drop shade over chair

I chose the Aurene Teardrop Art Glass Shade by Rejuvenation.  Not knowing the exact color the gold sheen glass would be, I opted for contrast and paired it with an oil-rubbed bronze socket and black cord.  In the future I might choose a white cord.  Honestly, you don’t see much of the cord though, because I tucked it inside a cord chase that I painted the same color as the wall.  (You can spy it in the corner of the room.)

rejuvanation lighting aurene teardrop shade

Here is your up-close-and-personal detail of the shade.  I love how it plays off the gold theme I have in the room but also has its own little story going on.

design manifest guest room corner light on

When lit, it really cozies up this corner.  You can see here that I hung the light from a hook in the ceiling and plugged it in by my console table.  So convenient.

design manifest guest room pug art

The view from the entry makes me happy now.

I wanted the guest room to feel collected, warm and a little eclectic.

The small frame of the shade allowed me to also hang art without worrying about visual overload.

design manifest pug art teardrop shade

design manifest guest room bamboo mirror teardrop light chair straight on

So that’s what I did with my Baltimore Custom Light fixture.  What would you do?  Here’s your chance…

And now for the GIVEAWAY!!

Rejuvenation is giving away a $100. gift certificate to one lucky reader. You can use it for anything Rejuvenation sells. You could design a custom fixture of your own, or check out their hardware, mirrors or vintage finds!

The rules:

You have 4 chances to enter

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Pin something that you like from the Rejuvenation site. (include the pin in your entry)

Please include a separate comment for each entry and make sure I have your email!

This giveaway will end Sunday, May 12th at midnight (EST). The winner will be announced on Monday, May 13th. The gift certificate will be mailed directly to you from Rejuvenation.

There is also a coupon code for today only! You can get a 15% discount site-wide by using “MONDAY15”!

This is an on-line only discount code.

Please check out what the other talented ladies designed and enter their giveaway too!

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See how the guest room has evolved HERE

And last but not least- to all of you who supported me after Friday’s post, I really can’t thank you enough.  I love my readers.

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