My relationship with my Ikea Nightstand

See me and my nightstand?  Don’t we look happy together?

Well, it wasn’t always that way.  Like all relationships, it took work.

After a brief online flirtation I had high hopes.  Only 30 dollars!  Good proportions!  Customizable!

But when he arrived, the first impression was disappointing.

 What the EFF is this!  You call yourself a nightstand?  This is bullshit.

He seemed so complicated.  And we didn’t even speak the same language.

no written instructions?  Are you kidding me?
Soon I learned that he wasn’t as confusing as I initially thought.  But he was kind of plain.

unfinished wood?  May as well be wearing socks with sandals.

And the more I looked, I noticed he had a few flaws.

Nobody told me about visible screws!

Well, maybe the flaws weren’t so bad.  Maybe I could work with this.

(It’s called Wood Fill, and I forgot to photograph that stage.)
After a little (stain & lacquer) makeover, I was surprised how much more handsome he looked.

well looky who’s bringing sexy back
And I was quite impressed with his flexibility.

Whatever finish I want??

White lacquered drawers mixed with the wood frame, Please.

So. Very. Shiny.
Then when we accessorized with some bling, I had to catch my breath. 

I was… smitten.

My relationship with Nighstand is still quite young.

But you know what?

I think he’s a keeper.

The best part?  The are TWO!
*** this makeover was ENTIRELY inspired by Aubrey and Lindsay‘s makeover of the Ikea Rast.dresser.  For detailed information and instructions, please check out their blog(Though I did not use the same stains, paints or pulls)  ***

Since so many people have asked, here are the products I used:
 2 Ikea Rast Dressers- $60
1 Qt Minwax Early American stain, 2 coats- $7.50
1 Qt Martha Stewart for Home Depot “Glass of Milk” in eggshell- $10
1 Qt Minwax Polycrylic lacquer- $10?  (or you could skip this step and just get high gloss paint, might not be as glossy though)
6 Siro Cabinet Hardware Nuevo Classico Antique Silver Ring Pull ( SIR-04810 )- $25

Total cost for two night stands: = $112.50

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  4. Looks sooooo great! Funny, I somehow missed this post (am so behind with google reader) but I was writing my post about different ideas what to do with the RAST and googled “aubrey rast nightstand” to get the picture and came to this post! I was like, this must have been an old project…since I hadn’t read this, but this was so recent, wow. I promise I didn’t copy you, but I will definitely link to this great post 🙂

  5. WOW. I mean, WOW.

    Although I’m not sure which is sexier: your excellent hack, or you kissing la nightstand.

  6. Holy Smokes, this looks crazy good. When I saw the first image, I was like, IKEA sells really high-end looking items? Great job!

  7. J- I got them wholesale, but you can also find them here:

  8. J

    Where did you get the knobs?

  9. Thanks guys!

    Ashley- I used Minwax polycrylic lacquer. It’s water based so it has no color. (I didn’t want my white drawers yellowing.)

    Just stain or paint. Let it dry. Lacquer once. Sand a little. Lacquer again. I did it three times. Quite easy!

  10. Sarah

    Great job! I loooked at these the other day at Ikea as I wondered if it was something I think I could do after seeing on Aubrey + Lindsay but you have inspired to just do it 🙂

  11. HILARIOUS! I was super impressed with Aubrey and Lindsay’s IKEA hack and you pulled it off, too!! Looks amazing!

  12. Julie

    These look fabulous! I’m going to look into them.

  13. nkp

    I’ve had their IKEA tutorial saved forever, but haven’t had the motivation to pull it off. You did a fine, fine job. Your lovah looks fabulous! Oh, wait, I forgot…it’s a threesome. ;0)

  14. Bridget

    that is SOOOOOOOO impressive.

    and i love the picture of all the parts. it is bullshit!!!

  15. Well, Got Damn, Girlfriend!

    That’s the best IKEA hack I’ve ever seen.


    I’d hump that sexy beast, too.

  16. Ashley

    I adore these nighstands–I’ve loved them since Aubrey and Lindsay’s made their circuit around the blog world. Quick question: what exactly is involved with lacquering?

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