Michael Zavros

I think I was searching for horses when I stumbled upon artist, Michael Zavros’ work.  While his equine pieces are interesting, it’s the paintings of interiors that I find most compelling.  (Shocking right?)  What can I say, I like his style and I wouldn’t mind living in his world.

All pieces by Michael Zavros

  1. Kinda love it, kinda disturbed by it. Kinda disturbed that I kinda love it. Shocking is right!

  2. I like the image of the interior with the the two ghost chairs. Super Deluxe!!!

  3. I think the falling horse picture is great, it looks like it was just turned sideways to give the illusion of falling. However the chesterfield pic looks rather sad…

  4. Wait, so the whole ROOM is part of the painting/drawing? It looks like a photograph – or am I reading that wrong? Wow – it’s incredible. Really makes you look twice.

  5. Ann

    Personally, I despise any aesthetic that depends upon taxidermy hunting trophies for its allure. I love these majestic creatures too much to enjoy, or even tolerate, seeing them turned into rugs or wallhangings. On the other hand, I love animal imagery in my environment, but only when it is rendered in porcelain, or fabric, or any material other than body parts that the animal had to die to make available. This artist’s work appears to be all about man’s dominance over animals, and shows no respect for them.

  6. Erin

    I know… I want those falling horse paintings so bad.


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