no fatties allowed

I really adore this Studio Sofa by Nate Berkus for Home Shopping Network!  The green is the perfect olive hue I’ve been lusting after.  The velvet fabric adds a touch of richness, while the curved front feet make it a sophisticated little beauty.

I really like an armless loveseat paired with a sofa.  It allows you to mix and match pieces without having to worry about how two different arms coordinate.  Typically the sofa is the place you go to really relax and recline against the arms. Loveseats aren’t for sprawling, so I don’t think arms are a must-have.
This piece would be the perfect traditional foil to my other modern furnishings (sofa with mid-century flair, Eames lounge chair.)  I mentioned before that I didn’t want my space to be too modern or boxy.  I’d like a mix of modern, with softer, timeless pieces.  Plus lets not forget a touch of boho, and a shimmer of metal.

At 46″ long, it’s quite petite, but would actually fit perfectly in my large front window well.  Just enough space for two butts.
And, at $499, the price is quite reasonable.
So why aren’t I picking up the phone to order right now?  The weight limit is 250 pounds.
Meaning, in theory, two girls weighing 130, would be too fat to sit on this studio “sofa.”
My boyfriend and I (slim people) would surely cause it to fall apart.
Does this seem a little bit ridiculous to you?
I know Nate was trying to make an affordable piece, but why make a sofa large enough for two, if it cannot sustain the weight of two adults?  And while usually only one person would sit there at a time, I would like to have flexibility for when we have parties.  And what about some of J’s friends who are over the 250 limit on their own?  Would I have to ask them NOT to sit there because, ahem, they might break it?
And WHY does the video show Nate and a grown woman together on the sofa??  Damn you Nate!  Damn you for teasing me with your sexy little sofa and then Not delivering the necessary goods.
Don’t you just hate pretty things that aren’t practical?
  1. team- i have the setee and i love it. i have had it for 2 years and 250+ weight has sat on it and its been totally fine. i will say though – i am 5’6″ and 130lbs. And i thikn its a tight fit for more than one person on the setee. that said, maybe i like to sprawl out a little more when i sit. but i think its more comfy for one person. it sits at the end of my bed – i highly recommend!

  2. Say what?! That is crazytown!

    Seems like C&B has a similar sofa, though. Or you could always do two chairs…

    You know I like da sofa talk. Keep it up!

  3. nkp

    That is so strange. I too have never heard of a sofa with a weight limit. I say pass, sounds like trouble in the making.
    And it is a cute shapely piece. I have two upholstered chairs that are the exact same design. Boo on Nate.

    Urban Outfitters had a very similar settee about a year ago.

  4. Oh no! That’s CRAZY! I just found out I weigh about 150 pounds (and I can honestly say that it’s a good deal of muscle with a slight overlay of flab, lol!), there is no way my hubby and I would fit on this thing, add a cat or two and it would be in splinters! What a shame, as it really is gorgeous, I love everything about it!

  5. Leah

    Ya that totally stinks! Why don’t people think things out better?!!! : )

  6. Jessica

    seriously? and he’s selling it as an adult furnishing? it should be labelled “just for kids”, or “just to look at”. I know Nate’s on the petite side, but he’s friends with Oprah for goodness sake! What’s the point in designing a couch you couldn’t sit on and have a nice long chat with Oprah?

  7. Oh, I hate it!! I always choose practicality over design, which I’m both happy and sad to admit. Happy: all my things are durable and purposeful. Sad: sometimes my things are a little bland!

    Also, what’s the source on that sleek gray sofa in your photo montage? Gorgeous!

  8. Wild! I’ve never heard of a weight limit for an upholstered piece.

    The very fact that one is stated for this settee would make me very leery of purchasing it.

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