just because…

Blue, I thought I was over you.  I thought as soon a Pantone named Turquoise color of the year, I would pack my bags and move onto brighter and more sunny shades.  But the fact is, that when done right, you are simply stunning.  Rich and moody, or energetic and powerful, and so accommodating in the way  you work with just about every other color.  Trend or no trend, I need a bit of you in my life.

Oops! Yellow, how did you get in there?
Like the heading says, just because…
Image credits:
1. Cheryl Tieges home, C Magazine via KatieDiD, 2. Vogue Magazine 3. via Greige 4. Elle decoration France via City Sage, 5. Found Market/Scott Laslie, 6. Decor Demon, 7. Lucas Allen Photography via Desire to Inspire 8. via You are My Fave
  1. nkp

    You’re so silly. Love the barn door and agree on the blue, completely. I just had a chair reupholstered that that kiddos and the dog destroyed and the final touch was a simple peacock blue velvet roll pillow. Perfect.

  2. I think when you really love a colour and it makes you feel good it doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not. And I do love blue.

  3. You’ll get no argument from me. I adore blue!

  4. Ashley

    #7 is insane–what I wouldn’t do for that pair of chairs…

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