Happy, Colorful, Eclectic

The Philadelphia row house of Elizabeth Nettles is such a delight on the eyes.  She has artfully filled her space with color, pattern, animalia and charm.  It’s very fitting that she is my favorite feature in the spring issue of Anthology magazine, themed “Wit &Whimsy.”  In my opinion everything Elizabeth touches turns into gold.  Whether it’s her wedding, event planning, her own outfits (always spot on) or her own home, she has style to the nines.  Full disclosure:  Elizabeth and photographer Courtney Apple are friends of mine, but I don’t think that clouds my judgement from recognizing a fabulous space.  What is your favorite feature?  Framed otomi textile?  Chartreuse bookshelves?  The assortment of boldly patterned sofas?

Pick up a copy to see the whole house!
Interior Design by Elizabeth Nettles

Photography by Courtney Apple

  1. The mix is the best thing about it! But thats not really one thing is it? I want to see more!

  2. What an amazing home – so full of life!

    All of the creativity and vivaciousness in her house reminds me of the vibe in Philly in general… this is a awesome home in a wonderful city.

  3. I love her living room! What a fun play of patterns. I can’t get enough of a good mix of patterns!

  4. Erin

    Shiny trunk as coffee table flips my bic.

    Lucky you to have such talented friends!

  5. Oh how pretty! I think the fur does it for me — takes it to a whole ‘nother level!

  6. nkp

    I am feeling mad love for that fabulous vintage sofa and the wicker (rattan?) coffee table. Sweet!

  7. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this apartment!!

  8. Chedva

    How beautiful! Now I have to pick a copy of that issue.

  9. I love the banners with the name/initial/animal I want to try this …now!

  10. I’ve long be a fan of Elizabeth’s style- love how she mixes whimsy and elegance. Is it wrong that my favourite thing is the bedside dog? Clearly I have an addiction- yikes.

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