How to transform the personality of a room with just paint and mouldings

My clients’ dining room before … Light walls accentuated the bumpy plaster’s texture.  Teal trim made the crown look odd. 

Various paint samples exaggerated the wall problem…  Disco plaster?

This is when I came into the picture.

My clients dining room after we added crisp white wainscot, white crown and painted the walls dark gray (flat paint)…

See the new panton chairs?  They are getting some furniture friends soon and then we will really have a party…
  1. Jen

    I love this room, please tell me the color gray you used!! Thanks 🙂

  2. This is the perfect brown/gray color I’ve been searching for! Any way I could get the details? Thanks! Really great room!

  3. Thank goodness for Google and finding your site. My clients could not envision a brown upper wall with white below. Kudos and a what a fantastic job hiding the texture with a flat paint.

  4. Overall this looks like a great project! Love the detail of the painted windows (defintely a classy touch). And Panton chairs, I cant wait to see the final reveal.

    Just one critisism I believe the incorporating the windows into the wainscot would have created a more cohesive design. If the wainscot would have aligned with the window stools the overall look would have seemed cleaner. The profile of the cap could match that of the stool. And the 1x_ that you used for the wainscot could have also been used for the apron.

  5. The paneling made a huge difference! And…the neutral color really updated it. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. Seriously ggod- what an improvement.Found you through Raina’s lampshade blog.I’ll pop in every now and then see in this happy place :-))

  7. It looks amazing!!! I’m floored. Love the panton chairs. Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh! So delighted to find your blog, I’m so glad you visited! You have some *amazing* inspiration pics and I can’t wait to see all your design adventures…you and your dad can be like the Indiana Jones and his dad of design, right? Yeah, you’ll get used to my weird comments, seeing as I’m following you now (c: Creepy, right?

  9. Sooooo much better already.

  10. This looks gorgeous we are considering this for our dinning room as well to give it more interest. I was also wanting the panton chairs in black since they’re kid friendly, something my 5yr old can’t destroy.

    P.s. finally someone appreciates the names I give my art. lol Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Lindsey

    Wow, this is great! The wainscoting made such a huge difference. What paint color is that?

  12. It looks amazing already! Great job!

  13. Erica

    Looking good, sweetie! It looks like the room has some challenging angles, but I’m sure you’ll navigate them with ease. Can’t wait to see more!

  14. What a transformation already. I cant wait to see the full after. The wainscotting and the paint color were excellent choices.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  15. Wow you really worked wonders on this room already! I find wainscotting a bit too traditional for me personally but I think you’ve used it in such a fantastic way with the Panton chairs!

    xx Cristina

  16. My God what a difference already, the gray is perfection against the white.. I can’t wait to see the finished room!!

  17. OK, love this..and now want to paint my window mullions(sp?) dark gray… tonight!

  18. HUGE improvement — nobody feels love for the wall cellulite.

    I am curious as to whether you are letting them keep the “chandelier”…

  19. nkp

    Thank you, whenever you get a chance…no rush.

    They really do look like iron windows. Fantastic attention to detail! Love it!

  20. Oh yes, Nelya, thanks for reminding me. We did paint the mullions and frames of windows a dark brown to make them pop. They almost look like iron windows now which makes me happy.

    The paint was a Ralph Lauren paint match. I’ll email you when I find the details.

  21. Fran

    Gorgeous!!! Great job!

  22. nkp

    Naomi, it is transformed! They must be thrilled and I’m sure the real magic is only to come! That window is gorgeous and was not getting any love in the old scheme. Now it literally shines! What a beautiful feature! Did you paint the trim/mullions? Black? Grey?

    Alright, my dining room is not unsimilar to this. I have the white-painted wainscoting, but I am seriously rethinking the green above it. This grey is beautiful. Can you share the details?

  23. It’s going to be stunning! Wow!

  24. Ashley

    Wow! Seriously speechless over here!

  25. What a huge difference that paint made! Cant wait to see it all finished. Gorgeous

  26. Mary

    I love it already!!!! I can’t wait to see the finished space!

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