Guest Room Overdye Rug Review

Yesterday I posted a picture of my guest room rug on Instagram and it generated a lot of interest, so I thought I would pop over here and give a little review.  Overdye rugs have been popular for a few years now, but sometimes I forget that they are still new to some people, or hard to find for others.  The most beautiful ones are vintage handmade silk and wool turkish rugs that have been dyed brilliant colors and are wildly expensive a serious investment.  (See ABC Carpet and Home.)  Others are new, machine made, quite reasonable but definitely not as cute.  That would be my rug.  The 5×8 violet beauty was all of $290.  But don’t get so excited yet- it has its pros and cons- and I’ll quickly break them down below.


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NuLoom Colour Series Genisa Overdye

(Looks to be sold out, check here or here.)

Machine Made- 100% Polyamide

violet overdy rug detail 2


It’s cheap!

Since its machine made, and essentially plastic, its super durable and easy to clean.

You could hose the damn thing off.

It doesn’t shed.

violet overdye rug detail


It’s Fake looking!

It’s not woven and you can tell.

The pattern looks printed on up close.

It’s not as soft underfoot… a little plasticy and rough.  Still softer than a flatweave, though.

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Overall, I’m happy with it in my guest room because it is half covered up and adds a nice richness to the room.

It’s not the focal point, it’s just a vibrant accesory.  Plus it helps the space feel warm underfoot.

I wouldn’t like it in my living room where are of the finishes are nicer. It’s fakeness would stick out like a sore thumb.



Guest Rooms


A space where you have already invested in fine pieces or vintage pieces.

(It will bring the whole quality of the room down.)

So basically the rug will be perfect for some, and not right for others.

Hope this little review helps.

  1. Wow how gorgeous!! I love the breakdown. In photos I would have never thought it looked fake at all…so nice to get feedback and advice not to pair it with expensive finishes! I would have never known!

  2. Great breakdown. I bought one on overstock and I feel like such a fraud. Mine does shed and I’m debating just selling it or donating it. It was an impulse purchase I now regret. But it could also be this wanting to change everything in my house thing I’m going through.

    I like your bedskirt, ps.

  3. I totally agree. I have a similar one from Rugs USA and I though I’m dissapointed by how cheap it looks, the colors are pretty vibrant so I’ve kept it. I actually have mine in my living room just because it keeps the cold floors warm while I keep looking for the right thing. (Funny thing is…people always compliment it!) How can I complain about $200 for a HUGE rug?! (I got it during a Black Friday sale.) Here’s a peek at mine:

  4. Melissa

    I have a similar one from Rugs USA in my daughters room. It looks great from far away but same points as you it definitely feels a little plastic-like. We bought it because I wanted something that would work as she got older (she’s currently 2) and I don’t freak out when there are cheerios or milk spilled on it. You basically could hose it down which is great for our lifestyle right now.

  5. Many great points… not everything can be the star and sometimes it makes sense to splurge elsewhere. Besides it adds just the right pop. Pretty pretty room!

  6. Nice, honest review Naomi. Love that you keep it real no matter what. Oh, and your guest room looks fab with that hit of magenta – so good call on your part!

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