more rug stalking

I have really been all over the place with rug ideas for the new home.  I’ve flirted with the idea of a black and white geometric, a Persian, an Uzbek, an Afghan, a flat weave, a high pile, or an animal skin.  I love them all but I just can’t commit.  Yep, if my metaphorical rugs were lovers, I’d be a huge slut.

This week I’ve gone back to stalking colorful ethnic rugs on Ebay.  Mostly vintage Persians.  I really love ’em because they are cheap and gorgeous.

I’m favoring the idea of one of  these pretties in my dining area.  Pairing an ornate, colorful rug with more modern table and chairs just makes me giddy.  In a living room, it could quickly turn too traditional.  I’d really have to watch my use of color with all the accessories.  But in the dining room, It can do its thang, and read eclectic, bohemian, modern.  Just the way I lubs it.

Loved the rare colors here- orange, purple and green!

This 5×9 is presently bidding at $41, with free shipping. Amazing!

Most of these rugs are 5×8 or 5×9, which is a little small for under a full-sized dining table.  You don’t want your chairs half way off the rug onto the wood floor.  My genius idea is to layer with Jute Boucle Rug from West Elm.  Which is also a steal- $199 for an 8×10.

I like the mix of textures and the layered look feels rich yet casual to me.  But do I like it enough to take the plunge?  Or will I continue on my long and tangled rug flirtation?
  1. I love them all, but can’t you find an 8×10 online? I feel like the chair legs are gonna get caught on the edges…

  2. nkp

    So effin’ fabulous! Every.Single.One. I don’t think you can go wrong!!! You truly find the best rugs. You better watch out, I’m gonna steal one of these and pull the rug right out from under your feet! ;0)

  3. yay! love finding other interior designers. we have friends who just moved to Philly. They love it too.

    Love these rugs! I am quickly learning that a good rug is not something you can cut corners on. I just ordered one for a project that was a “great deal”…not so great quality

  4. Asaf

    Isn’t it risky to put a rug under at dining table or in the kitchen in general? I feel like you’re going to have a ruined rug faster than your dogs can poop on your couch. Then again, if they cost $50 maybe you can consider them like disposable rugs.

  5. beauties….especially that orange and purple. Love those crazy colors…

  6. Ugh! Rug shopping is the HARDEST.

    I need a 14’x14′ (don’t ask) which is impossible to find. So, like you, I’m going to have to do some creative layering or resign myself to wall-to-wall.

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