Happenins’ 1/18/13


DESIGN/ We worked on Styling elements for a bathroom we are renovating.  I’ve dubbed it #ProjectModernOrganic.  This is the rug that will go in front of the sinks.  You can find it here.

MANIFEST/ Things are moving fast on the jobsite of #ProjectModernOrganic!  We started this bathroom project last Monday and this week the shower got tiled.  We used a large 12×18 porcelain tile with a tight grout line.  It feels really clean and looks liked natural stone.

(My dad wanted me to point out that he uses a level when setting tile to make sure everything is plumb.  #DoitRightorRegretitLater)

BLOG/ You guys were awesomely supportive with my renovation depression story.  Thank you!  Revealing anything is personal is always terrifying, but I have to believe that other people have (or will) experienced the same.  Reader interaction is my favorite thing about blogging!  This week we also talked about bathroom furniture and shared an easy chic office design plan.

GUEST BLOG/ Baby Baby Baby!  You can find me over on Bijou and Boheme today where I designed a nursery mood board for Christine’s baby-boy-on-the-way.  Check it out here.

PRESS/  Big  shout out to Dallas!  I was featured on D Home’s blog this week.  I’m still shocked that crazy blue wall was liked by so many people.  Hope you guys like next place even if there’s no Klein blue or hot pink… (well maybe just a little pink.)

ELSEWHERE/ Instagram  I’m obsessed with Bri’s posts on instagram.  Her house is ridiculously glamorous.  Find her @meyouandawiener.
I’m also  loving Simply Smitten these days.  Kristin has an amazing aesthetic.  What are your favorite blogs right now?

Bri’s house needs to get published!

Happy weekend!  Any decorative plans?  I’ll be painting my cottage.  Painting party 🙂

  1. Erin

    Bri cracks me up!

    Love your cute nursery, and Dad tiling teetering on buckets cracks me up.

  2. Right!? I die every time Bri gives us a peek into her home! I eat up the details! So sad she doesn’t do her blog anymore (chica is high-larious!), but happy to follow her on Instagram!


  3. I adore the nursery!! That baby is being born straight into chicdom! Best of luck painting your cottage, how exciting!! I can’t wait to see the final result! This weekend I’m working on an abstract painting! My *first* abstract painting to be exact. Excited to see what I can do and share with the world!

  4. I am in the middle of painting the doors in my house black, so I’ll be working on that.. three-day weekend woot woot!

  5. that shower’s going to be beautiful. i’ll be having a painting party of a different kind…hoping to start painting a chandelier!

  6. P.S. – Totally agree about Bri and her house. I found those chairs at the flea that now reside there.

  7. Sorry I’ve been totally MIA in blog-commenting land. Just catching up now. Love that rug, baby board, et al. And so glad your renovation is moving forward briskly, and you’re getting past the depression part. Can’t wait to see what lies in store for you, Naomi!

  8. Thanks again for the heavenly board Naomis- really just adore it! Also love all of these progress shots- things are looking good, good, good. And I agree love Me, You and a Weiner- Instagram crack right there.

  9. Love love love your progress! And baby bijou nursery!

  10. Nancy

    I wish I could have a worker bee Dad like yours still in my life! He is amazing. I love the runner. It looks great. Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Nancy

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