Let’s Talk About My Fireplace

My Fireplace is a big priority to me.  1) I love fireplaces and am so excited I finally have one and 2) It’s right in your face as you walk in the door.  I do intend to make a few changes to it.  Namely paint the hearth- white or black?  I’m leaning towards black.  And paint the interior of the firebox (black? Gray?) so that it doesn’t look too dirty.  Other than that, it just needs to be styled.

{my pad}

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, the television may need to go over the fireplace.  I wish I could do a set-up like this below: shelves on either side with a small television next to the fireplace.  I don’t have a problem with an off-center TV, but the walls next to my FP are so narrow that it would require a teeny-tiny television.  Not very practical for a girl who does get down with her TV watching from time to time.

{Wayne Vincent Photography via Desire to Inspire}

Based on purely looks,  find myself most attracted to the styling and colors surrounding this fireplace.  I’ve been listening to the cottage and it’s been telling me it wants some teal and green up in its joint.

{Christopher and Suzanne Sharp / Vogue / photo by Francois Halard}

Oh I wish I could just do an antique mirror over the fireplace!  They are so chic and would do wonders for visually enlarging my wee cottage.  Look how good it looks with this white brick fireplace.  (Similar to mine other than the fact that I don’t have brick everywhere, high ceilings, or wood beams… sigh.)

Another white brick fireplace with cute stying.

If I can’t finagle room for a television to the left of my fireplace, I may put my bar cart there.  I love the set up and styling here…

It’s a shame I can’t just move into this room.  (Note: More teal and green.)

The truth of the matter is that I’m thrilled with my humble cottage and know I can make it look great.  Perhaps I’ll dedicate a post to making televisions looking chic.  Is there a white TV out yet?  That would look so much better.
  1. Kym Ross

    You can have both.. find an ornate frame that will fit your tv and use “two-way” mirror over it. When the tv is off it’s a mirror but you clearly watch TV when it’s on. I’m currently doing this for my bedroom. Hope this helps.

  2. Stephanie- I agree with what you are saying. I’m leaning towards putting my big TV elsewhere- maybe my great little 3rd floor area that I haven’t shown yet. Still think I might want a small TV downstairs, but that might help my over-the-mantel debacle.

    Thanks for the input everyone!

  3. Love the teal idea! We have teal on the walls in our master bedroom and it’s so calming. Beautiful color.

    My take on the TV – is there not another space in this house where you could have the TV? We have a similar problem – a really small living room space with the front door right smack in the room. We decided it wouldn’t be very “cozy” to be watching TV right next to the front door, and there wasn’t really a great place for a tv, so we made the room just a living area sans TV. Best decision ever! We spend so much time in that space and we actually have to talk to each other, or play guitar or read books and magazines.

    We put our TV up in our loft/guest room. It’s nice and cozy up there and we can kind of hide away and watch TV but not have to have a hideous flat screen in the middle of our most used and trafficked room.

    Just an idea!

  4. eead3

    I helped a friend with this familiar dilemma of maintaining the lovely look of a lovely fireplace. We solved it by hanging the t.v. low; for design purposes. Then used an actual ornated framed painting to fit over the t.v. By removing the backing of the painting, the t.v. fit nicely into the back. Because we hinged the left side of the frame, when the t.v. isn’t in use, the fireplace looks beautiful.

    Love the teal idea … and look forward to seeing your progress! 🙂

  5. I wonder if you could do the TV in the mirror (like in bathrooms) above your fireplace. But I love the teal idea and if you do paint the walls teal the sleek black frame won’t be so noticeable. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you decide. Loved your inspiration images!


  6. Debbie

    If you’re painting the walls a dark teal (which I highly recommend, having dark turquoise walls in my tiny space), a black TV won’t stand out as much – especially if there’s the white fireplace to distract the eye and some decorative stuff on either side.

  7. nelya

    I know Sharp made their Aquos tv in white at one time.

    Ooo, I can’t wait to see that fireplace get a sassy Naomi makeover! :o)

  8. You know I have the same TV over the mantel issue. That being said, I think it really helped ground my TV when I painted my mantel black, so I would totally vote for that. Also, if you do paint the walls a dark teal that too will help the dark TV recede. It ain’t perfect, but it’s real life. I’ve even seen more design mags with the TV over mantels lately. Gasp! Oh, and I’m way behind on blog commenting so I also wanted to say Congratulations on your cottage!! It will be fabulous!!

  9. jtc

    Please, please do a post on dealing with the TV. It is almost impossible to find photos of a room with a TV in any design magazine – but as real people we live with them. I would love to see more discussion/options about dealing with TV placement. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new home!

  10. Kristen

    LOVE all of this inspiration. I am actually moving into my first home this week and the fireplace is the first thing we are doing as well! Btw, I have seen some great white TV’s they are just really hard to come by.

  11. Ashley

    Oh, I can totally see you going bold with the colors, and I like the idea of combining crisp white on the fireplace with a black firebox. And, just so you know, a quick Amazon search brings up a ton (!) of white TVs!

    When do you move in?

  12. Two thoughts…could you just leave the TV out of that room altogether and put one in your bedroom instead? Alternatively, I framed out my black flatscreen with an ornate vintage frame painted white and it really takes the focus off of the TV- I’m sure whatever you do will be fantastic.

  13. Erin

    Sigh. You know I have tv problems, so I don’t feel particularly equipped to help you…

    I do have a tv solutions board on pinterest that shows several tvs over fireplaces and they ain’t so bad.

    Also, teal and green YES. I already want to repaint my kitchen green.

  14. How about doing something creative with a articulating full motion tv wall mount? Mount it in an “outside the box” way so you can pull it out with full pivot and then tuck it back when you want to. I saw C.O. do something like this years ago with a fireplace/mounted t.v. situation which turned out pretty slick. Completely different room setup, but you are a smart cookie….

  15. Hey guys! Thanks for the thoughts and comments.

    Brandi- the frame is a cute idea, but I probably wont do it myself. My sister is planning this for her wall mount TV, though.

    Meghan- I know I’m weird, but I really want a dining space. I imagine it will be a cozy reading nook as well. (Plus still easy view to TV) The dining window alcove is actually too small for a sofa.
    I also don’t like the idea of the TV in front of the stairs.
    For me, the sofa is best placed in the front of the house.

    … but everything may change when I move stuff in!

  16. A few years back when I was looking I think Samsung offered a white tv. The screen was still dark of course, but the frame was white. And I miss having a fireplace. I’m now living in the first house I’ve ever owned without a fireplace!


  17. Alex

    Congrats on the new cottage! I recently went through the same dilemma– didn’t want the tv over the mantle, but had narrow walls everywhere else. We ended up buying an awesome cantilever mount on amazon.com for $50. You can angle it in, so it’s a perfect viewing angle if you have the sofa directly in front of the fireplace. Looks like the wall to the right might be tight for even a cantilever mount, but maybe to the left next to the stairs?

  18. I love a fireplace, and was just insulting mine. Black on both.

  19. Meghan

    What if you had an eat-in kitchen and left the whole area outside the kitchen as living space? I could see a sofa in that little nook, TV opposite, and a cozy reading area in front of the fireplace…but it’s hard to get an idea of dimensions from photos so maybe that’s not plausible.

    And I completely agree on the white TV thing! Why is this not a readily available option?!

  20. I vote black hearth and black interior! It would be great if you could add some interest with the mantle too!
    Can’t wait to see!

  21. Victoria

    Hi! There are some white tvs out there. I bet they are extra pricey though. http://www.squidoo.com/white-tv

    I love Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy’s idea about framing the tv. That could be a really neat look!

    I’m really looking forward to you building your home because I bought a house last month and am also working on making it mine. 🙂

  22. Maybe you could do something where you frame your TV with a gorgeous ornate gold frame. That would give you the pizzaz you look for in a mirror while still having your TV. I could see some antiqued tiled mirrors behind bookshelves on either side of the fireplace. Wouldn’t that give a nice texture and light to the space? Loving teal right now. Planning on doing it soon in my own remodel!

  23. I’m always so happy when I see painted brick fireplaces. It’s makes me more content with my own! Really looking forward to seeing how you style up that area.. you are a pro:)

  24. oh, man, we are so on the same page. as i’m battling my decision to go white on the entire first floor, i came across a west elm catalog with delicious teal walls, and have been debating it for the dining room. paired with the most amazing red/pink/turquoise rug that sold out from under me on ebay…so maybe that decides that? teal would look glorious in the cottage!

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