my ever-evolving living room… ie the money pit

Mom came over tonight for a date in the city. This glorious event necessitated a thorough cleaning of the apartment. (Or at least a sweep of Bailey hair and hiding of the crap.) Nothing like a good clean to force you to re-evaluate your space. Per usual, I am not satisfied. Per usual I would like to get rid of half my stuff and start over again. But I know this is ridiculous. I need to stop spending money on my room. This room has been like a revolving door for furniture. A sofa came to visit, went to the bedroom then was resold. Rugs and coffee tables have come and gone. Art is transient. Plants even get switched around. I get a little sick to my stomach when I think of all the money that I’ve probably spent adorning my home.
So I decided to take part in Nester‘s Price My Space Party to see how much my (current) living room actually has cost me.
Tell You the truth, it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. I am nowhere as thrifty and nifty as Nester, but I’m hoping to get better at finding treasure amongst trash. From here on out I make a new vow for this apartment; I will only buy used/thrift shop items. Or maybe pieces that are environmentally friendly as well. Or a really really good deal. Hehehe. So here goes…
Sofa and Chaise: Purchased 5 or 6 years ago at local philadelphia furniture store for $899.
Jute Rug is from Pier One- $99.

Coffee Table. $28 Ebay find.

Buffet was a thrift store find. I think it was $300.
That slate piece to the right of the buffet is actually the top of my old coffee table. I took it apart and didn’t know what to do with it!
The frames were from Target- $20 in total. Baskets store dog toys and blankets. They were free as I stole them from my parents.
Art on the walls is free wallpaper samples.
I picked these pillows out for my friend’s restaurant. When the restaurant closed I was sad. But then he gave me the pillows, so I was happy!
Curtains: Solid red ones were from Target for $20. Patterned ones are from Urban Outfitters- $16 on sale! My chair is a spare dining chair. It lives here most of the time.
End table is Ardesia Slate from Pier One. Maybe it was $50? I forget… its old.
Plant= stolen from my Mom= Free.

Target Hudson Bookshelf from 3 seasons ago was $199
I think all the accessories were gifts from my Mom. Thanks Mom!

The best accessory of all… Bailey = Priceless.

What do you think? Under $1,700. Not too bad, I guess.

  1. Bailey? We have a black pug as well, he is something else!! Bailey looks absolutely adorable, that face!
    Okay…move on from the dog. The buffet is great and what a find, as is the coffee table.
    Enjoy your space! Janell

  2. Free wallpaper samples??? You are brilliant!

    That first picture is GREAT, with the reflection. Love it. Your whole room comes together so beautifully.

    I know what you mean. When I redecorate now my husband just smiles and says, “and how long will it stay like this?”

    Love that bird pillow, too!!

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