hippie haven

sometimes all it takes is one room, one picture, to send me on a tailspin of design fantasies. One peak at page 120 of this months House Beautiful made me scream out loud “I NEED SHELVES ABOVE THE DAY BED IN MY OFFICE!!”

I too have a sheepskin on the bed and am planning to fill in with lots of patterned pillows.
Of course, how had I not thought of this earlier?  Its a great way to add pizzaz to my black wall.  I also think that random collected treasures will enhance my bohemian-hideaway atmosphere I’m trying to create.  Surely better than just a single piece of art.  Boooring.
Love the vintage kilim pillows?  I did until I found out they were $275-$600.  Ohhh to be a rich hippie.
I was delighted to find that the rest of the home was equally boho chic.  Designed by Commune, it’s pretty much a textile-lovers paradise.
Have I mentioned that I love modern furnishings mixed in with ethnic, colorful textiles?  Yea, well I do.  Let’s not forget lots of metal and wood.
Designer Roman Alonso isn’t afraid to mix chrome with gold.  Me too!  He also seems to be big into art collections on the ground and leaning in piles.  Me too! (just because I’m lazy.)
Doesn’t this home feel so cozy?  I picture it being the spot where friends would gather for hours- listening to music, smoking pot, drinking wine and having intellectually engaging conversations.
Bailey is diggin the hippie thing now, too.
Happy Monday, peeps!
all pics, except Bailey, via House Beautiful
  1. Me too. I so fell for this hippie style. Smoking Pot. Ha! Love it.

  2. sherri

    oh to be a rich hippie indeed. or bailey, for that matter, lookin’ mighty stylish. that home looks soooo cozy, I want to live there.

  3. Jenny- that Ebay source is amaaaazing. Thank you!

  4. I am a fan of open shelves. I think the will look great in your room.

  5. Leah

    OH Bailey is so cute!!! And that room is amazing!


  6. I love how the whole Boho look always feels real and lived in, cozy and cool all at the same time, thanks for sharing!

  7. nkp

    Commune is right up there with Roman and Williams to
    me. I love their sexy, cool, hippie chic vibe. When I first flipped through that issue and came across the spread, I took it straight to hubbie and said, This.Is. Me.

    Sigh. We are driving home right now and I’m flipping through the issue, again. So good.

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