Girly Glam Bath 95% reveal

Well after weeks of construction, a tile delay, a painting break and camera malfunction, I think it’s finally time to show Miss GirlyGlam‘s new bathroom.   We aren’t at 100% yet- we still need a few accessories and a … shower rod.  (Unfortunately, while Angelo was hanging the shower valance and curtains the rod snapped in two.  I may have had a small meltdown when that happened on Friday.  You would think it was MY bathroom!)  So I can’t show you the Pièce de résistance yet, but I will reveal some of the other details.

Before we move to the After, you can give yourself a refresher on the Before HERE.  And just a reminder that last week we were painting and the week before that we were doing THIS.


Here is a peak of the vanity area.  It was a tight space, but instead of the traditional medicine cabinet and sink cabinet we opted for a Kallista metal vanity console with flanking narrow cabinets and a Venetian mirror.   We did mirrored doors on top to help make the room feel more open.  A ming marble border wraps around the whole room.

 shaped cornice caitlin wilson fabric
Our very first selection was the minty Ming tiles and I knew right away that Caitlin Wilson’sMint Fleur Chinoise fabric would be to perfect compliment to the marble.  This shaped cornice was my design and seeing it come to life makes me incredibly happy.  (The shower curtain valance is the same shape and fabric.)
dripping crystal sconces
Since space was tight, we really wanted to maximize storage, so I added a medicine cabinet on the wall across from the vanity.  With flanking side sconces, this is the perfect make-up spot.  (Though at, 11, I’m not sure if GirlyGlam wears makeup quite yet.)  The radiators used to be exposed and ugly.   We made custom covers and now it’s a pretty accent in the room.
 sconce detail

Here is the detail on the dripping crystal sconces.   We didn’t have space around the vanity to do sconces, so we wanted to have decorative lighting elsewhere.  They are from Shades of Light and I can’t really give them a full recommendation.  They came without instructions and our electricians were totally boggled.  Luckily Angelo figured it out, but it wasn’t an easy installation.


Hey look it’s the toilet!  Yea I know, not very exciting, but this was the best shot I could get of the floor. Its a carrara marble basketweave with ming inserts.  It’s hard to tell but the inserts are the same as the wall border.  Another detail that I couldn’t capture with my lens is that the walls are a very pale mint. Subtle, but pretty!

 whole white bathroom vanity

The Full shot!  As I mentioned, the room is small (5 foot by 10 foot,) so it was REALLY hard for me to capture images.  Once GirlyGlam Dressing Room is complete, I will bring in a pro with a wide angle lens to do the final shots.  You guys are going to LOVE the shower curtain!

I’d like to thank Erin, for taking my amateurish photos and editing them to look all sparkly and pretty.  If you follow her blog, (which you should) you know that Erin is an insanely talented photographer who is renovating her own home and has crazy good style.  I wish she lived in Philadelphia so I could carry her around in my pocketbook and have her photograph my whole life.

That’s all for now.  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget MrBoy’s bath!  I’ll be back with a second reveal soon.

  1. Miss GirlyGlam‘s new bathroom is a simple bathroom yet very elegant and the bathroom before has turned into a paradise and heaven. Thank you very much for sharing this post.

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