local vintage gem

This is for you local Philadelphia folks.  This past Saturday my sister introduced my to a fantastic furniture warehouse in the Germantown area.  Owners Karl and Gayle scavenge estate sales and clean out old houses and have stocked their store full of antique and vintage finds.  It was a lot to take in, with something to see in every square inch.  It really felt like a treasure hunt- especially since everything was being sold at bargain prices.

One of my favorite items was this embossed leather mirror.  I could picture Horchow selling it for $700.  This one was huge, in perfect condition, and $175.
I also enjoyed the lamp in front of it.  Chinoiserie in feel, but the orange and pink colors were unexpected.

These caned-back dining chairs were just begging to be revamped.  I highly contemplated buying the set, spraying them royal blue and reupholstering in a fun modern fabric.

Same with this Bergere chair.  A little paint + some new fabric = statement chair.

 I oooed and aaahhhhed over this crystal chandelier.

They have loads of art and mid-century pieces.
I came THIS close to carting this 4′ gold ostrich home with me. Unfortunately money is a bit tight this month, and I’m am trying to stick to essentials.  So while I could rationalize the ostrich statue as awesome, or odd, it wasn’t something I really “needed.”  Sad.

The Great Antique and Estate Contents Warehouse is located at 48 W. Queen Lane in Philadelphia, between Germantown Ave and Greene St.  I’m looking forward to stopping back soon!

  1. How cute are you in your flippy blue dress?

    Love the ostriches!

  2. Yesssssss. Am going to philly in october for my husband’s grandparents’ anniversary party… I am so going to drag him to this store. Thanks!

  3. nkp

    This is so good I’m contemplating a trip to Philly asap. You know, to reunite with my long lost love, aka the sexy bird. I would have bought him in a heartbeat. This place looks divine. Please tell me that is not a nightstand with the slatted front, topped by the great modern art piece. And then please tell me that is not its matching sibling below it. I’d have left with quite a haul. Did you buy anything?

  4. I love these types of stores. We have either architectural salvage or antique stores, nothing that combines the two. And I hate it that you have to leave behind something you really love (you have better willpower than me!)

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