My Bookshelves and Entry Area

Eff I still feel like hell in a handbasket.  Perusing the internet for new and mindblowing spaces hasn’t exactly been on the top of the to-do list, so today I’m taking the easy way out and finishing up my own house tour.  I’ve shown you the living area, the office nook, the dining area and the bar cart, so all that’s left is the entry.

This is my drop zone, just to the left of the entrance.  Essentials for a drop zone: mirror, place for keys and a few pretties.  I gave the 411 on an easy way to trace the mirror frame here.  The little table was scooped up at the Germantown Estate Warehouse.  I love the little scalloped arches… it kinda feels a little Moroccan, right?

I used to have the Eames chair in the living room, but it was always so hard to work around it- both size-wise and design-wise.  It’s much better off making its own statement over here and it’s a nice spot to read.  No one puts Baby in the corner, but I put Eames in the corner and gosh darn it, I like it.  Also love how the cowhide loosely defines this area.  A rectangular rug would have been all wrong here, but this organic carmely goodness just makes me happy.  

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that I put two plate mirrors behind the bookcase to give it a reflective-glam twist.  You can see the first iteration of the bookshelf here and learn more about the art there.  And no, I did not glue the mirrors to the wall or the shelf, they are just chillin back there.  (I get asked that all the time.)

A widdle-bit closer.  I just love how you can see my wallpaper reflected from across the room next to the horse’s butt.  

More details…

My birdcage makeover ended up getting edited out of my clients bookshelves, so I plopped it in mine and stuck an airplant inside

This outtake cracks me up because of the two “errors”- you can see Courtney in the mirror (this shelf was hard to shoot!) and you can also tell that the mirror stops before the end of the bookcase.  Oh well, it’s not perfect and that’s fine with me.  I still love my horsey.

To the right of the door is my entry bench.  It’s the spot where I pull on my boots, drop my purse and store Bailey’s toys and coats.  It’s handy having the bench so close to the living area because it acts as bonus seating on the fly.

I love the art.  It’s moved all over the apartment and looks great with everything.  You can see two other vignettes with it here.

Just had to get a little closer because I so love my La Fiorentina bench and ikat fabrics.  These pillows were the very last thing I sewed to finish up the place.   
And let me just finish up with the whole entry area, as seen from the living room.  Did you notice I don’t have any coat hooks?  Coat hooks just didn’t fit my style.  Truthfully, most people drop their coats on the bench, or I hang them up in my closet.

Thanks for hanging out with me, but I have to hit the fabric store now, so it’s time to kick you out.  

Later, Lovers.

  1. Thanks for sharing this post Naomi! I really love taking a look on these pictures! I do hope that I can also do the same thing with my condo unit.

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  3. Hi Cyn,

    Last I checked it was at 48 West Queen Lane in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. I haven’t been in many months, though.

  4. Cyn

    Hi!Happy Weekend.

    Love your loft, do you mind sharing where the Germantown Estate Warehouse is?

    Many thanks

  5. Your drop zone and entry bench are two of the most perfect vignettes I’ve ever seen. i can’t get over it!!!

  6. Fatou

    I can never tire of you seeing your home! Beautiful! I love your writing style too, very warm and funny. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Erin

    “No one puts baby in a corner.”

    If I didn’t already love you forever, I do now.

    Feel better!!!

  8. What a gorgeous entryway! I love the Eames chair, the bench, and the pink painted “frame” around the white mirror. Fabulous!

  9. Bri- the lighting is amazing mid-day when the sun is high. Morning and early evening its less so because I have so few low windows.

  10. Irene,
    The mirrors were junky ones from BB&B. They had frames that I literally had to pry off, but it was worth it because they were cheaper than getting plate mirror made.

    Thanks, Alexis! Nice to hear from you.

  11. Your apartment has incredible bones but you’ve really maximized them to the fullest. I can’t even wrap my head around your Rast DIY, let alone all of your other projects. Love it; thanks for the tour.

  12. i love love love the last image – that point of view literally puts it all into perspective for me, and i really like how all of your “areas” layer into a cohesive living space! can’t wait to find some graphic scarves to frame!

  13. So where did you find the bookcase mirror?

    I have a pretty darn similar little gold urn like the one next to your bonsai. Now I have a little Design Manifest en mi casa. 🙂

  14. Goddarn I just love it.Love the art, the bench, the Eames, the lot !!
    Later !

  15. Brandi

    The skylights are just beautiful! Does it ever feel drafty in your loft? I love seeing vignettes like this. It’s my favorite part of most spaces!

  16. I just realized your apartment gets so much light. So pretty. I wish our house got that much natural light. Doesn’t help that the weather sucks!

  17. Your home is gorgeous, I love it! The furniture placement is perfect and the mirror behind the bookcase is genius. More photos! This isn’t enough 😉

  18. Naomi, I love that last image most of all, because it shows what a great job you did in defining different areas within your loft and just creating a wonderful flow. Fabulously well done!!

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