Modern Wood Kitchens

Maybe it’s in reaction to the world being so saturated with all WHITE KITCHENS, but I find myself attracted to EARTHY STAINED CABINETS recently.  When doing stained wood in a kitchen I love it rich: not too dark (espresso) not too light ( bleached)  Those looks, while lovely, seemed more trendy to me, and thus prone to lookin dated down the road.  I’d rather have a natural stained walnut or weathered reclaimed wood.  Something organic and natural.  The stained wood cabinet looks best on a modern door- slab or something with minimal embellishment. Pair it with a light counter, modern fixutres, perhaps an unexpected pattern and you have yourself one chic kitchen.


modern wood kitchen, light counter patterned splashvia Design Files

modern wood kitchen with arched window wall

McAlpine Tankersley

modern wood kitchen mid century tribal rug

modern wood kitchen with white subway patterend floorAbramson Teiger

modern wood kitchen dark counter herringbone floor

wood and metal island mixed open and closed

That island!  I love a mix of wood and metal.

  1. Hello! I love this post – thank you so much for including these kitchens.
    We moved into a midcentury modern house (with a ranch façade ?!?!?) last June and the kitchen hasn’t been worked over yet (other than paint and removing wallpaper). The cabinets are kind of a tiger wood but are original to the house. Removing them seems painful to me, they’re to pretty but painting them has been of constant question. I am thrilled to see how these kitchens look. Granted they are all new basically – none the less it gives me inspiration to move forward leaving ours in tact. Thank you again. And if you see me on Instagram – I hashtag our house under #dwh2

  2. One of my favorite “best of both worlds” is the kitchen that you had done about a year ago maybe with the stained wood on the bottom and the white cabinets on the top – gorgeous and a great balance for me. I love stained wood too and think it’s such a nice alternative to all white, but I think I need a little white. Even a little crazier, I’ve actually been drawn to black cabinets that I’ve seen too.

  3. Nancy

    Fantastic Naomi. I love the 2nd to the last one. May be my new inspiration for mine to redo. I never gave up on my wood, although it needs a total facelift. I would love to go more modern. That SM chandelier and all the molding details kill me! xo Nancy

  4. Gorgeous kitchen – the backsplash in the first image is amazing and the windows in the second…stunning!!

  5. I go back and forth on this….personally I rent so I don’t have to worry about this, but for design clients errrrrrrbody wants an espresso island and white elsewhere. Painted wood is way more affordable, but good wood is so darn soulful..

  6. I think you know how I feel about this… I want a wood kitchen SO BAD but daaaaaannnngggg it’s expensive to do it right.

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