Martin Gets a Makeover!

Hey Guys!  So you may have thought I was playing hooky yesterday, but I was actually conducting a mini photo shoot at my apartment.  You see, I’ve been holding out on you.  I gave my sofa, Martin, a makeover and I never showed you his new look.

This is the old style, but if you want to see new Martin, you’ll have to hop over to Amber Interiors to see it.  I’m participating in her fabulous series: One Room 2 Looks and I couldn’t be more excited!

Don’t you just love Amber’s blog?  It’s one of my favorite inspiration spots.  Please do hop over and let me know what you think!
PS- I’ll give you a hint:  Real manly sofas wear skirts.
  1. Erin

    Girl, we need to talk. About skirted sofas (YES), about how much it cost to have that slipcover made, and about how your pad is looking ship shape.

    I so wish you could slipcover a leather sofa.

  2. I actually like it before but definalty looks fabulous after. My grandad was a tailor & upholstered all the time yet I wouldnt know where on earth to start

  3. I’m DYING over this before- those cushions are just PERFECTION on there…hoping over to AI now- soooo excited to see the transformation!!

  4. Elyse

    Love the after! Both are great, but I like the softer look :)

    Would really like to know where you got the new velvet cushions, or what fabric you had them made out of. Really loving them and might have to steeaal :D

  5. Brandi

    Oooh I just love before and afters! Can’t wait!

  6. Hey Elyse,

    I wish I could give you an easy source, but both pillows were made from fabric fragments I found. Both were without labels and I’m pretty sure the flamestitch is vintage. I sewed them up myself too, which was a major accomplishment! I suggest checking your nearby bargain fabric store. That’s what I do when im looking for solids.


  7. Naomi I used to have those pillows! I loved them but then my Missoni pillow finally arrived (after 5 months!) so needless to say I returned them. But it was so hard to do!

    Going to check out your post!!

  8. Both versions are great! That slip cover really fits Martin like a GLOVE. Beautiful work.

  9. Fran

    I love what you did to your sofa – the 2 looks are wonderful and yet so different. So hard to choose which one I like better. Great job!

  10. Wives

    What a great idea. Happy to meet you! Just saw you over at Ambers. Can’t wait to tune in now. Love what you did with Martin.

    PS – what about painting the doors black laquer with some great brass knobs? Instead of hiding them, OWN it and make it pop.


  11. This is a brilliant idea to transform the entire look of a space without buying a completely new sofa. You definitely made up for playing hooky with this one!

  12. Great transformation! I found your blog over at Amber Interiors and now I am a follower! Great inspiration!

  13. anita

    Martin looks amazing with his mini-makeover. Although he was so good in the before too!

    I have an idea for the doors…

  14. That sofa is just fabulous! Love that color! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

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