Finding inexpensive tribal rugs on Ebay

Like I mentioned in my kitchen rug post, Ebay is a great resource for vintage ethnic rugs.  My favorite search phrase is “kazak rug” though I also look under “turkish rug” or “vegetable dye rug” too.  I limit the price to under $300 too.  Yup, I like my rugs cheap.

Here are a few yummies I found recently…

I have a mad crush on this pink and purple beauty!  The colors are so rare for these types of rugs.  I’d love to see it in a white space looking all sexy.

This runner is also so unique.  I think it would make a great statement in a hallway, or beside a bed.

This one is such a pretty base to mix with neutrals or other colors. 
I’d like to plop a dark olive sofa in a room with it!

fuschia beige kazak

I reallly like the soft, muted feel of this one.
Personality, for sure, but not screaming in your ear.

Or go for contrast. 
Rugs with black backgrounds add a bit of drama and grounding to a room. 
Plus its so easy to match with other elements and colors.

                                                                 black and wine kazak

And this is the rug I just bought for my kitchen.
The 3×5 size is a perfect fit. 
(Enough space for exposed tile close to the range and sink for when I drop stuff.)
The corals and blues make my heart smile.
Can’t wait to see it in person.
Oh, and guess what?
If it sucks, I have 7 days to return it.
Most Ebay rug sellers allow returns between 7-14 days, which takes the pressure off!
Now some of you may be thinking that these rugs are pretty, but a little bit too crazy for your own style.  I often times suggest tribal rugs to clients who need a little push to get out of the beige and safe zone.    I just love them as an accent in a more neutral space.  Alone, the rug may feel like a lot, but in the context of the room, it can bring that special magic that you never expected.
For example:  One of my most favorite living rooms, design by Kara Mann.

Pretty neutral space, right?
Buts let’s look closer by the fireplace…
Bam!  A little ethnic rug action.
So go ahead, push yourself.  Go a little tribal.
** UPDATE:  Erin suggested the search terms “Balouch” and “Hamadan.”  She has great taste, so you are bound to find some goodies there too.  Thanks, Erin!  Keep the tips coming ***
  1. sheri m

    I love the look of these rugs,but I have been hesitant in buying one,because how worn they are.

  2. It is amazing how beautiful such inexpensive tribal rugs can look in the right environment, some even make such strong bold statements.

  3. Those are gorgeous rugs. I am really impressed. You have made pretty and attractive pattern in it. I will visit again to see it.
    Cheap rugs

  4. Just found you via Erin @DC…Those are some great rugs.

  5. OMG I love these… I want that purple one. BAD.

  6. oh I never thought to check out ebay for this! I really love tribal rugs, seems like an easy way to add some color and life. I love the first one too and the one you bought is a great color combo, i’m sure it will look great!

  7. Love eBay! Thanks for sharing your search terms! I promise not to steal something out from under you. 😉

  8. Love the rugs you’ve found. I couldn’t agree more about a little ethnic flair. I found a persian rug on ebay a few years ago and have moved it all over my house. It now resides in my children’s playroom.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Re: my Brno chairs, I did look underneath and there are no tags whatsoever. They may just be knock-offs. I found some awesome flat arm Brnos today but they were $625 each, but great looking!

  9. I adore a beautiful ethnic rug…although finding ones for good prices can be a challenge. Love your choices–especially 1 and 3. And that rug in the Kara Mann room is to die for, that chatreuse is just calling my name!

  10. ACK!! Don’t share the secrets until I have all of the rugs I need.

  11. Love the specifics, Naomi! I’ll be ebay-ing in search of my kitchen rug shortly!!

  12. Fran

    Love the pink and purple find!! Gorgeous! Great tips – thanks!

  13. Thanks, twin! I’m making a mental note of Balouch and Hamadan too. Dang I hope I don’t find one I like better. Maybe I shouldn’t look again… 🙂

  14. Hi twin! I am cruising vintage rugs on ebay as we speak (even though I already bought one for Ike’s room off cl). My faves are the Balouch and Hamadan rugs, although the Kazak rugs are pretty hot.

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