Gratitude and Growth

This has been a big year of change for me.  Change is such a weird thing.  It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s too slow, it’s too fast, it’s confusing and enlightening.  I find it ridiculous how much time I’ve spent this year being freaked out by what may be or so impatientfor IT to finally happen.  Even when “IT” does happen, there always seems to be yet another “IT” taunting me on the horizon.

When I step away from my crazy life, what I see is opportunity.  I have a chance to make something of myself,  freedom to be whoever I want to be,  and support to help me get there.  I know there are others out there who are struggling just to survive on the minimal level and here I sit on the brink of collapse over thoughts of my house renovation, massive career dreams and my (non-existent) love life.  When clumped into those three categories, it all seems so silly.  

But I won’t belittle myself for my trivial pursuits.  Instead, today and for the rest of the week, I choose to feel gratitude.  Gratitude for what I do Have and Hope for continued growth for myself and everyone else.  And maybe a big dollup of LOVE on top too- love for ME and love for YOU, my awesome readers.
Now I’m going to quit and spend some time with my amazing family.  Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m not even half-way there, but I’ll get there… 
  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful to see the progress you’re making. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    ~ Monique

  2. I love seeing the in-progress cottage photo–seeing the potential, the dream coming true. How exciting!

    Gratitude… yes, that is a beautiful thing to savour. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Naomi. Cheers!

  3. Anonymous

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  4. Anonymous


  5. Erin

    Of course you’ll get there! No doubt.

  6. Oh hunny. I know exactly what you mean. Just know, you have the talent and tools to make it happen. No matter how fast or slow it goes. It will happen for you. You are beyond amazing and inspire me each and everyday!

  7. I find your cottage renovation so exciting, you’d think I knew you or something. I love reading about the happenings and can’t wait to start seeing it form.

  8. I share your exact same feelings and thoughts- especially when it comes to the nonexistent love life. I’m right there with you girlfriend! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  9. Beautifully said my dear- Happy Thanksgiving! x

  10. Beautifully said my dear- Happy Thanksgiving! x

  11. Kristen

    It surely is coming along! I totally can relate. I drive my husband crazy, constantly worrying of impatient about one thing, and shortly on to another. He reminds me to appreciate and enjoy the process! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. awww i like your thinking! happy happy thanksgiving to you and yours. we’re all here to support you in whatever you choose!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! I, for one, am very slow to embrace change but with change comes amazing new experiences xo

  14. Amanda Hill

    Yes you will love! Its going to be a BIG year for you xoxo!

  15. Fatou

    This is so beautifully written! It is such a great thing to sit back and count all the things that are going right in our lives as opposed to the negatives. I hope you and your family have a very nice Thanksgiving!


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