Is it bad that I want a bed from PB Teen?

Pottery Barn Teen has an iron canopy bed that is very similar to one I’ve long admired from Anthropologie.  While its iron is thicker and then lines are less gracefull, the price is cheaper and the measurements more flexible for lower ceilings.

Maison Canopy Bed, PB Teen, $999 Queen
Height is certainly something to consider when picking this type of bed.  Not all of us have soaring ceilings.  And I hate seeing a too-big piece of furniture cramped in a room.  But it would be hard to argure that this is lovely….
Italian Campagin Canopy Bed, Anthropologie, $1,698 Queen
PB Teen also offers it in white.  What do we think?  I favor the black myself.
And my dreamy, creamy set-up….
anthro’s bed featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
Seems a nice way to start off the week.  I’m sick, so I’d much rather be in bed right now.  Can’t complain though, as I’ve just returned from 4 glorious days in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I highly recommend it to those who enjoy beaches, excellent restaurants, cobblestone streets and pretty architecture…..
  1. Rebeccah

    Absolutely not!! I’m 39 years old with two tween girls and I think I honestly request all the catalogs for myself! Looking at both beds, had you not said which was which, I would’ve easily chosen the PBT one over the Anthro.

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  3. That bed is fabulous! If your room can handle it, get it.

    Hope you’re feeling better 🙁

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a bed from PB Teen! I say go for it!

  5. Leigha

    Cobblestone streets? Swoon. Love the bed – great ‘get it for less’ option to the Anthropologie one (I have also been coveting it).

    Hope you feel better!


  6. Mary

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bed from PB Teen! If you go for it, go with black, definitely black.

  7. Ashley

    Oooh, illness is a bad way to start the week, but I hope you feel better soon!

    I agree with Raina that the bed color should contrast the room color. The shape in the PB Teen bed is very similar, and who doesn’t love a discounted option?

  8. The Anthro bed has long been one of my favorites. The PB one comes very close. I love contrast, so if your walls are dark go with the white and black if your walls are light.

    That sucks to come home from vacay with the sicks. Hopefully, you have a fab tan mask the pallor. 😉

    Feel better soon, Babe!

  9. nkp

    Oh, I hope you feel better soon, Naomi, but I’m glad to hear you’re coming off of a vacation high! I too have long-admired the Anthro bed. It is so lovely, curvy, and delicate. I actually prefer the PB bed in white. The white better captures the delicate nature of the Anthro bed, in my opinion.


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