Making a Statement in the Bedroom- The Modern Canopy Bed

I’m working with a client right now on her master bedroom and I am just dying to install a canopy bed.  The room is quite large (almost 20′ wide) with a high tray ceiling and it is really begging for some kind of statement right in the middle.  Insert fabulous canopy bed.  I love the versatility of these beds; they can be traditional, modern, whimsical, bold.  When creating a layered bedroom I love pairing a traditional bed with more modern nightstands, or a clean metallic bed with rustic woods.  It’s so fun to mix and match around a canopy bed.

Here are a few spaces that are inspiring me while working on this design.

If it were my room, this would be my choice hands-down: chrome, chinoiserie, in-your-face gorgeousness.   But that’s a little bold for my client’s style…

chrome canopy bed with chinoiserie wallpaper behind

We will be keeping it more neutral, more soft, with subtle, selective doses of pattern and color.  I’d say this room is more in-line with the feel.  I love the patterned fabric behind the bed!

white poster bed with curtain fabric behindvia House Beautiful

I wish that we could fit a sofa or chair at the end of the bed.  It’s such a chic and cozy look!  (PS- how great does this bed look in a smaller space below?  We may do a different finish on the ceiling as well.)  Alas, we do not have the space, so we will need to do a bench or stools.

canopy bed in small space cozy symmetrical layouts

I considered doing a chrome bed as a modern statement in the middle of the room and pairing it with traditional finishes and furnishings.  It makes for quite the drama piece!

Angie Hrankowsky chrome canopy bedAngie Hranowsky

poster bed with floral

But ultimately it felt too modern.  The rest of the house has been decorated and we have to think about the flow and personality.  So while we are doing our own thing in the bedroom, I also want to be sensitive to my client’s tastes and comfort.  An iron canopy bed just felt more appropriate to me.

I love how iron canopy beds can be soft and strong at the same time.  They are a little rustic and romantic.

neutral bedroom with iron canopy bed


Because comfort is extremely important, we are considering an upholstered canopy bed.  It’s the best of both worlds.

iron upholstered canopy bed

Above and below is the bed I have in mind.  I love the soft curve of the headboard.  Imagine a gorgeous patterned paper behind it?

iron upholstered canopy bed with sunburst mirror above

We will want to do reading sconces next to bed.  This is a little tricky- between finishes and placement.  I’m thinking nickel or brass and inside the bed frame, like below.  (No curtain in the back, though.)

iron upholstered canopy bed with curtains at back and sconces

Our rug (carpet) will be more neutral, so I am looking to make a little more impact on the wall behind the bed.  Yep… WALLPAPER!  I only want to do one wall to really highlight the bed and not overwhelm the space with business.  Remember, this is supposed to be a serene and restful space.

This bedroom has similar elements to we want- natural iron bed, neutral textural capert, patterned wall, white bedding and color/patterns on the pillows, but the vibe will be totally different.

iron canopy bed paired with wallpaper behind

PS- I love this Galbraith and Paul paper and we may be using it elsewhere in the house!

What do you think of canopy beds?  Are you as smitten as me?

  1. Hughie

    Right after the words “I love how iron canopy beds can be soft and strong at the same time. They are a little rustic and romantic” was a photo of an iron canopy bed. Is it presumptuous to ask the name of the manufacturer? I thank you. Love your blog!

  2. Kelly B

    Hi Naomi, I really enjoyed your well curated selection of images here! I have been wanting a bed like this for our master bedroom – a large room in need of a focal point. I’ve been searching for some budget friendly choices, and have pinned this one from Overstock…I like that it has an upholstered headboard that can be removed and re-covered to be more of a custom look…and at around $400, it seems like a great price.

    Thank you for all of your fantastic inspirations – you are a strong influence on my evolving style and decor in my home. You are so very talented!

    • Naomi

      Wow, great price, Kelly! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Debbie

    I LOOOVE my four poster bed. It’s just a simple pine one from Ikea bought in 1999 (and surprisingly has survived several moves – I keep waiting for it to die on me, but it doesn’t!).

    It was great in my studio apartment that had really high ceilings to help define the bedroom area, but it’s also great in my 11×13 bedroom with 8′ ceilings where the top rails barely clear the ceiling fan. I think it’s one of those big-furniture-in-small-rooms tricks – you notice the bed so you don’t notice how there’s not a lot else in the room.

    I definitely recommend having the rails be thin enough to hold a hanger – not only do I use my bed as a drying rack, but it’s also great for laying out outfits, especially when I’m planning out a trip. I can actually see all of my clothes and it’s easy to put the discarded pieces back into the closet.

    • Naomi

      Nice! Thanks for the comment, Debbie.

  4. Carol

    Love the post, Naomi. We’re so excited to see the transformation of our space!!

  5. Gorgeous rooms! Love the first image.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Irene

    Can’t wait to see more as the project gets installed. But if the sconces are inside the bed frame, won’t the clients hit their heads?

    • Naomi

      Yes- that’s something to consider! I would choose a kind that could lay flat against the wall. Also- they need to be install higher 🙂

  7. This is making me want a canopy bed… I love them all.

  8. Maggie

    We have space for a canopy right now and I am soooo tempted to get one. But who knows how long we’ll be in the apartment (tend to stay 2 years and then move) so I’d love to get a client to live vicariously through. I’d probably get iron too – timeless and versatile.

  9. Carol

    Definitely need an upholstered head board for softness and dream space, and I would want curtains for coziness and flow. Where we sleep needs to be conducive for relaxation and dreaming.

  10. If only I had space for a canopy. Like, ever. I love the idea of a hybrid upholstered-iron bed – it really is the best of both worlds. I can imagine it already. Dreamy.

  11. I love the chrome canopy but an iron canopy feels timeless to me. It can grow and change with a persons taste. That’s important for someone like me who gets the itch to change things up almost every season. 😉

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