House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year

House Beautiful‘s Kitchen of the Year just debuted in New York’s Rockefeller Center.  Designed by Mick De Giulio, its 1000 square feet jammed packed with interesting details.  I haven’t seen it in person, so I’m reviewing the photos found on HB’s website.

The first things that strikes me is that it’s not a symmetrical kitchen; the hood is not centered nor flanked by matching cabinets.  That being said, this is not a bad thing in my mind.  The space looks balanced to me and I imagine it functions well.  I mention this, because I think a lot of people get really stuck on symmetry when it comes to kitchen design and I don’t think they need to.

At first glance, I thought the tall cabinet to the left of the range hood was a mirrored refrigerator!  (I got really excited about that.)  Turns out it’s a “Metal Boy” custom designed by De Giulio to display pots and pans.  I like that this is both functional -everything is easily in view- yet also allows for an open design and mix of materials.  Why hide everything away?

I was intrigued by the lights over the island.  They are Ralph Lauren’s Andover Pendant available through Circa Lighting.  Here is a closer look at the pendant.

Another design element that sticks out to me is the lack of wall cabinets.  We see high wall cabinets above the refrigerator and oven wall in the first image, but the rest of the main kitchen has other forms of storage.  Above the sink wall is an open metal shelf.  This reminds me of the post I did on etageres in the kitchen.  LOVE this look.  Question: Why do people spend big bucks to remodel kitchens and insist on keeping ugly plates and hiding them away?  Upgrade your dishes and display!

The Davlin subway tile by Ann Sacks is to die for.  Probably my favorite element of the kitchen.  The cobalt sink (Jonathan Adler for Kohler) is pretty fun too, though.

The butler’s pantry wasn’t a hit for me.  I usually like painted ceilings, but something about the blue mixed with the gold Apollo flush mount pendant seems really random.  I’m sure some people will love this space and some will feel like me and that’s OK.  Also, what do we think about glass fronts for the wall cabinets in the pantry?  That’s the one place I WOULD like to hide stuff away.  I’d do mirrored doors instead- feels open like glass but conceals the Cheerios.  I DO think the sink tres fun.  Wish I had information on that.

I enjoy the niches next to the range hood, though I’m wondering why one wasn’t done on the right side. (This is where my symmetry-loving brain kicks in.)  What do you guys think of the hood?  It’s kinda MEH for me.  Wish there was a detail shot.  It looks like its trimmed in metal, which I appreciate.  The planked hood is interesting, but not particularly memorable.  I’m curious to know what others think about it.  So often the range hood is the focal point of the kitchen.

The last thing I’ll mention is the countertops- they are not marble… SHOCKING!  It’s nice to see another material.  The main counters are Caesarstone Fair Lady Supremo 1650, which is an extremely durable, family friendly counter.  He mixed it up on the island, adding an L portion in walnut.  I’m kinda weird about islands- I prefer one height, one material.  Call me a minimalist.

And that is the 2012 kitchen of the year.  You can learn more about it HERE.  Is/Has anyone planning on making the trip to see it?

  1. A 1,000 sq feet kitchen!? Now, that’s a dream kitchen! Mick De Giulio really deserves the title! I can just imagine vigorously roaming around and doing the kitchen chores in that beautiful area. I really wouldn’t mind the work, honestly! 😀

  2. Erin

    Look at those ceiling beams! I want those in my next house everyyyyywhere!!!


  3. This “kitchen” is more than 3 times the size of my entire flat! Crazy…

    Beautiful, but almost too much, my eyes couldnt take it all in. Love the pendant lights and ann sacks tile!

  4. I tossed around the idea of no upper cabinets during our renovation but caved on one double-set. When it’s time to redo, I’m definitely losing them in favor of the open shelving….. LOVE this look.

  5. Kristen

    Omg this kitchen is seriously amazing! I love the pots and pan storage, subway tiles and open shelving. I agree the hood could have been a bit more interesting though. So much eye candy to enjoy in this post! Thanks.

  6. I absolutely LOVE it. He is one of my favorite kitchen designers and I dig this one majorly. I love the pots and pans displayed but that’s a lot of space to take up for that (duh, 1000 sq ft). Love his signature stainless toe kicks. Agree on the glass cabinets in pantry, what’s the point? But they’re beautiful! the ceiling is random, not a fan. The metal and glass shelving is EXACTLY what I’m trying to make happen in my kitchen. Overall I’m crazy about this kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You did your homework, girl! I think my whole problem with it was that when they are touting it as “Kitchen of the Year”, I think I just expected a little more wow factor…but I have no idea *what* exactly that would entail! I’m pretty obsessed with the outdoor portion of this project…but just because I would adore some outdoor entertaining space (c;

  8. “Upgrade your dishes and display!” Word to that!

    I do like a lot of the elements in the kitchen, but somehow it feels like all put together it’s too much mish mash! I’m really not a fan of the pots and pans display. I’m all for displaying but pots and pans wouldn’t be my first choice. I like the range hood and the bar stools. Not a fan of the bare lightbulbs but then again I never was.

    I love the Ann Sack tiles, but I wouldn’t have mixed them with chrome and glass shelving and a cobalt and wood sink…

    The butler’s pantry ceiling is really random but I love the layout.

    Overall, hit and miss but pretty good.

  9. i’m not dying either. it’s beautiful, no question. and maybe if i were standing in the space, i would feel differently. i mean, the pieces are all there…just no wow for me.

    i seriously heart caesarstone. i have been in love with it for years. totes what i would do if updating a kitchen….although, i do think marble is absolute insanity and i wish i didn’t feel like it was overdone.

    ALSO. when will you be designing KOTY, hmmmm? that’s one i’d like to see!

  10. It definitely has some really interesting elements, like that metal boy cabinet for pots and pans. But…. I kind of agree with Erin. Not my favorite kitchen ever!

  11. Erin

    1000 sq ft? Insanity.

    I don’t know. It’s all just ok for me. I know it cost a fortune but it seems kinda generic and lacking in charm.

    I like the butler’s pantry area best, although not the painted ceiling.

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