How Do You TUB It?

All different style bathtubs, All appealing to me.  
I adore #1.  I think I’d like to build a nest in there and stay for awhile.  Bathing, though… not so sure.  (the hot water heater better be intensely powerful.)  
#2 I’d like to enjoy whenever I’d visit my parents’ country house.  
#3 would be great for a vacation home.  (Where else to stretch your normal style than in a vacation home?)  
#4… oh #4, I’d like to take you home with me.  

Those hand-made Moroccan tiles paired with a deep soaking tub feel cozy and warm and just perfect.

Where is my bubble bath?

I’ve got bathrooms on the brain right now.  Designing quite a few of them.

  1. I am obsessed beyond obsessed with clawfoot tubs–wish my NYC apartment was big enough to accomodate one! someday…

  2. These tubs are stunning! The first one I like! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  3. I love the idea of #1, I would never get out of it. But the last bathroom, oh that is my kind of bathroom. Maybe not the decor, but the space and natural light. My dream bathroom is the bathroom’s from the solage in napa. The river stones in the shower were incredible.

  4. I bathe in a regular shower-tub 🙁 but I dream I’m in a giant claw foot.

  5. My main requirement for my dream tub is it has to have a handheld shower. It feels so luxurious to sit in a bath tub full of scented water and soak your hair with those things. The first tub is AMAZING.

  6. I’m bathaholic- love all of these- the first tub is magnificent and I adore that last bathroom with those amazing lanterns- so gorgeous! I’ve got bathrooms on the brain too- would love to re-do one of mine- well all of them truth be told but let’s go with one for today:)

  7. The 1st and last are my faves, but like Erin I would take any of them. We have a huge, stupid unused spa/whirlpool tub. It’s an eyesore.

  8. Erin

    We have a stupid tub/shower combo, so I’ll take any of them!

  9. Yes the last one I see myself in the most. Our master has a big jetted tub with an inline heater. The surround is marble and the skirt is paneled cabinetry. I love it. Still working on our hall bath though. Who is out of subway tile for four weeks wtf!

  10. anita

    I’d take them all — but that last one is *perfect*!!!

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