Happenins’ 2/22/13

Exciting Week over here at DM!  Yesterday I get a little message in my inbox from Roxy telling me I’m featured over on Huffington Post.   Whaaaaaat?!?  Its crazy, exciting, flattering and I am thrilled.  If anyone has found me through Huff Post, welcome!  I hope you enjoy the Cottage renovation and I also recommend a tour of my old loft.  Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing a new project next week.

Here’s a little excerpt, but you can see the whole piece HERE.

huff post piece

Had I’d known the interview had been picked up by a major news source I may have used 6 less exclamation points.  Ooops.  Hehe.

Double Dose:  My work was also featured in this month’s HGTV Magazine!  If you see the March issue flip to page 69- Van Deusen Blue was my fun creation for a young client.

hgtv magazine pic

Blog Highlights:  My DIY Curtains made me feel like a major success.  I’m still so pleased how a little greek key trim can add so much sophistication to a basic white curtain!

Sneakity McPeekity:  Speaking of curtains, we hung my shower curtains.  Yes I have two.  Still need to steam them.  More on those soon.  Other bathroom posts HERE.

shower curtain

Elsewhere:  Two great posts about blogging.  Manrepeller and Erin both made me think.  I have to admit that I often have negative and confused feeling about this whole blog world.  It’s still relatively so new… we are all pioneers in a way.  Yet I’m still so grateful for all the opportunities it has brought my way!

Off to a very busy day.  Have a great weekend All!

  1. A huge congrats on all the much deserved success my dear and wowzers…can we talk about that bathroom of yours- love, love, love.

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Christine!! I can’t wait to fill it with all my goodies.

  2. I saw the Huff feature and was so happy for you. You totally deserve all good things that are coming to you! And I don’t know what I love best about your bathroom, your curtains, the tile/grout or how clean it is!! 🙂

  3. Rachelle

    Congrats on all your success! You deserve it.

  4. Kristen

    Congratulations! This is so exciting! Doing big things 🙂

  5. Naomi-
    Congrats! It is such a treat to watch you skyrocket to the top.

    Bathroom curtains look fab. It helps to have pretty tile in the background when it’s open.

    What interesting reads re: blogging. I have recently decided that I’m not taking sponsors on my blog. Maybe I’ll do a post on that… Thanks for inspiring!

    • Naomi

      Abby- I have no idea what to do about sponsors. Would love hear what you have to say about it,

  6. Aubrey

    That is one kickin’ week, lady!!! Congrats! Now you can celebrate in your very own cottage and relax right??? Ya right. We know you too well for that (c; Totally laughed about the exclamation point comment…

    • Naomi

      Aubrey, I’m not actually sleeping there yet… but I’m moving in officially Monday or Tuesday! Eeeek. Definitely taking a bath 🙂

  7. Holy guacamole, lady! Is there anything you can’t do?

    • Naomi

      Erin, I can’t cook very well at all. Ironic for a kitchen designer, right?

  8. Melkorka

    Love the curtains! your bathroom renovation is so tremendously glam!

  9. So great to see you get this type of press/recognition! Congrats!!!;)

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Sue!!

  10. Congratulations on the feature(s) – you deserve it! Oh, and the best way to steam shower curtains is to take a hot shower. 😉

  11. Kim

    The bathroom looks great! Did you buy those shower curtains or have them made? I am looking for something like them. Thanks and I adore your blog.

  12. Alex

    You are killing it lady! So happy for you. Congrats on the successes!! Well deserved

    • Naomi

      Thanks Alex!! xoxo

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