Going Pink {In Progress}

Much of my free time this week has been spent painting my bedroom pink.  I went with Benjamin Moore “Sunlit Coral” (2170-60.)  It’s the perfect color for me- soft, yet saturated, pink, yet not baby pink.  The roof line creates a sloped ceiling in my room and in the past the left wall was always painted white along with the ceiling.  I opted to paint the stem wall and ceiling and even softer shade of pink: BM’s “Sun Washed” (2169-70.)  I love the effect!  At first my walls felt brighter and darker against the white, but now that they are against soft pink, everything flows and feels really warm for me.  The stark contrast just didn’t work for me.  I plan to paint all of my doors and trim Sun Washed as well.

(Right now the baseboard and door to the left are dirty white.  
They will look much better when they are Sun Washed!)

I definitely recommend thinking outside the box when it comes to trim.  White can be great, but sometimes a softer shade of your wall color works great too.  

It’s hard to tell, but I already painted most of this door the soft pink.

So yea, I’m definitely one of the worst painters ever.  Top 100 fo’ sho.  Did you notice all of the drips I got on the floor?  Oopsies.  One more coat to go, plus all the trim and sometime before Christmas I should have this room all together.  I can’t wait to see my art against the walls!

  1. Pink perfection. Just like you said, not too girly.

    I hate painting! It’s so tiring on the arms. It’s fun for like ten mins.

  2. How refreshing! Love that you went with pink. You are crazy good.

  3. That shade if pink is so pretty, Naomi! And I like pretty!


  4. So, so lovely!!! I totes agree about the trim, too.

  5. Ooh, so pretty and ethereal. Can’t wait to see it all “Naomi-ed” up. I just made up that word. You like?

  6. oh i love it! i have actually thought about this for my master but i think my hubs would flip his lid. 🙂 so i will live vicariously through your awesomeness.

  7. Erin

    Ha, I had a sample for that color! It is pretty.

    Looking good, and very good advice about painting trim, doors, ceilings, etc.

    Now use a drop cloth, will ya?


  8. Hannah

    I’m not the best painter ever either. This time I paid someone to do it for me :x. On another note, that pink is fab.

  9. LOVE these light and airy pinks. thanks for sharing. is pink (like these) a no-no in a living room? I would love this soft cheery color in my living room. with large white built in shelves and fireplace.

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