Lighting Week: My Bedroom Chandelier

In honor of my Rejuvenation Giveaway, I decided to make this week all about the lighting in my cottage.  When it comes to decorating my own home, I am aggressively thrifty, but one area where I have dropped a few dimes is lighting.  I think lighting is just delightful: it creates instant atmosphere and easily elevates a whole room.  I don’t care if your space (ahem, my space) is a  mish-mash of Ikea and vintage furnishings, the right light can make it cosmopolitan.

Today I’m sharing my bedroom chandelier.  It’s a white glass chip piece that kind of reminds me of a murano chandelier and also has a beachy wibe.  It adds a nice softness to the room, while actually being quite bright.  The small frame allows me to use it comfortably in a room that only has 8′ ceilings.

design manifest bedroom white glass chandelier paisley headboard

white glass chip chandelier detail

The chandelier is this steal from Lamps Plus.

Only $199.

I was worried that for that price the glass chips would be crappy, but it’s really cute.

No Murano, OBVIOUSLY, but a very cute light.

And NO, Lamps Plus is sadly not sponsoring this post.

design manifest bedroom with chandelier rattan stools

Pillow Basket Caitlin Wilson pillow greek key  Design Manifest

And while my post is about my chandy, I just have to share my basket I picked up at HomeGoods.  I never score at that store and last weekend I got a little lucky.  I’ll be sharing more finds later.

Do you guys Likey?


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  1. ben linus

    This photo Tres cute. Beautiful and important, but casual enough to deserve the nickname chandeliers. Good to be back. I would like to see the development of the space. I prefer to look at the process in order to see the finished result – it feels more intimate and honest
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  2. Great choice for lighting! I love Lamps Plus and the variety they have for any interior at GREAT prices. I’ve gotten many of the plug in wall sconces in brass for clients for super cheap but look super chic…and they come with shades! BONUS!!

  3. Robin

    I was at a Derby party on Saturday and their dining room was a shade of blue very similar to your bedroom. They even painted the ceiling the same color, it was glorious!

    Love the chandelier, it reminds me of a capiz version my grandma had on her sun porch back in the ’70s (and that recently came back into style but yours is like a grown up version).

  4. Rosie

    Looks great. I really like the chandelier…but I LOVE the basket! Great scores.

  5. That light is tres sweet. Delicate, loose, and yet substantial enough to merit the chandelier moniker. Well done, again. Also loving seeing the space evolve. I prefer watching the process to seeing the finished result – feels more intimate, and honest. So, thanks for including us! xoxo

  6. Oh that light fixture is perfect! Great find! You’re bedroom is dreamy!

  7. So pretty! Love that basket too, I snagged a huge natural one that is white dip dyed on the bottom last weekend at TJ Maxx

  8. Sam

    Love it! I bought a capiz chandelier from West Elm years ago and it’s still sitting in it’s box. Can’t decide on a place for it but I refuse to get rid of it.

  9. La boudoir is dreamy… love the light. And your photography is getting so good!!!

    • Naomi

      Oh my gosh I snapped these so so quickly. Thanks!! xo

  10. eileen

    The scale is so great for your room! Go lamps plus 🙂

  11. Angeline

    Love the basket – Do the stools “work” next to the window?

  12. Alex

    Love this piece, such a great find!

  13. Ashley

    Just perfect. Oh, and since you showed them–have you decided what you’re going to do with the rattan stools at the end of your bed?

    • Naomi

      They aren’t really on my radar right now. I’m sure I’ll make them over at some point, but there are so many other projects I want to tackle first!

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