With travel plans falling through last minute, I found myself home this weekend with no plans on the books and a huge feeling of relief.  Life has been so hectic recently so I luxuriated in some quiet time.  I puttered, I ran errands, I vacuumed and I began to decorate.  Inspiration was flowing and I was roaming the house “tweaking” and moving things around.  I’m weirdly ADD when I decorate.  I tend to get inspiration in bursts and follow it wherever it leads me.  I’ll be working in the living room, run upstairs to grab a pillow, end up getting distracted and start messing with my bedroom, only to grab a water downstairs and be lured again to my living room arranging.  It’s a miracle I get anything done.

But I did!  Furniture got moved all around.  Art arrangements were hung.  Art walls are a challenge . For me it is always a big experiment in balance.  Still tweaking, but I’m glad I’ve at least made a few holes.

Also, Pillows were styled.  I had myself a grand experiment, grabbing every pillow in the house and piling them on the living room rug.  I mixed and matched and cocked my head and analyzed how each arrangement brought a different personality to the room.  Pretty much every pillow I own looks good in my living room.  I guess that’s the joy of a neutral backdrop.   While each of the rooms in my house are distinct, I am able to intermix pillows between them to switch up the look of the space.  I felt the urge to mix it up and now my bedroom, guest room and living room have their summer makeovers.  Shopping in ones own home can be quite fun.

I’m still tweaking the final arrangement, but in the meanwhile, here are a few pairings that I thought were cute.


mint and coral pillows on a neutral sofa with black accents- design manifest

{Pillow Party: Flamestich = custom vintage, Mint = Caitlin Wilson, Coral fretwork = Caitlin Wilson, Black Chinoiserie = custom Jim Thompson}

If you are using 4 pillows on your sofa, match the two large ones and mix up the smaller ones in the front.  I did two different black pillows in different shape configurations.

neutral living room mint and black accents- design manifest

{Black and Mint:  Silk Chevron was found at Material Culture, Curtains are Ikea with custom black trim application}

When mixing three pillows, try a large square, medium square and medium lumbar (I like 24×24, 18×18 and 12×24.)

mint black greek key chinoiserie flamestitch pillows- design manifest

You don’t have to match any pillows, just mix in texture and pick patterns of a similar color.  The pillows below all have that warm carmel color, unifying them and keeping the sofa from looking too busy.

neutral living room suzani red accents black trim curtains- design manifest

{The mostly-neutral mix: Shag Pillow = Urban Outfitters, both tan suzanis = Jayson Home, colorful embroider pillow = Urban Outfitters}

The last one is how I’ve had it for the past several weeks.

Now it’s all different.  Different pillows, sconces hung, art adjusted, furniture moved…

I’m telling you, I got a lot done this weekend.  Yet I feel calm and restored.

I think decorating is meditative for me.

How was your weekend?

  1. Jamie

    What did you use for the black trim application on the curtains? I love them and want to do it! Or do you have a post dedicated to them?

    • Naomi

      just black grosgrain ribbon from M&J

  2. That’s actually really sound (and appreciated) pillow-styling advice! I never seem to get it quite “right.”

  3. cait

    Looks fabulous! Loving the look and feel of your home…can’t wait to see more!

  4. Aubrey

    I’m the worst when it comes to wandering around and getting things done…except for I don’t think my wandering ends up quite as productive as yours! (c; I just love pillow decisions…seriously, I have become a pillow hoarder! I wish my collection was as fabulous as yours, lady!

  5. I am just like you – getting distracted and tweaking what’s right in front of me. Your tweaks yield beautiful results!!

  6. Elisa

    That white and gold pillow in the last pic is gorge! I think it’s my favorite configuration too 🙂

  7. If every pillow looks good in every room, you did something right.

    I think I read that somewhere…

    Anyhow, I also love the last configuration although all are fab.

  8. I totally did the same thing on Friday. I was trying to photograph a series for my blog, and ended up with every pillow in a pile. So fun! Fun to see your process combos, too.

  9. Rosie

    I like the last arrangement best. So earthy and sophisticated.

    I spent the weekend buying baskets. Then returning them to buy different baskets. My husband was delighted.

  10. Those are my favorite kinds of weekends! You have so many gorgeous pillows. They all work so well together.. proof that you stay true to you style when you shop! I’ve been planning to order those drapes for my dining room. Do you get them with the blackout or without? Just wondering what the difference is.

    • Naomi

      No black out- just white cotton. I never close them either…I just like the softness they add.

  11. that is probably you are so good at decorating…because it calms you! Beautiful pillow configurations!

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