my neighborhood is my therapy

I had a lonnnngggg weekend. The kind that makes you need a weekend from your weekend.

It wasn’t all bad. Some key highlights (in chronological order) were: canoodling in the pool with my beau, sharing a mixed fruit hookah pipe at a new local restaurant, mojitos on a rooftop in Brooklyn, skeeball, a homemade fireworks display that involved spinning sparklers and GI Joe trucks, someone telling me I could be a hair model, dancing away to disco tunes, beach time in Sea Side Park, and Jill’s amazing ribs.

Unfortunately all of that was overshadowed by an unfortunate incident late Saturday evening. I don’t want to elaborate, lets just say I was “that girl” at the party.


The weekend left me feeling exhausted and uninspired and completely incapable of working a Full Monday. I decided to treat myself to a half day and spend the afternoon catching up on laundry and wandering around my neighborhood.
Nothing clears my head better than wandering around the 10 block radius around my pad. I can see it all- teenage goths on South St, street musicians drumming away on Broad, Antiques on Pine, Drag Queens judging my outfits outside Woody’s, not to mention great window shopping, people watching, and house stalking (I have a few favorites.)
This particular trip required a trip into Capogiro for some extra therapy- ie blueberry and thai coconut milk gelato. I also poked into Luxe Home, West Elm and Open House to see their displays. Open House is adorable, by the way- cute modern furniture, housewares, gifts and more!
All in all, my walk was a success: I feel much better today. Off to conquer the world and hopefully NOT embarrass myself this coming weekend. A girl can dream…

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