Is it just me?

Horizontal stripes.  
When summed up in the most concise way; they make me uneasy.

I can appreciate the desire to add intrigue and the graphic effect.  That hallway excites me a lot.  But, NO, not for me.

No, when it comes to wall stripes, I’m vertical all the way.  I’m strangely monogamous on the matter.

You know that I love black and white, and that of course I love color.  But right now what I’m digging most of all is nude stripes.  Barely there but just that extra layer.

So tell me… is it just me, or are you monogamous about your stripes too?

PS- We did stripes in a foyer I finished last year and everyone went gaga.  Hoping to share the space soon.

(images: Sarah Richardson, uknown, Country Living, Lonny, Lonny, Domino)

  1. another variation on the nude strips is to have a high gloss off-white stripe against an white, matte background
    I have that in my room–it’s subtle but it really does add so much!

  2. Fiona

    I like horizontal unless you are going for a beach cabana look, which I think can only be done in certain locations. Or a circus tent look, which is tough to do well!

  3. Love this post but sorry to say I like both! It depends on what I am trying to achieve with the space. I think the horizontal stripes look really great in small spaces as it makes the space look larger! I have them in my powder room in neutrals.

  4. I love them both ways. I’m doing my first horizontal stripe in an office project. We shall see how it turns out. 🙂

  5. I like the idea of nude stripes. I haven’t really thought about nude stripes, but like you said, barely there but still adding an effect.

    Stripes are going up in my nephew or niece to be’s nursery tomorrow. Vertical.

  6. Love this post! I am a fan of nude stripes…I think they give just a hint of graphic, while they help to make a room seem taller (done vertically).

    Horizontal stripes, when done well, are supposed to give a sense of calm (like looking at the horizon on the beach kind of calm). They also help to widen a room visually. Jeffrey Bilhuber does them well – check his website.

    I am a decorative artist and I have done TONS of striping and never once have I been asked to do them horizontally – so I think the world is with you on this one!!


  7. I love me some stripes whether vertical or horizontal, for my walls and my clothes.

    I know horizontal stripes are supposed to be mad unflattering, but I don’t care if I look like a fat, jailbird, I still love em!

  8. Yes, I’m crazily obsessed with horizontal, in the most monogamous way. Like stalker, call them at all hours, want to marry them and have horizontal stripey babies.

    Love the tone on tone look, did them vertically (gasp! I hadn’t yet found myself) in my baby’s nursery.

  9. LOVE horizontal, I feel trapped in a jail cell with vertical!

  10. Tara

    I’m not monogamous– I’ve seen and liked them both ways. However, in my own house, due to the strange configurations (I LOVE my 101 year old cottage!!) and high-ish ceilings, horizontals seem to the be the only version working for us right now. Though, now you have me thinking of doing some really subtle verticles in my office. My husband may kill me if I come out of the basement with another gallon of paint…

  11. I can’t commit to stripes at all. I’m seeing a therapist about this.

  12. Erin

    That’s because horizontal stripes make that kitchen look fat.

    We stayed at a charming New Orleans B&B that had vertical stripes in a gloss/matte version of the same color. Super sophisticated but still fun.

  13. Erika,
    We did vertical stripes on all the walls in the foyer, including up the stairs and it looks really great. They are two tones of beige, which prevents the space from feeling like graphic overload.

  14. My bro did horizontal gray stripes in their nursery and it looks great! But hmmm, I never thought about it before, I do love the vertical stripes! Especially in a light color. Would it work as well in a whole room as opposed to one wall?

  15. I have horizontal in my hallway and I must say it really makes the space seem longer and bigger. I’m not monogamous I guess. I think it depends on the size and shape of the space. Everyone who comes to my house thinks the stripes are the bees knees! But I’ve had them for a year so I’m thinking about changing it already of course!

  16. nkp

    I think I play on both teams, but vertical is definitely my favorite. So yeah, I’d be unfaithful. Good to know you’re loyal to a T. :0)

  17. Jessie

    I am a stripe addict. My house and my wardrobe are full! I am a vertical girl! I loved seeing your feature in Adore!

  18. Ha! Funny.. I would have said the opposite! I was not a fan of vertical but I really like the images you shared so maybe I’m coming around:)

  19. I adore stripes! I like them both ways, horizontal and vertical. For colours, I like them in two shades of one colour, love them in B&W. Also, I like matte with shiny, as well as more subtle versions, like pale grey with white.

    I absolutely love that hallway with the horizontal stripes. Actually, I love every single image!

  20. Nope, I’m a swinger (c: Yep, cheating on my stripes all the time because I love them all…I can totally get down with the vertical or horizontal, it really just depends more on the space they’re in! All of these are fab and I can’t wait to see your project (c:

  21. Karena

    Naomi, Oh yes I am monogamous about vertical stripes and love, love them.

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway! You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  22. Sarah

    I’m totally monogamous…about horizontal! More than monogamous, more like obsessed – I love them.

  23. Oh my goodness–I thought I was the only one! I’m totally on the same page as you. I’m monogamous about vertical stripes!

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