neutral rooms + moroccan tables

I find that I’m drawn to many rooms with Moroccan tables.  They are the perfect size for a little end table or make a pretty coffee table cluster.  Whether is a hexagonal wood variety (with pretty inlay, please!) or a brass tea table, I love the flair they add to a room.

While they look great in a typical bohemian pad- layered with beni ourain rugs, kilim rug pillows, pierced metal lanterns and ethnic textiles- I  prefer them in a more neutral room.  They create an attainable, eclectic feel.  I’d sure love to stumble upon one… or three!

Canadian House & Home via All things bright and beautiful

I think if I had one of these I’d end up moving it all around my apartment so that I could enjoy it in many ways.  That, and I’m crazy.  Where would you put a Moroccan table?
  1. Looks so charming and beautiful. My gosh every photos are so beautiful.
    The color and texture of the picture pleases me to no end.

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  2. My living room could definitely use a boho touch! Maybe I’ll invest in a brass version. Have a fab weekend!

  3. E- you are correct, I do. But now I “need” an end table. Besides I lent the coffee table to my sister, so I’m trying not to steal it back to soon.

  4. Erin

    I love them in neutral rooms. In super ethnic rooms — not so much.

    ps: don’t you already have an awesome giant brass tray table?

  5. I feel like the last person at this party…I must acquire one immediately…..cause they look pretty dang cool…

  6. Meghan

    I just posted on Moroccan tables too!! I love that they’re so versatile and can fit in with so many types of decor 🙂

  7. anita

    oooh , naomi, i love all these photos.
    keep checking your craigslist — one is bound to turn up!!

  8. Someone just beat me to a gorgeous brass one at an estate sale the other day!! Now it’s like I’ve got salt in the wound seeing all these beautiful rooms!

  9. Thank you for visiting my bloggie and your sweet comment on my wedding. SO happy you stopped by, bc I am loving your as well. I love Moroccan tables, such life they add.

    xoxo – tamra

  10. I love the detail of them…you are so right on, definitely prefer them in a more neutral room…then they can really *shine*…and how cute are you to give me credit for that pic??? Even though I totally didn’t find the source for it…*blush*

  11. Agreed, I would use one as an accent. Instantly adds an eclectic flair to even the most mundane space!

    I’m going to recommend this to my mom who’s redoing their family room. It’s looking too Room & Board right now and I’m trying to get her to spice it up. I think I got her to go for Quadrille’s Melinda for accent chairs, plus suzani pillows!

  12. Ooh, I would totally move it around too. I mean, how could you not. It adds just enough visual interest to any space, really. So fun.

  13. What great pictures you shared! I have always been a fan of the Scout Designs photo. I love those ikat long pillows on the couch. I have always been a fan of neutral rooms.

  14. Nelya and Bri- Share the love!! Why is my CL always so sad. Any search tips? Other than moroccan or hexagonal.

  15. Eileen

    I had a piece of limestone cut to top an extra large tray table base and I use it as a coffee table. I’d like a taller side table to go beside my sofa, but so far I haven’t come across one that’s both the right shape and the right price.

  16. nkp

    I have two that I inherited from my grandmother. One is in the keeping room with a stack of magazines atop it (of course) and the other hasn’t found a spot yet. I also have no less then six bookmarked on craigslist right now. I would seriously buy them all, but then I would be homeless as my husband would surely have had enough of my decorating antics. ;0)

  17. I have two in my downstairs living room and one in the destroyers room as his night stand. I run into quite a bit of them at antique stores.

  18. What a great look, I love the flexibility of these tables.

    -Chic Done Cheap

  19. I have two as bedside tables in the master and one on the patio between two wicker chairs. The latter I bought in college in the early 90s, and it’s still awesome twenty years on.

    Sidenote: I feel old now.

  20. Oooo I love Moroccan tables! That light in the last picture has me swooning!

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