How Long will this Brass / Gold Trend Last?

Brass is HAWT in interior design.  So hot that I’m kinda already over it.  But what’s the next big trend in decorating?  Someone asked me that the other day and I didn’t have an answer quite yet.  Even though brass/ gold is so popular, I’m not sure I’m ready to give it up… I love it that much.  But I do think I’m ready for a little less overall and certainly less predictable combinations in decorating with brass.

While the warm goldy hue has been growing in popularity over the past few years, suddenly it seems like it is EVERYWHERE.  I know this because I’m working on a  living room design where I was told NO BRASS and we were just searching for cute little metal end tables and lights.  It was surprisingly challenging!  When it comes to finding good looking and well priced metal end tables/ coffee tables/ and lights it’s seems manufacturers have got the memo: nickel is out and brass is in for the win.  (PS- I like both nickel and brass.  Mix it up, Yo!)

So if something is trending so strongly, does it automatically push those of us who strive to be ahead of the curve past the gold phase?  In this era of pinterest / houzz / instagram saturation where design moves so fast, can you ever be ahead of the curve?  I instead try to follow my mantra:  Live with what you Love.  

If you buy what you love and mix in a few of the following, your love of gold can last a long long time.

1.  Do only 1-3 pieces in gold finish.  It’s so easy to want to paint your home gold, but for real, Less is more.  Let your special pieces shine.

gold coffee table by julie hillman- brass light christine dovey

left / right

2.  Don’t be scared to mix those metals.  I know some people won’t agree with me here.  But I think it adds more depth and feels more collected.

jessica alba dining room

via Domaine

3.  Mix in something rustic.  Woody, stone, even honed marble, just something to contrast with the metallic.

gold mirror with rustic wood- design manifest

Our Bala Project

4.  Don’t be afraid to clash.  Some golds are soft and leafy, some brasses are shiny and modern, some are antique.  Just trust your gut and mix it it.

polished brass with antique brass sketch 42

Nicole Cohen via sketch 42

5.  Skip the matching pieces.  I’m never a fan of the matching set- but a matching gold coffee table & end table set makes me especially mad.

karli kloss living room

Like this mix, but I would actually prefer it if the coffee table weren’t a metallic and it was just two gold side tables.  VIA

6.  Start with a table.  My favorite way to mix in a  little brassy goodness is an end table.  It’s low commitment and there are SO many cute options out there!

gold end table

Angie Hrankowsky via Domaine Home

There are so many great end tables out there.  Here are a few of my FAVES at all different price points.

gold end tables for every budget

1 / 2 / 3

4 / 5 / 6

7 / 8 / 9

10 / 11 / 12 / 13

  1. Diane

    I’ve always loved warm, softened brass. I just bought a 1960s house that has a lot of it already. I’m replacing some of the newer oil-rubbed bronze and nickel hardware and I feel fortunate that brass is so easy to come by now! This place has made me realize that you have to let the house decide what it wants and stick with it. Trends will always change.

  2. Loved this post Naomi. I too love brass and can’t help but worry about how much longer it can sustain being popular. I’m about to switch out my kitchen hardware for brass and I’m so excited. Other than accessories it’s the first brass in our home so I don’t think I’m over doing it. 😉 I love the mix too!

  3. Carol

    I love brass and always have, and you’ve broadened my mind for other liking other metals with this post. Gorgeous images!!! Love your taste.

  4. Karena

    Naomi I do like the look of mixed metals although the living room with both the side tables and coffee table does appeal to me! I think of the wheat sheaf table bases that have been in style since Chanel and Laurent had them in their homes.

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  5. Liza

    Great advice as usual. A collected look is so much more appealing than a matched set.

  6. Kelly

    I have no doubt the pendulum will swing back the other way. I can remember about 10 years ago shopping for a lamp. I had a collection of my grandmother’s brass vases in my living room (collected on her travels so not about to part with those!) and didn’t want a nickle/white metal finish but could not find anything that wasn’t white metal. I learned then not to get too trendy.

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