Green Velvet Sofas

So you all know I adore blue, but lately I have been having a love affair with green.  Weirdly, its a color I actually avoided in the past, but now I find it popping up in the interiors we design.  It started with grassy green lounge chairs in a family room, then a limey curved headboard in a bedroom, and now we are doing an olive velvet sofa in a formal living room.  This green velvet sofa is going into a room that has very little color- mostly blacks, whites, grays and camel- so it will really be a special piece.  I love the idea of anchoring a room in one colorful piece and letting textures, shapes, layers and a few great pieces of art create the rest of the intrigue.  Trust me, this room will be anything but bland and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.  In the meanwhile, here is the some of the inspiration we used during the design…

green velvet sofa lauren liess

It started with Lauren Liess’ green velvet sofa.  No one works green better than Lauren.  I never considered it as a neutral before seeing it in her home.

padma lakshmi green velvet sofa architectural digest

The sofa we are using will be closer to this color.  The room has a lot of dark woodwork, so we didn’t want the green to be too dark.

green velvet sofa with beni ourain and brass coffee table

I love how this room pairs green velvet with a modern brass coffee table.

We will be doing this, but the base will be more antiqued and we designed it custom(!)

green velvet sofa with asian ming chairs

I love how green velvet pairs with these ebonized ming chairs.

I couldn’t talk my client into this seating, but I did  convince her that the room needed something Asian.

We will be doing black lacquered Chinoiserie chests instead.  Yummy!

green velvet sofa in front of  the window

The sofa will be in front of a big bay window, just like this one.

green velvet sofa with black modern chairs nicole cohen

We were inspired by the modern mix in this room by Nicole Cohen.

Out space will be more traditional, but will have some key modern pieces mixed in.

* * * *

So that’s just a taste of our inspiration and a few ways you can work a green velvet sofa.

As for our project, we will be re-tiling the fireplace next week, then painting, then grasscloth, then the first round of furniture!

I’ll probably share a few peeks on instagram.  Just need to pick the perfect hashtag for the project 😉

  1. Rafi

    Hi I am inspired by your disign I want put dark green velvet soffa and my leaving rooms ,
    I am in Montgomery county where I can purchase one soffa,please advise thanks Rafi

    • Naomi

      Try Host Interiors in Ardmore.

  2. That green sofa will be like a beautiful jewel in the room….and I know with your touch it will all come together to be spectacular!

  3. Rachel

    Nice usage and decor. Such beautiful green couches and accessories. The green sofa’s and white painted walls really bring out a natural feeling to the rooms.

  4. I am a bit of a lurker on your site so for that I apologise… However I just had to pipe up reading this!

    Like you, I never was that mad on green in interiors but oddly, olive green velvet was the colour I ended up going for on my chesterfield sofa and I have to say, 3 years on and it’s still one of my most favourite pieces in my home. You can see it here:

    I’ve used it as a neutral in quite a colourful room – it mixes so well with so many colours. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, I’m sure like everything you touch, it will be just magical!


  5. I’m making the delayed-comments rounds, so I apologize for the late to the party remarks… I’ve been loving greens lately, too! Especially olive/army greens. They look so nice with all wood tones – perhaps it’s their mossy (i.e., natural, exists in forests) quality. And I pine for a velvet sofa. (That pun was seriously an accident. Maybe I should go back to not commenting.) Can’t wait to see what you’ve worked up.

    • Naomi

      Haha! Thanks, Kati. I always appreciate your input/ comments.

  6. The green color mixed with white is very good, and quite apart makes you feel somehow in nature! Great!

    Greetings and success with the blog!


  7. Green is not my first choice of colors, but in velvet it is divine. Bottle green, olive green, emerald green…all those sofas look terrific.
    The chesterfield sofa in velvet rather than the usual leather is like a breath of fresh air! I love the Ming chairs with it, too!
    Eagerly anticipating your perfect result!

  8. Debbie

    I really want to reupholster a chair in green velvet and have been leaning towards olive over emerald so I can’t wait to see your final product!

  9. Love this! I’m a huge fan of velvet and these greens are a nice transition from all of the blue we have been seeing!

  10. Olive green is my favorite… so lovely with neutrals and also with delft and peach. Yums, can’t wait!

  11. karima

    Funny! I have been trying to talk my client in to green velvet drapes…

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