It seems my treasured, vintage, unique coffee table is NOT so unique

I was perusing Molly Luetkemeyer’s beautiful website when I happened upon this photo…

I was impressed that I was drawn to the room even though it features the color I’m currently avoiding; Red. Recently I’ve had the urge to purge all red from my life. Here it is used subtly, and mixed tastefully with blue… ie my current favorite color obsession.

The metal chairs are retro-fabulous, the windows bring in great natural light, and front and center we have a very familiar coffee table.

Looks a lot like this, right?

It made me excited, proud, yet a little bit annoyed that mine wasn’t the only of its kind out there.
Silly, I know.
And I bet they paid more than the $28 I did for my coffee table. So there!!

But I figure if my taste is similar to Molly’s than I must be in good company.
Her firm, M Design Interiors has designed lots of inspiring rooms. She mixes contemporary with vintage and eclectic pieces. White and colors are used together to make a big impact. She’s not afraid of patterns and prints. Or a sea of white. Yes, sounds a lot like me after all…

Here are a few of my favorites:

A great retro chandelier mixed with modern furnishings and Wisteria‘s Antiqued Peacock Mirror. Modern, Vintage, antiqued? Yes, yes and yes.

White walls paired with colorful, vibrant, funky art.

Sculptural chandeliers. Red framing makes the Louis XVI chairs feel fresh and modern.

Someone’s not afraid of deep blue walls and I like it!

Another retro chandelier, the lovely ghost chair, and what looks to be a big ole’ frame of baby pink on the wall. I would never think I would like this, but I do.

Just a little taste of beautiful rooms from M. Design Interiors. Check out their site for more!

  1. My mom had a set of those very same tables when I was a kid — my grandfather bought them overseas when he was in the navy. I loved them so much I tried to get them when my mom moved and unloaded a lot of her stuff, but my sister in law got to them first. Grrrr. I still think about those awesome tables!

  2. thank you, simone and maria… i love my table too!

  3. I love tables like that with personality!!

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