My Office Nook

Minimalists, avert your eyes!  Today I’m talking about my office nook.  It’s sort of the colorful thesis statement to my boldly embellished-but-edited design essay.  But before we dive right in, let me rewind to yesterday.  Hot diggity dog!  I’m blown away by the positive response to my home.  There were literally times last night when I had to get up out of my chair and do a little jig over a particularly kind comment.  It been such a high and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who are leaving nice notes, spreading the word, re-posting, tweeting, facebooking, or just quietly checking me out on your own.  As I’ve been known to say, you rock like Keds and tube socks.

Ok now that we are done making out, let’s talk about this desk area.  So the obvious stuff- the wall is blue (Olympic Brilliant Blue) and the desk is hot pink (Glidden Very Bery.)  I knew my white and wood Rasts would be the perfect foil to all that color, but the original version were feeling a little flat to me.  Danika came to the rescue, providing me with her Harper O’verlays.  (Custom-sized to fit the Rast.)  Easy peasy: spray glue, spray paint, instant oomph for my drawer fronts.  I heart them.

(crooked lampshade, I want to punch you in the face.)

The foo dog lamps are from Barbara Cosgrove.  I just seem to need a little bit of Asian in each of my areas. You can quote me on that.

I gave my JC Penney stools a fancy new upholstery job using the Basset McNab floral I showed back here.  (Notice the chevron from my dining chairs is in that post too?  I totally was giving you guys hints.  Sike, I actually had no clue what I was doing with it back then.)  

Mixing red bamboo stools with a pink and blue wall… am I crazy?  What can I say, I love a good clash.

Onto the ahhhrt.  The centerpiece is a vintage Indian poster that’s 3D- made with real fabric and beads.  Me Likey.  I bought it from the Loaded Trunk and you can see a better pic of it here.  Flanking in on the left side we have the ostriches by John Murphy and naked butt guy, picked up a thrift store.  Rounding out the right side is what I presume to be a Picasso print, also a thrift store purchase, and my astrological bulls, snagged on 20×200.

The shelf is woody and rustic.  I got the idea from Nelya and actually bought it on Ebay!.  The print on the shelf is by Joan Miro and was picked up at an awesome mid-century warehouse in Fishtown. 
And that about sums up my office nook.  I don’t really use it as an office as evidenced by the fact that I don’t have a proper desk chair.  It’s where I store my record player, tools & supplies and laptop when it’s charging.

I recognize there is a WHOLE LOT going on here.  Believe it or not, I actually took a few items away during the design process (thanks, Coco Chanel) and I’m still mad I didn’t style the desk for the shoot.  I love that its super saturated but isn’t just about the color.  Layered eclectic beauty.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Goodness that was long!  Hope that wasn’t totally boring and you enjoyed the details and sources.  I have a crazy day today and tomorrow, so I’m gonna play hooky until Thursday.  Tune in next time- I’ll be diving into the living room.  SO many bonus shots there!



If  you missed my Design Sponge Sneak Peak, you can check it out HERE.

Interior Design by Design Manifest
Photography by Courtney Apple

  1. Naomi you are a true artist! I like the arrangement and all! I will most likely apply this in my new condo unit newest at west coast singapore condo!

  2. I am absolutely amazed by your work Naomi! I can say that it is all state of the art and one of a kind. I am also eager to redesign my CBD Office Rental in Singapore so that it can attract more tenants and business. Hope that you can still post more about office design and stuff.

  3. I love this grouping of art. Your bold use of colour is inspiring! (Although I’m pretty sure your thrift store print is a Miro, not a Picasso. Check the signature bottom right.) 😉

  4. hi there. i just had to say hi and comment. i popped over from your adore home feature, because i was so in love with your bright classic/whimsy/chic apartment. my goodness, gorgeous. i’ve been poking around your blog for the past hour, and absolutely loving reading about your DIY and other neat finds. thanks for sharing. you have amazing/unique style/taste.

  5. Blake

    The details may have been few, but it looks quite enough to add that fresh breath of air to that sometimes stifling office. You got me into thinking of trying that myself, to change the view every once in a while. That would certainly help me – and other people who would try it – cope with the workflow.

    Blake Mitchell

  6. Erin

    i took need a bit of asian in all my nooks and crannies. and i love random and clashiness. it makes your home YOU. love it.

  7. Roxy Te

    hey naomi! thank you so much for the sweet note on hb!!!! i cannot tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your house tour on ds!!! Seriously, sister. You killed it!!! Now come decorate my new but ridiculously barren nyc apartment 😉 seriously, i have a bed, a sofa and a bar cart. bring that eclectic snazz on over– i’ll serve the cocktails!

  8. Kahli

    Wow this office nooks is insanely gorgeous! I love the bold colors. That electric blue is to die for!

  9. Pow!!! Love it. I think it is very difficult to pull off bright saturated colors if you don’t know what you’re doing. Obviously, you don’t have that problem – it is a show stopper. Love the rasts with overlays too! M.

  10. Holy Christmas… my friend…are a wiz at this decorating gig!!! I am so behind on my blog reading so I feel I will be here a while to catch up on all of this crazy good stuff!!!!

  11. MFAMB

    i scrolled through the DS post and i stood up and clapped. then a few tears.

    good job naomi.

  12. Beautiful! Love the vivid colors, and great character 🙂
    So happy I found your blog! I’ll be following.


  13. Naomi, I am speechless – in the very best way. Your place is just stunning – I love every part of every piece – and how you put it all together and made the magic happen! So happy for you, girl!

  14. I think it’s perfect! I love the mix of the contemporary hues and how you toned it down with more antique-y rustic-y items. The amount of detail and layering makes the space really rich, yet of course you got so many great deals!
    And this is totally the calling the kettle black, but honestly if you didn’t point out the things that bug you, no one would notice! I’m telling you, it’s all so so good.

  15. Your apartment is amazing. I LOVE the colors, especially the blue office nook and the wallpaper in the living room. The whole apartment is just gorgeous.

  16. I love your art collection. Congrats on the Design Sponge feature homie. You deserve it!

    Timmy hugs and stuff.


  17. Holy osmosis! I just checked out your feature on design sponge- just wanted to say “great”. I feel very happy that you shared your kitchen. I have the same cabinets, and similar granite, and travertine floors… my hubby picked them out before we were married and he thinks he’s a fabulous designer… nuff said. The idea of a vintage tribal rug and good art def helps!! Thanks- I pinned it onto my “uglies project” board on pinterest 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration. You’re a dish!

  18. Viviana

    Goooorgeous! The bold color combination made me fall in love instantly. This is one pretty room!

  19. Could not love this more, as already evidenced by my flazillion comments, tweets and blog post today. I’m not a stalker, I just play one on the interwebs.

    Totally DYING over your desire to punch your lampshade. I just got some Christmas pic proofs back and one of my curtain panels is flipped inside out on the end. Eyes bleeding with rage.

  20. I completely hate being the last in on something awesome…how did I miss the big reveal?!? It’s absolutely *insanely* wonderfully awesome. It was definitely worth the wait and I’m pretty obsessed with Nina’s gorgeous wallpaper, too. You are just amazing, I am completely in awe of the natural panache and style that you have for decorating. Give yourself a high five and a big present, you deserve it, girl!

  21. Congratulations, Naomi, on your feature on DesignSponge – and very well deserved !! You are truly the BOMB :-)) It all looks fab-u-lous!! Love the colour clashes, like being slapped in the face by a cheerful pixie hahaha.
    And Bailey is just the extra bit of fabulousness t

  22. Awesome nook Naomi. I just loved your Sneak Peek. Wanted to let you know you have a new reader. 🙂

  23. You’ve got mad style! Love the eclecticism and fearless use of color.

  24. Erin

    Rock on, superstar!

    Love naked butt guy. What does that say about me?

  25. I am totally and completely obsessed. Can you do this little “walk through” for every area?? Pleasssseeeee

  26. I’m seriously still not breathing over the fabulous-ness that is your home. This is one of my favorite spaces, so much color and the perfect balance! You are one talented lady!

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