My short window solution

Hey guys!

First of all, a belated THANK YOU(!!!),  for all the praise and support for my Lounge Makeover.   You guys give this girl a big head.  Luckily the rest of my house looks like crap, so I stay humble.  The One Room Challenge is such an awesome experience and I’m just so honored to participate.  Did you see all of the finished rooms?  Nutso beautiful makeovers.

Oh my gosh it’s been so crazy around these parts.  At DM we are in the midst of two major renovations.  I’m keeping Dad and the guys VERY busy.  If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed our current projects, #malvernreno and #villanovakitchen.   Malvern Reno is a master suite that includes a master bathroom, dressing room and bedroom.  We are doing really special elements like floating mirrors, plaster fireplaces, gorgeous water jet marble,  envy-inducing lighting fixtures, wallpaper, a steel canopy bed.  I could go on and on… it’s awesome.  Villanova kitchen is going to be stunning.  We installed custom cabinets in a selective mix of charcoal and light gray.  There will also be tumbled mosaic marble, quartzite counters, reclaimed wood tables and gorgeous light fixtures.  In kitchen and baths it’s the lighting fixtures that takes a space from “pretty.” to “INCREDIBLE!!”  Can I get an amen?

Speaking of my instagram (designmanifest,) in the past few weeks Philadelphia Magazine AND Philadelphia Style have dubbed Design Manifest as a top Philadelphia Instagram to Follow!!!  Thanks for the brotherly love o city of mine.  Local love truly tastes the sweetest.  I’m flabbergasted and honored and just hope you guys continue to enjoy my work and photo adventures.  Spoiler alert: there are occasionally bad pug selfies.

Annnywho, I’m blogging today because I wanted to share a favorite little design solution I used in my Lounge.  The problem:  Awkward short windows.   Paired with the sloping ceilings this whole space felt dwarfed.

lounge short windows

I needed to add HEIGHT so I hung my woven wood shades 9″ higher than my window frames.  The valance visually extends my windows and make the space feel taller and larger.

Design Manifest Lounge Meditation nook with fake out shade

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

I suggest you try it at home.


That’s all for me!  I’ll try to blog again soon.

What do you guys want to hear about?  Projects, our design process, how-tos, my place?


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am in love. White walls are so underrated. Digging all of it! You are so talented!

  2. Kelli

    ohmygosh i didn’t even notice you had done that.. what a great trick! I love hearing about your house 🙂

  3. Marcy

    Do you have a transparent shade underneath the wood shade?

    • Naomi

      No I do not.

  4. Raj

    The shades do make a huge difference on this window!! Would you say 9 inches higher than the window is as high as you would go? Also, where did you get these woven wood shades? They are such a beautiful, dark color of wood.

  5. Vel

    Makes perfect sense! Now I understand why your blinds went over the window sides. 🙂

  6. Kelli

    Anything you are working on is total eye candy for me! I love seeing what you do in your own space and in other people’s homes. I love seeing the progression of it all, but the reveals are to die for! I live vicariously through your designs because my husband is not down with vintage or bohemian decor.

  7. Sabrina

    Projects, design process, your place! How to’s are so common I’d rather get something more unique. Plus, I’m really never going to do most things I want to do.

  8. Mary

    Yes, Yes, Yes, & Yes! I need to hear about it all.

  9. You could blog about paper bags and I would be enthralled, but I love to see house updates and any crazy bathroom and kitchen progress that is happening. I like to get down and dirty 😉

  10. MAC

    Love your blog, I stumbled across it via a link within a link within a link looking for overdyed rug inspiration and fell for your modern boho style!:)

    For future posts I like topics like, pulling together a look without it being “theme-y”, what is worth splurging on vs. saving on, bathroom/kitchen ideas (love your Instagram, btw!), filling blank wall space with something fun (i.e., the tall and narrow wall I look at going down the stairs).

    The dog pictures are fun too – as a fellow dog owner if you ever come across any cute dog bed ideas that are not $100s of dollars please share!

  11. Freddie

    Hi! Please blog about your place as you renovate each room. I also think blogging about some y’all’s projects would be fun, Instagram just isn’t enough.

    • Naomi

      Ok! Thanks for the input.

  12. Kelly

    How to, for sure! How to create your colorful look without nudging it into neon territory; how to source items, shopping hi/low to stay on budget, great products you stumble across to work into a mix – tiles, fabric. How to layer stuff without it being cluttered; how to keep it serene without it being stark….plus anything else that occurs to you. Love your loft. Am now on search for the perfect mudcloth pillows, which never would have occurred to me before. Thank you for all the inspiration and know how.

    • Naomi

      All of my secrets!! 😉
      Will try to put a few ideas together.

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