Kitchens: The Double Island

If space allows, the double island is the most efficient layout for a kitchen.  It allows for work and traffic flow to be separated.  Each area can have its own zone: prep, clean up, snack and seating/conversation.  Everything in its place and room for work and play.  Sounds pretty perfect, right?

(a design by us)
(Skye Kirby/Elle Decor)
(Karen Williams/St Charles of New York)
(Nate Berkus/Elle Decor)
(Urban Grace Interiors/TradHome)
Kitchens are more than just work areas- they are living areas.  When planning your kitchen, you should think about how you will really use the space.  Where will the laptop go?  Do you want a cozy area to hang out?
The double island is another way to separate zones and help your kitchen-and home- function better.
I also happen to like the visual line they create.  Perfectly punctuated by a big hood, or sink with large window at the end.  Though the curvy island (#3) is pretty neat too!
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