Gorgeous Powder Room/ Ruthie Somers is my Hero

Work Work Work Day here at DM.  Just NEEDED to share this insanely gorgeous mirrored powder room by Ruthie Somers.  Can we all take a moment to soak in the tile, the paneling, the pinkish ceiling and that light fixture.  I’ve long been a fan of hers and have been re-pinning all of her work like crazy on the pinterest.

Have an awesome day!

  1. holy crap I just died. and by golly, it is in the bathroom? I would spend ALL of my time in there!

  2. Ashley

    I’m crazy about Ruthie Sommers…wasn’t she supposed to come out with a book ages ago? Seeing her in magazine spreads every now and then just isn’t enough!

  3. I have never seen anything that fabulous in my entire life! Something to work hard for one day. Thank you for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  4. Fiona

    I usually love Ruthie Sommers, but I think this is hideous. That said, it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen by her that I hate–and I’m sure she couldn’t care less that I hate it!

  5. Meghan

    Aesthetically I find this very beautiful…but I agree with Aubrey, it’s unfortunate that the mirror goes all the way to the floor. Would’ve been just as pretty and much less awkward to use if the bottom half were some type of pretty paneling/wainscoting! But the floor tile is to DIE for, and I love the pink ceiling!

  6. This is seriously one of the most gorgeous bathrooms *ever*…the mirrored paneling and the pink ceiling and GORGEOUS lighting??? Killin’ it. That said, I’m pretty sure I would be *very* uncomfortable using the facility with all those mirrors. GULP. (c; See the strange things that go through my head?!?!

  7. Erin

    Pink ceiling = yes, please.

  8. This is seriously the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen… but why couldnt they photoshop out the tripod in the background?

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