Lighting Week: My 3rd Floor Lounge

3 posts 3 days in a row?  Who is a newly reformed blogging champion?  Prepare yourself for less posts next week, m’kay?

We are continuing on with Lighting Week.  On Monday I showed you my guest room plug-in pendant light, on Tuesday I revealed my bedroom glass chip chandelier, and today I’m sharing my stringball chandelier in the third floor lounge.  I’ve posted about this light before, but I thought it would interesting to see it in context.  This room is still pretty much an empty canvas.  After I removed all of the walls and painted the floors and ceiling white, I’ve pretty much let it sit in this state.  It will probably be the last room I finish and I’m ashamed to say I don’t spend much time up here because it is such a cute space.

This room is all about being white and bright with pops of color and texture.  My stringball chandelier was perfect up here because it adds a nice modern touch while also being textural and organic.  While unlit, it is an unassuming little sculpture, but when illuminated, it transforms this space into a cozy crystal.

design manifest 3rd floor lounge tribal rug pink desk string ball chandelier

sting ball detail

I did not DIY this light, but there are many tutorials out there.

I bought mine while shopping at Structube in Canada.

design manifest lounge pink desk white room

3rd floor lounge string ball lit up

As I mentioned, the light is at its best when lit- creating a dream like space.

Unfortunately I do not have the photographic skillz to capture the beauty.

design manifest 3rd floor lounge eames chairs tribal rug

There is a lot more to be done in this room, but that’s OK.  I’ll get to it when I get to it.

In the meanwhile, it’s a good spot for a pug to nap.

{Sources- Rug= Ebay, Desk = West Elm Parson Desk plus Glidden Very Bery Paint, Eames Chair = Trash Picked}

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  1. the white walls, each pieces is beautiful 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous space!! The string light casts amazing shadows & that chair is lucite lust!! Jealous of your jewel box.


  3. Robin

    “Eames chair = trash picked”???? I need to come and check out the trash in Philly, you lucky thing!

  4. Makes me want to do art, to read, to imagine, to reflect… good space, great light, so happy for you. If you don’t find me in your living room, check your attic. I might be there. Please don’t alert the authorities. 😉

    • Naomi

      Haha, I might be initially startled, but I’m sure we would have fun together!

  5. Ahhh those white walls and white floors are making me so happy right now. I’d be all over completing this room. LOVE.

  6. That light is just perfect up there, picking up all corners and angles of the ceiling. Love it! And if ever you tire of any of your fabulous rugs, send em my way! 🙂

  7. Lots to love here! Is the big abstract new? And the rug – so pretty. My favorite is Bailey.

    • Naomi

      No I picked up that huge art a couple of years ago at this fabulous warehouse sale in Philly. I hung it in a part of my loft that never got photographed, so that’s why you are just seeing it for the first time.

  8. Laura

    That’s a really awesome effect it gives the walls when turned on!

    Your hot pink Parsons desk looks a lot darker in this setting. Almost like a beet juice colour…

    I’m really excited to see more pictures of your kitchen pendants installed!

  9. megan

    a cozy crystal, best concept evaaaa!

  10. Dude… look at all the good stuff in there! Light, lucite, painting, rug… TDF.

    • Naomi

      Ha yea well I conveniently avoided all the bad angles. Like my single mattress that supposed to be a day bed but just looks like a sloppy mess.

  11. Sarah

    I love how your cottage is coming along. I have the same light in my dining room. I tried making my own and it always looked a little off. At the price for the Structube light it made sense not to try and fail at making another one!

    • Naomi

      For real, in my opinion a lot of the DIY ones look a little wonky and empty. This one is really nicely wrapped.

  12. Ashley

    The lighting that fixture gives off is so dreamy. And it looks like Bailey has marked your awesome Ebay rug as his own (but, seriously, who could blame him?).

  13. Looking good! I am really loving the white walls with the deep saturated colors of your rug – especially so on the white plank floors. Cool to see the progress on how your cottage has come together.

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