Obsessed (a wall mural)

This month’s Living Etc featured a pastel wall mural depicting Anthony Van Dyck’s Rinaldo Conquered By Love for Armida that took my breath away.  The colors, the agony, the scale…. I love it.
  1. nkp

    I have to agree, it’s pretty fantastic. I love the sense of movement…it’s alive!

  2. anita


  3. that is gorgeous!! i would love a wall like that with simple modern white furniture.

  4. I love it but I wonder how quickly I would tire of it?

  5. Those colors are speaking my language..so pretty.

  6. I love that mural it’s amazing! Exactly what I’ve been looking for for my apartment! I want something fun and artsy that’s not depressing OR super bright. I like neutrals or water colors :)

  7. Oh, I just got that one yesterday! Stunning! And I love all the paint colors they highlighted on the sidebar. Pretty, pretty.

  8. If I didn’t live in a rental and I could paint like that… yes please!

  9. Hi Courtney- I agree I would probably tire of it too. I see it more as inspiration than a literal translation into someones space.

  10. Erin

    Is that a giant magnifying glass hanging in front? If so, that is freaking awesome.

  11. the colors are utterly gorgeous..love the juxtaposition of the mural and modern furniture…thanks for sharing..have a lovely day..do check out my fabulous finds from jaipur when you have a moment..xx meenal

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